Ride on the cultural line......

"from NASATTA wax museum to see another side of Damnern Saduak Floating market"

Today is first Saturday of July. Me and one of my friend planing to travel to Ratchaburi to see what they have besides of Damnern Saduak Floating Market as I have idea to explore this area with difference way.

We planed to meet each other at 06.00am and leave Bangkok at 06.30am but finally we left at 07.00am. Our meeting point is Asia Hotel Bangkok.

We left Bangkok around 7am and took the road on Rama ii heading to Ratchaburi. It took only around 1.45 minutes then we reach to a big green land name "NASATTA". This place was well known as "Wax Museum Siam" but they closed for renovation for 3 years and just reopened again around one year ago. I have been to was museum in Bangkok like Madame Tussaud but that one is not by Thai. NASATTA belong to Thai guy who want to built this place to be a museum to represent SATTA of Thai to the religious, king and royal family, history of the country and try to keep the Thai traditional activities as the work shops which visitors can try.

They welcome us with a small glass of welcome drink. It comes in purple color and the test is pandan leaf and make purple color by butterfly pea.

I saw some of tourist busy with changing the dress to be Thai traditional costume. All dress are look nice but might not suite to me so I still keep ripped jeans and t-shirt. After changed and ready to move in. We scanned the ticket with the bar-code at the entrance.

We joined with a group of 15 persons and they provided one tour guide to explain all spots inside the museum. We start with the institute of 3 great Kings.

After that we continue to the wax museum inside the air-con building.

The first photo which I got is a very nice painting hanging on the way with very good meaning. Tour guide said "candle light" mean the bright to the life " lotus flower" mean the glow of life and soul. Very good meaning.

In the museum allow to take photo only one the first floor but not allow on 2nd floor.

We walked deep inside the museum and saw many wax of the important persons in Thailand.

And there are also some wax of the important people in other countries.

And below is the one that like, the meeting of great men from China.

We walked around the first floor and got some photos and then go up on the second floor for few minutes and then we came out form the building and continue on the walk way to another light and sound museum.

There are 2 Buddha images which people can pray and make a wish.

In this building look similar to "Ubosoth" there are around 10 benches and there are some people arrived before us. We took a seat on the last row on the back as I want see all area of the hall.

There are light and sound show around 15 minutes. The show talk about the history of Buddhism which came from India to Thailand.

At the end of the light and sound show they put spotlight on the Buddha image and make it so bright and beautiful.

I saw there are 4 big Thai style houses in that area and many people preparing some activities. Then we walked there.

We walk around and see many activities like small jar painting, menthol making, umbrella painting etc., but we did not try anything.

We walked to another house and I saw that they preparing ingredients for Thai dessert work shop.

I think this one is interesting as I like this kind of dessert very much. The staff at the station invited us to try making dessert. We were very happy to do.

This dessert made by green been, coconut milk, and some more ingredients (I was concentrate with making it so I did not pay attention about ingredients) They prepared it already I just make try to make to be in fruit shapes like mango, rose apple, pumpkin etc.,

It was fun and excited when doing it the process is not difficult but for the beginner it is not easy.

But finally I made it even the shapes and colors might not be like original.

After finished we eat it all.

There are some more activities but I think we better move to the food area as it already lunch time.

At the food court there are many menu look yummy. But as the seating area quite small and I still not decide about the food so we tried only a bowl of ice-flake with syrup and topic with fruits.

Then we agreed to continue to Floating market where only 20 minutes away from this museum.


We reach to the floating market by car and walk to another side of the small canal of Damnern Saduak Floating market area. I saw there are many nice shops along the canal.

Our tour guide is local people who live near the floating market and one of the group of local people who want to refresh floating market to be traditional market again. I came to this market many time by taking long tail boat from some where around 20 minutes away and the boat stop at this market and we walk around but nothing interesting.

This time we came with difference way. We cam direct to this market and walk around to see how the real market they used to be.

After walked I found nice hat and the price is only THB 140 (very cheap). After that we finished some finger food at the market and then continue with taking long-tail boat.

This is the longest boat trip which I had tried. One hour along the big and small canal passing the local people houses.

I like the houses by the river, lucky them to have house and stay close to the water. Moreover, another side of the house are surrounded by fruit farm, rice farm etc.,

All the houses are not new houses and almost are made by wood or half wood half cement.

The boat took us to the famous fruit farm. Thongyib Orchard.

This farm is organic farm planting both fruits and vegetable. We took a local made boat tour around their farm.

They separated area for planting difference type of fruit and vegetable. Today their lemon farm are full with lemon so they took us there.

And we have special guest from the farm. His name is "Pumpkin" and he joined us in the boat.

They plant lots of vegetable. If we pick all ingredients from this farm we can cook big meal.

After that the boat took us to the famous temple name "Wat Chotiyatakaram" or local people call "Wat Cho" this temple is famous as this is the temple which the king rama 5 visit during his river trip to this area.

I like their welcome drink. It is Thai black coffee with ice.

The tour guide took us to see the museum in this temple where there are lots of Buddha image which they found under the ground in many area of this province.

Can not believe that we spent 8 hours already for this trip because all the places that we visit, tasting the local food, experience on the long tail boat along the canal , see the houses and people living by the canal so I think time flies too fast.


It is time to go home with another 2 hours drive. But before left we drop to buy some fruits and snack for our friends. We both slept in the car and wake up when we cross the bridge to Bangkok city. I was very nice one day trip even it look tired with get on and off the boat and the car but this is very great experience.

And this is very cheap trip. If you drive then you pay only for long tail boat rental and the rider will take you around the canal for one hour. And you pay for the entrance fee to NASATTA at THB 250 per person. The rest are food and snack.



 Monday, July 8, 2019 10:58 AM