Sawaddee krab

This is my first review about Kanchanaburi... let's go^^

Day 1

First day, I drive from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi and heading to my first destination which is Giant Monky Pod Tree located in Veterinary and Remount Department

Then heading to Sangkhlaburi District...

The white Buddha image at Wat Tha Kanun

Next station is Pom Pee at Khao Laem National Park...

It is really beautiful and I really want to wait for sunset but I do not want to be late when arriving to Sangkhlaburi District.

PS. Next time I will come here for camping

Here we are Mon Bridge

Enough photo and go to the resort that we have booked "Cat and Oil Home" Room rate 1,500-2,000 Baht

Inside the room

View from the balcony

Day 2

Wake up in an early morning and prepare to go to take photo at Song Kalia River Bridge. I take the monk food set as per resort owner suggestion.

The sunrise

Make a merit and give food to monk

Then I go to find something to eat near by Mon Bridge

Today I plan to go to temples and warship to Buddha

1. Wat Wangwiwakaram (Wat Luang Por Utama)

2. Phuttakaya Pagoda (under renovation)

Then come back to check out from the resort and head to Three Pagoda Pass

I park my car and take a rental van to Myanmar temples which is about 300 baht. In order to cross the border, you only new your ID card for Thai citizen.

1. Wat Sao Roi Ton Muent Payatongsoo

There are 120 Buddha images beside the temple which they expect to have 500 images here (the driver told me)

2. Wat Chedee Thong

3. Wat Phra Non

4. Wat Tong Wai

Before go is "Thai"

Come back to Thailand, tonight I stay at Oh Dee Hostel

590 baht/night (mixed bedroom) which is only 50 metre away from walking street.

I would like to go to Wat Tai Nam (Under water temple), but I come by myself so the hostel helps me to join with another group this evening. So I only pay 150 baht for that trip. ^^

After that go to walking street and go back to the room.

Day 3

I go to give food to monk at Mon Bridge in the morning and go to Baan E-Tong later.

Passing by Wachiralongkorn Dam

Arriving to Baan E-Tong in the afternoon and check-in to Love Pilok Homestay Due to they give me discount from 1,000 baht to 800 baht.

Sunset at Nern Chang Suek

(I will come back again for sunrise)

The atmosphere in the village is quiet and peaceful. Feeling so relax with cold weather

Day 4

Here we are...Sunrise at Nern Chang Suek

Say Good Bye to Baan E-Tong and prepare myself to waterfall

Jokkradin Waterfall

Heading to Srisawad District, and go to check in at Phufa Ing Nam Lake Resort 1,500 baht/night. The resort is quiet and peaceful and there are not too many people.

Day 5

Next destination Tha Tung Na Dam

Corn field

Heading to Tha Tung Na Dam and check in at Baan Kok Kod

Resort beside the dam at 1,300 baht...I really like it here...

Just want to stop the time and be here -_-zZ

The room with shared bathroom

Around Baan Kok Kod

The highlight is bamboo wood bridge that passes along Kok Field to the dam which is the relaxing area and photo point that I really like.

Night atmosphere... million stars on the clear sky

If I do not come...I might not see

Day 6

Good morning Baan Kok Kod I might not be able to express all of my feeling and the atmosphere that I have been in touch...please see on the short VDO below.

Last day in Kanchanaburi, I check out from Baan Kok Kod and heading to Erawan Waterfall and end this trip with the 7 steps of the Erawan Waterfall

Step 1: Lai Kuen Rang

Step 2 : Wang Matcha

Step 3 : Pha Nam Tok

Step 4 : Ok Nang Pee

Step 5 : Buer Mai Long

Step 6 : Dong Pruek Sa

Step 7 : Phu Pha Erawan

After that I heading back to Bangkok

I am really happy with this trip and very impressive with friendship that I have gotten from people during the trip.

VDO Kanchanaburi - Sangkhalburi - Baan E-Tong

(Be careful when drive up to Nern Chang Suek)


 Wednesday, March 9, 2016 2:28 PM