"Phang Nga ... Rainy Season" with 9 Check-in Places for Food & Travel

This small town is not only for sea lover in summer, we can also visit here during rainy season. I only have 3 days and 2 nights for this trip.... In fact, this small province offers many more attractions but due to limited time and the rain, my trip is a salary man trip where it might not cover every attraction. Let's come find out of where we will go and what we will eat...

>> Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

>> Benyaran Museum

>> Takua Pa Old Town

>> Auntie Son Kanom Chin Restaurant

>> Khun Thip Pork Satay Restaurant

>> Khok Khanun Bridge

>> Ban Nam Khem, Sam See Seafood Restaurant

>>Kuraburi Green View Coffee Shop

>> 360 Degree Coffee Shop

This trip we fly with Nok Air to Phuket. When booking in advance, you could enjoy a good deal. Now..... we can choose seats for free too !!! With the function of checking-in via the app , which is convenient and fast, there's no need for us to line up at the airport. If you have no loaded luggage, by showing the boarding pass from your mobile, you can also go directly to board the aircraft.

The seat is very spacious..... so comfy....

After landing, we go take our pre-book rental car with AVIS THAILAND. Once getting their document, please walk to the front and there'll be a pick up van taking us to get the car from AVIS. We rented the CIVIC and the rental price is varied depending on visiting times. For more details, please click >> http://www.avisthailand.com It is recommended to book in advance as the cars might not always be available, especially during holidays.

Please check the car carefully before taking it.

Our first stop is "Samet Nangshe Viewpoint", Phang Nga's one of the most popular attractions. It is one of the most beautiful sunrise viewpoints. There's rooms and tenting area up here as well as a shop. The entrance fee is 30 THB. We have to park below and go up with 4WD ride service as the road is quite steep and very slippery (it's raining really hard on the day we visited so there's no morning sun T_T).

" พิพิธภัณฑ์เบญญารัญ Benyaran Museum " It has a collection of unique antiques, from old, medieval, and current time to showcase to the next generations. This includes coins, money, cameras, ironing, phones, cinema, and many more. Yes, it's really a lot, you have to see it yourself. It is about 6 km away from Samet Nangshe Viewpoint. The fee is 50 THB. It opens daily from 08.00-17.30, Tel: 084 838 9933.

"Auntie Son Khanom Chin Restaurant " is a famous restaurant located in front of Ma Chau Por Shrine in Muang district. It is so delicious that finding a seat is like playing a musical chair game. The shop will have khanom chin (rice noodle) placed in a bowl and allow you to top up with sauces you like... Wow, this is so good. Also, there's a big tray of vegetables that you can enjoy as much as you want... This restaurant opens from Tuesday-Sunday, from 11.00-18.00 and closes on Mondays, Tel: 086-5939658.

"Khun Thip, Pork Satay" is a famous shop with original recipe that has opened for more than 40 years. The pork is tender, grilled, fragrant and when dipping with the home made sauce, it is very yummy. What's more, apart from pork, the grilled entrails are available too, so cool!! The shop opens daily except Wednesdays, from 11.00-17.30.

"Takua Pa Old Town" is another popular tourist destination of this district. This small town may not be so attractive to many people who might never come or simply pass by as it has nothing. My point is just because it has nothing, it is so charming!!!! Takua Pa or Takola is a city that once lived prosperously and has well preserved its architecture on building. In the mornings and evenings, you would see tourists taking their cameras and roaming around to enjoy the atmosphere. Painting on those buildings would attract you to take photos for sure. So if you haven't visited it yet, I really want you guys to give it a try ^___^

Khun Intra building was built in 1917. It is the home to the first lieutenant Khun Intrakeere (Choy Na-Nakhon). It was built by the Chinese craftsmen and currently is under the care of Na-Nakhon family.

Tao Ming School was built in 1922, funded by wealthy miners and Chinese merchants in old market area so that Chinese children have a place to study. At present, the school has been closed.

"Khon Khanun Iron Bridge" is a bridge crossing over Takua Pa river. It was built in 1968 using iron from the tin dredging that has stopped in business. It is another symbol of iron ore mining city of Takua Pa.

"Sam See Seafood Restaurant" in Ban Nam Khem has a good taste and reasonable price. The food is fresh and they would offer the freshest food to customers which I'm really impressed. I have to say that their dipping sauces taste so delicious... highly recommended. The restaurant opens daily, from 11.00-21.00, Tel: 085-8838267.

"Kuraburi Green View", let's come and relax with coffee from the rain.. Actually, it is a resort but they open this coffee shop at front. If you guys are traveling to Kuraburi, feel free to stop by for a freshly brewed coffee or green tea with this great atmosphere.

"360 Degree Coffee Shop" is a coffee shop and a restaurant on top of the hill. It has such a fabulous atmosphere. I only got to try snack and coffee but haven't tried their food so I'm not sure how it tastes like. There's also a water park nearby. The shop is located between Phang Nga to Phuket so we stop by before going to the airport. The price is reasonable, you are most welcome to stop by as well...

For accommodation, we stay in Villa house for a price of Deluxe room, you know why?>>> because we travel during low season and most accommodations are discounting. So then, we get to stay in a Villa room, a comfortable stay in an affordable price.

Le Menara Khaolak has recently opened at the end of the year, next to the beach and has nearly 200 rooms with a gigantic pool. The hotel is spacious and is equipped with full facilities like restaurant, spa, massages, cycling, etc. It is really a good choice for accommodation. The hotel is quite private, it is about 2 km away from the main road. For more details, please click >>http://www.lemenara.com/th/

Here comes the end of our 3 days and 2 nights rainy trip with places to stop for travel and food...Yes, please believe me that rainy season is very charming because every place is in cool weather... And I do believe that a journey truly brings us happiness ^__^