#Unmissable 13 check-in places @ Surat Thani

Welcome everyone on our journey.....

If talking about Surat Thani, many people would think about Chiao Lan Dam. But Surat Thani has something more than that.

Today we will take you all to travel around Surat Thaniwith us...."Travel as much as Eat". You will get more information about tourist attraction places in Surat Thani and recommended restaurants as it's motto "City of 100 islands, delicious rambutan, big shells and yolk eggs, center of Buddhism".

Alright then, let's see the unmissable 13 places in Surat Thani >>>>

A big oyster fresh from the sea....

Where is this place??? If you can remember it... tik tok tik tok....

There is not just only the sea here....^___^

Finishing the starter let's start our main course....

No. 1 : Hug village

Hug village is a new tourist attraction place that decorated in Netherlands style. There are many corners that you can take photos.

These cute little sheep are waiting for you here...

They are really cute.

"Hug village" has such a beautiful atmosphere where can you take a lot of photo.

As we have done before....^^

Feeling like in Netherlands with wind turbines...

Also the airplane

Selfie lover, animal lover you should not miss it....

No. 2 : Lampoo 1 Restaurant

Big prawns

Big Oysters

And many other menus that are very delicious.

If you like fresh seafood, here is the best choice for you...

No. 3 : Suspension bridge and Heart Mountain

It is another landmark of Surat Thani where is really romantic. Lovers should not miss.

No. 4 : Fish Stone Museum

How can fishes live on the land??? But it really can....

The Fish stone is actually a fish sculpture. There is not just one but also a thousand of them. The first fish was sculpted by Uncle Kitti since 1992 and continue until present. Now there are more than a thousand fishes and many kinds of them which some of them already extinct from the real world.

Many kinds of fish

It is unbelievable that he can sculpt so many fishes, it likes we are in the aquarium....Don't you think so ????

Do you know any kind of these fish????? ^^

No. 5 : Pa Ton Nam Baan Nam Rad

It is another unseen place that you should not miss.

Clear water in the middle of the jungle....

You even can see through the water to the bottom....

And do not forget you swimming suit otherwise you will be regret...

we warn you!!!!!

It is a Swamp forest that has a small canal in the middle and surrounded by the entire nature creature.

No. 6 : Sinmana Farm Stay

It is located in Kanchanadit District, which is the oyster farm in the middle of the sea in the gulf of Thailand where you can see the traditional way of life.

If you have tries the oyster here, you will forget all oyster that you have ever tried before. Because the oysters here are very big and fresh as they pick it up from the sea and directly serve to you.

Moreover, there are also other seafood menus that are also very fresh and delicious.

The atmosphere around Sinmana Farm Stay

Here we are at Sinmana Farm Stay

No. 7 : Baan Koh Rat community

Koh Rat is the small island in the middle of the gulf of Thailand. Most of people here are Chinese Race who lives here for over 200 years and fishing for the living.

Artisanal fishery

The wonder moment in Koh Rat

It is really peaceful.

No. 8 : Sutharot Dim Sum

Another dim sum restaurant that you should not miss. The signature of the restaurant is Salted Yolk Egg in Charcoal Bun.....

If you do not try it that mean you are not here yet.

Wow!!! can we eat all these???.....

No. 9 : Chiao Lan Dam

This is another place that you can relax and recharge your energy....

Sleeping on the bamboo raft, kayaking, swimming or even hiking....

You can have many activities here^_____^

Just see the blue sky, we already feel so great.

You will see this in Chiao Lan Dam only.

The beautiful natural creature

No. 10 : Mao Lae Buffet

It is a grilled seafood buffet restaurant, all you can eat with unlimited of time.

So great!!!

Let's eat

No. 11 : Bang Bai Mai Floating Market

It is another interesting floating market where you can shopping, eating and seeing the traditional way of life of people beside the canal.

Riding on the boat through the Nipa Palm Tunnel

It is so amazing

This is only a part of the reality, there are many more shops inside.

The most wonderful ever!!!!

Would you like to get one????? ^__^

Variety of food

They look so good^______^

Ridding on the boat and enjoying both sides of the canal..... ^^

No. 12 : Phunisa Restaurant

This is another recommended restaurant where the food is good and the atmosphere is great. You can enjoy the exclusive sunset scene right from the restaurant.

You see!!! it is so great

No. 13 : Chiao Lan Camp & Resort

The resort is located near the mountain and the river that is surrounded by the nature wherever you go.

We stay here^_^

Inside the bedroom

The beds are so soft...Feeling sleepy now !!! No!!! not yet

You also can walk into the river beside the resort.

Alright everyone, how was it with all places that we have taken you all through????

It would be greater if you could visit by yourself and there are more places than we suggested.

#If you don't go, you won't know

Don't you think so 😆😉

This trip we travel with Thai Smile Airways from Bangkok to Surat Thani. It takes approximately an hour with full service on board.

The snack tastes so good, we finish it at once.....^_____^

Our crew on board..."Happy flight"

The unmissable 13 check-in places in Surat Thani trip is come to an end. We hope you enjoy it. We will come back again soon with a new journey

Bye Bye !!! 😁😂😅






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