Once .... I have a dream to get on the train and go somewhere far away. I open the map and realize that the train can run to Singapore, my dream place. So I get the idea and take not so long to plan for this trip. I intend to take the train to Singapore. I plan to visit many cities during the way. The first city is Hat Yai, I want to get on a cable car to cross the mountain. Last time I forget that it is closed on Monday so I miss visiting it. This time I really intend to get there. The second city I plan to visit is Ipoh, Malaysia. I see many people writing the review that it is an beautiful old town. The third city is Kuala Lumpur, I want to see the tallest building in the world. The forth city is Putrajaya, a new establishes city of Malaysia which is very beautiful and the last city is Singapore, my destination place of the trip.

18/02/59 13:00

Pooon!, a familiar sound, a horse steel is leaving out of the Bangkok station,. It is a starting sound of enjoyment and exciting time.

I get a free train ticket no.171, class 3. I personally prefer to get a train on class 3 because I think I am not alone, there are people talking with me along the way, exchange each other story so that it making a long journey short.

To get on a train to the south, I should not miss talking about a 10 Baht dry noodle with fish ball in Ratchaburi station. I don't know why I have to eat it, even I have often been to Ratchaburi but I have never eaten the noodle. But when I get on a train, I have to eat it every time. It is the right time now at 16.30 pm. I eat it 2 boxes to relieve my hungry feeling.

Unlucky today, the train arrives too early but slower than the schedule. If the train arrives a little bit late, we will see the last ray of sunset before we enter Hua Hin city. There is a mountain located intersect a green field. It should be a very beautiful sunset view but I am not lucky to see it I just view the sun set behind the building of Hua Hin city instead T_T

I get new Trang friend which he is going to go back home, he loves and like the train and more important is that he used to work at the train station. We have talked about many things which make the night become not lonely.

This station, Phatthalung. I look at my watch, now it is 05.30 am. We spend around 1 hour to travel from Hat Yai to my first destination at 7.30 am. Taking a bath after getting on the train for 1 hours is a very hard feeling to describe. Hat Yai station has a bathroom service for 10 Baht, after I feel fresh, I go out to find something to eat. Last time I visit Hat Yai, I haven't tried Betong chicken rice yet. So, I search on the internet and find out Muiki Ocha fromm Google map. Make a pin on it and follow the way there, it's not a long way to go.

I don't really feel disappointed with this dish. The chicken meat is very soft, the skin is crispy. The sauce tastes strange. I have never eaten this sauce before in Bangkok. My stomach is full, now it's time to go out. My destination is at Hat Yai public park. I get on 2 rolls-car which cost 10 Baht from Gim Yong market to the public park but you have to get on the right car no. This is the 2 rolls white head car, 'Public park' is written on the car. I like Hat Yai that the public car are so many. They drive through many routes all over the city. I think Thailand should develop this point to promote tourism. The public car should be provided all over the attraction area and not let private company freely responsible for the price.

I reach the public park, there is a tram ready to serve according to the time schedule with the price at least 20 Baht driving up to the mountain which a big standing Buddha is located there. This point, it makes me see the whole area of Hat Yat city.

I spend a lot of time seeing the atmosphere and it's time to get on a cabin car to the other side of the mountain. The cabin car is 100 Baht and it takes not more than 5 minutes to arrive there.

Crossing to another side, we will see Erawan Shrine, The Erawan Museum. There are a lot of Malaysia people come to worship and give a cracker. The sound of burning a cracker really create an unstop noise.

I take a picture until it's time to move on, I get on a 2 roll-car in front of the public park back to the train station to find a train ticket to Padang Besar, Malaysia.

I get 13:00 pm train ticket which will reach Padang Besar at 14:00 pm. (local time in Thai). It's a Car sprinter, the price is 80 Baht. Local time in Kuala Lumpur is 1 hour ahead of Thailand. So when you book the train to Malaysia, you have to manage the time well. When arrive at Malaysia, you will have to pass Thai custom and Vietnam custom at the same time, very convenient.

I book the train ticket to Malaysia to Ipoh City from website, very convenient. I book and pay by credit card, then print out the ticket and I can get on the train, don't have to exchange anything. I think the price is the same level as Thai train ticket and I think Padang Besar is cheaper - Ipoh is 310 kilometer with 56 Ringgit price (around 470 Baht). We take 3 hours and a few minute to reach there.The train is very comfortable, serving with a monitor which tell me the way to get there, don't have to be afraid to get off at the wrong station.

The train departure from Padang Besar at 16:15 pm.(Local Malaysia time). It goes slowly passing through Penang bridge at Butter World. Finally we arrive at Ipoh on time ( 19.30 pm.) the exact time which is stated on the ticket, not earlier or delay. I don't know when Thailand will have this kind of train.

We are welcomed by the rain when we arrive at Ipoh. We have to walk to the train station according to the plan which is written on 1.5 km. We have no choice so we have to walk through rain. I don't take very long time to reach the hotel. I keep my things in the room and then luckily the rain stop. It's time to go out to find something to eat and I now know the way to eat rice with chicken restaurant.

The chicken is very delicious, not expensive. This chicken dish and 2 bowl of rice serving with fried bean sprouts cost 24 Ringgit. The chicken is fulled in the dish without stuffing anything in it like in Thailand that we stuff cucumber under the chicken to look full. After I am full, I walk to the night market, there are many things selling along the both side of the road like imitate shoes, clothes, bags which the price is much cheaper than in Thailand.

And I see a well known Milo school drink, so I buy and try it for 2 Ringgit. It is tasteless or may be I am addicted to the sweet taste I am not sure about it hahaha. I finish the meal at 10.00 pm. so I plan to go to the center of city to take a night light photo. Let's go now.

I walk and take a picture along the way. The old town is very beautiful. I was amazed with number people when I reach the yard in front of the train station. It is 23.00 pm. now but there are so many people here, they are sitting and chi chat, practicing the sketch board, running to catch a a fountain, adults are sitting and talking. It is a picture that I have not seen in Thailand for a long time.

Children are having fum with running to catch a fountain. This place is fulled of the laughing sound and it's hard to see this pictures. Thai children nowadays are living with technology, Ipad; they are keep practicing only a finger skill but technology still can't interferes Ipoh city which make me start to love this city now.

You can see my next review about this trip at Train Travelling ....How far can a train goes ( I intend to write this trip review within 1.3 episode)

Teerasak Tangkittimasak

 Monday, April 4, 2016 11:23 AM