One Day Trip : Baan Pa Bong Piang,Chiang Mai

"When the memory recall, day by day trip begin again"

Because of Facebook pop up my feed 5 years ago when I was travelling to Chiangmai. It remind me the places that I visit that time. All the memories recall and I decided to go to Chiangmai again after recently trip was in February this year. But so what, as I love Chiangmai.

We got flight DD306 from Bangkok which will leave Bangkok around 09.05am from Donmuang Airport. We arrived Chiangmai on time and get luggage easily. Today our first stop is "BRAND NEW FIELD GOOD" this time I travelling with my lover. I keep calling him my lover for 17 years as I think the meaning of this word is more sweet than husband. And he chose this place for this trip.

After arrived to Airport our driver which we had booked (4x4) Mr.Add. We need 4x4 because the road to second stop is off road. We took around 30 minutes from airport direct to Brand New Field Good on the road pass Royal Floral Park. The road to this place is good condition but the problem we found the sign very close to the place already. Luckily that GPS was working well this time.

This place is a cafe in the middle of rice field. They some guest house name "Baan Kai Ho" the meaning is a house of the chicken. We park the car close to the temple (free of charge) and then walk along the bamboo bridge over the rice field (but they already harvested so we can not see beautiful rice field as we expected but never mind.

Along the way on the bridge they have lots decoration make this rice field look more colorful than it should be. And at the end is the cafe. There are seating outside and inside the house with air-con. We chose outside table near the pond as I prefer nature.

They have local food, a la cart, set menu, European food with reasonable prices. We order one set menu plus one extra dish and 2 Italian Soda.One is Lychee soda for him.

Butterfly pea with lychee soda for me. I like the taste of my drink more than him, they balance the taste of sweet and sour to make it good taste.

The taste of the food is average but the display is good. However, we finished them all because this is our first meal of the day because on the flight we got only a small bottle of drinking water (we did not book meal).

We finished lunch at Brand New Field Good around 14.00hrs then we move to next stop which is one of the reason we come to Chiangmai this time "Baan Pa Bong Piang". Do not get me wrong, a cat in the picture is not for sales. He just find the good place to relax but that place is the table selling souvenior.

From the cafe we took around 1.30hrs on the same road to Doi Inthanon National Park but separate to another road heading to Mae Chan district to reach to the beautiful rice field "Baan Pa Bong Piang" which I was planing many years ago that I have to come in one day.

We arrive a bit early in the season as the farmer just plant the rices. But for me I like this time as I can see how they do it (real). Some area already plant, some area just preparing.

We were lucky that we were at the time some of farmer collect the sapling and will keep them to plant in next few days.

I was enjoy taking photos in this area. Lucky for people who live in this area staying in the green surrounding, breathing fresh air everyday.

In the rice field area, there are some small houses which they open for guest as home stay. And the price is only THB 500 per person including dinner and breakfast with local food. Very cheap. The houses is non air-con but who need air-con when you are in the middle of fresh air and cool weather like 15-20 degree at night.

We spent around one hour walking around the area and take photos. Finally it is 4pm and we should leave this area before it too late and get dark as the road down is difference from the one we came up.

Sport-rider is very good car in my opinion for this kind of the trip.

May be same as other off road car but the most important is have to be 4x4 car to be more safety.

We came down with 30 minutes off road which shorten than the way up.

Reached to the entrance of the National park and then continue with another 2 hours to our hotel on Nimman Area "Art Mai? Gallery Hotel"

The hotel located on Nimman Road Soi 3. Behind of the hotel is one of the popular shopping arcade "One Nimman" with 2 minutes walk.

The building look very nice from outside and the restaurant on the ground floor also look good.

We reached to hotel around 7pm and agreed to go direct to restaurant for dinner before get into the room. And the restaurant which we chose for this dinner is "Shabu De Bear" this shabu restaurant have many branches in Bangkok but we never try as we are not buffet lover. But just want to try this time.

Shabu De Bear located on Nimman Soi 9 which very easy walking from our hotel.

Actually, in Nimman area is difference from Night Bazar because all the soi are connected to each other so even you get lost you just try to go to the main road and then you can come back. The waiter told us that they have 2 branches in Chiangmai.

We chose menu THB 399 per person buffet shabu and sushi. We start order vegetable and meat and start eating. They gave us 1.30hrs limit and we think that more than enough. But be careful, if you order too much but you can not finish them they will charge with high cost which I think it fare as some people order too much when they go to buffet restaurant but at the end they can not finish the food and leave it on the table.

I ordered 3 pieces of sushi but the most I like is sushi with beef, so delicious. He tried one of them but he was not happy with it (he is not Japanese food lover).

We spent around 1 hour eating and talking and checking our photos of today.

And the we left the restaurant and walk around area before go back to hotel.

Arrive to hotel, we got key card with lovely welcome drink. Staff informed us that we got upgrade to another room category. Lucky us.

We went up to the room and when we step in to the room. I fall in love with the room decoration, it's look like a bedroom of an artist.

They have a flip chart with a big paper for guest can show their drawing skill. Like I did as below.

The decoration and color is my type. Working desk, leather chair, bed. But he like bathroom with big bathtub.

Before we unpack, there is one facility which I really want to see is their swimming pool on the roof top which my friend told me that I can enjoy swimming and seeing the airplane take off from Chiang Mai airport.

They have beautiful swimming pool next to the fitness center. Very good view but it was not the time to see airplane.

We unpacked our luggage, shower and sleep a bit early (11pm) as we have long program for tomorrow. 24 hours flies very fast. But today was a good day that we visit the places on our plan. And now we are exciting again for our program for other days.



 Sunday, July 14, 2019 11:29 PM