After I found information of accommodation at Pakchong Khaoyai with rate less than a thousand, I have seen ambiance of one place and really like it.

I told myself I have to go there once in my life where is so-called "little Pai".

The atmosphere surrounded with nature and fresh air. More importantly, friendly price.

First attempt failed due to full booking. It means this place is more or less uncommon. I had to plan 2-3 weeks ahead.

Finally last week I had an opportunity to experience natural ambiance which I thought many would like it.

So, today I would like to review Pannaburee Resort Pakchong Khaoyai.

Stop wasting time, I'll bring you guys to see and feel atmosphere of this place whether it's like people talk about.

PS. To give more feelings, some photos in the review may contain person.

PS.2 This review is mainly based on writer's opinion. Please use your own judgement.

PS.3 This place may not suitable for person who likes convenience.

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Journey from Bangkok to Pannaburee Resort Khaoyai.

Take expressway Bang Pa-In - Pakkred/Udornratthaya or Phaholyothin road up to your convenience.

Then go towards Highway 1 entering Saraburi province. Continue further until you reach Highway 2 (Mitraparb road) to Nakhon Ratchasima province.

Once reaching Tumbon Pakchong, take the exit Khaoyai/Pakchong/Nakhon Ratchasima.

From Highway 2 entering Highway 2090. go further for 10 minutes. You will find resort's entrance.

Turn left to Yothathikarn Nakhon Ratchasima 2049 rod. There is 7-11 in front of entrance.

Only 5 km. from main road, you will reach to Pannaburee Resort.

GPS Pannaburee Resort : 14°37'01.6"N 101°26'41.4"E

First thing to do is check-in. This place is different from others since they use telephone to check in.

After that, let's keep belongings in the room. I have to say our room tonight is extraordinary.
Residence like this is very hard to find in the city. Let's see our room.

What!! This cottage is where we gonna stay tonight?

Yes, it is. As I mentioned earlier, our room is uncommon. How is it?
Don't look down yet. Let's see inside first.

It is called Jungle room, 700THB for 2 persons. Extra bed is 300THB per person.

The room has nice ambiance located next to the canal that flows through the resort.

Bathroom is shared. For other room types, they have private bathroom or some are open air ones. After surveying our elegant room ... Hold on!! ... That is called elegant?

Move to area around resort if there is anything interesting.

First thing is the resort provides shed for customers to sit and appreciate nature.

As it is built beside canal, we can fully rest and stay close to nature.

Prove by yourself. I can't describe all feelings.

The cushion is a magical one. If anyone sit on it, they will be unexplainedly happy. Try by yourself. Move to another side, a long bamboo bridge crossing watercourse. You can sit and dip your feet in water.

At this point, it is delightful to rest and live among nature, and big forest.

This place may not have swimming pool or luxury pool villa, but it has pool in the middle of jungle surrounded by nature.

You can enjoy boating along canal. If you can oar, I think it would be fun.

I try a bit and leave.

Change to night ambiance. Weather is cool.

The resort displays art and decorates the area with antique, including check-in point.

You can cook by yourself. Gathering around, chatting and playing.

It is a happiness from people beside you helping you to leave social life and drama story behind.

And fulfill happiness to surrounding people as this place has no TV, refrigerator or air condition!!

Exactly like series on TV. Cottage in a farm and surely the rain.

At that night, it rains heavily. Weather gets colder and suddenly ... I fall asleep. The end!!

Move forward to next morning. This rate doesn't include breakfast but you can order from the kitchen.

The price is equals to other hotels I have been. Anyway, we are here to absorb ambiance, so we decide to order food. Eating and watching view.

This is area for having breakfast. Or you can ask them to serve at your room. You'll get different feelings.

For me, I prefer to sit by the watercourse, here.

After breakfast, we survey other rooms.

Resort's decoration is a mix between Laos and Bali style which consists of cement house and dried nipa leaves.

A room made with wattle gives homely look but difficult to find in present.

If anyone is interested to come, I recommend room no.10. Should be highlight one because it is separated from other rooms.

Private atmosphere plus balcony next to canal allow us to fully relax at balcony while appreciating nature. Let's check on bathroom in case it helps you to make decision easier. So, you won't disappoint.

This is shared bathroom for my room type. There are rooms with private bathroom as well. If you are coming, you can ask from staff.

Bathroom is considered okay but I don't know what others think. In my opinion, this feelings remind me of scout camp when I was a kid. Nice ambiance.

Continue with natural atmosphere inside resort.

There is lawn for camp fire at night where you can do activities together. It would be fun if you come as a group.

Before returning back to Bangkok, let me collect this moment and get fresh air for a while.

So, how do you find Pannaburee Resort Pakchong Khaoyai, Nakhon Ratchasima province?

May I summarize on pros and cons to help you make decision.


- This place is full of nature which will help you to fully relax.

- Not expensive.

- Have a chance to stay with yourself and people around you because it has no TV, refrigerator and air condition.

- Not far from Bangkok.


- Resort is slightly old.

- Food price is little too high, not match with the place. (I would recommend to buy food before entering the resort. I also buy grilled chicken and papaya salad at entrance lane.)

- If you are unlucky, like me, you will face with noisy group which will definitely annoy you.

To sum up, I think this place is suitable for person who is tired from work and wants to take a rest among nature.

It is because this place will slow down you lifestyle. Also, allows you to live in the middle of fresh ambiance and clean air.

It takes only 2.30 hours from Bangkok and you will be encircled with forest and canal.

Caution!! This resort may not suit to person who likes convenience.

Lastly, thank you everyone for reading this review. If there's any mistake, I herein apologize.

I wish this review would be, more or less, useful to you in selecting accommodation during this winter.

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Thank you and goodbye.