We would like to introduce you to the island where I will go to travel today, it is Koh Samae San. This island is close to Koh Kham where we have ever gone previously. We will get on the boat at the same pier as going to Koh Kham. We will not mention much of how to get to Koh Samae San because you just simply go to Sattahip, Samae San district.

You can also visit Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum at Special Welfare Command. The ticket counter for going to Koh Samae San are not the same place as Koh Kham. You are able to ask for further question with the staffs. The boat schedules are varied.

Koh Samae San is bigger than Koh Kham, it is conservative area under the patronizing of Sirindhorn Princess. According to this reason, wearing Bokini is totally prohibited. There are some areas that you are able to do some activities such as bike cycling, playing with water.

We highly recommend to go to Look Lom beach,it is the spacious beach on the western part of Koh Samae San. It is very sunny in the afternoon like in Koh Kham. Please be careful of Black Urchin while stepping because it will not be so fun if you step on it. If you prefer to do diving, the staff will take you to the diving point which is quite far from the beach. Likewise Koh Kham, there is no accommodation available on this island. But the difference is that this island is open for the whole year.

Please take sometimes to enjoy seeing some photos of Samae San as per below;


 Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:29 PM