"You might visit some place which you never been and it might be only one time visit or several times visit depend on how much you like that place...."

We plan to visit some waterfall today and because I heard a lot about Mae Ngad Dam which we can enjoy swimming in the clear fresh water. And as the driver said that Mok Fah Waterfall also beautiful during this period. So, there will be two waterfall and one damn that we will visit today.

Breakfast at Baan Mon Muan where we stayed last night is so good. They serve set menu which I chose boiled rice mix with shrimp and minced pork while he chose american breakfast.

They served fresh orange juice with water first and show us a choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. We both order hot chocolate as we both do not drink coffee.

Orange juice is a bit sour but it make us feel good that it is fresh fruit not juice from the box.

I like the breakfast area, make us feel like we stay home and sit and have breakfast in living room, at balcony or on the proper table with very nice mountains view.

I remember that here they have kids corner and put some books for kids. So, I bring some books to put here then all the kids visit this resort they can enjoy reading this books.

After breakfast and processing for check out. Then I saw some nice hand made hat. I was thinking that they are so nice and I tried one of them. Immediately, I know who should I buy for. My sister Radar as she love to travel and this hat should be nice for her.

I pick one of them for her. And later I heard from staff at cashier counter that those hat are made by resort's staff during low season so there are only one piece in the world as every one have their own idea to decorate. Then I bough one more for myself.

We left Baan Mon Muan and heading to Mok Fah Waterfall. This waterfall is famous for tourist especially foreigner because tourist can enjoy swimming under the waterfall. We have to check it out.

The road to waterfall is not difficult and after we park the car and walk around 700 meters then we found the waterfall. And along the way to the waterfall are cover by lots of big trees so we were walking under the shades of teak-wood trees and other trees with big leafs.

The waterfall is not big but a bit high. The water fall down to the pond where there are small sandy beach to stand and enjoy taking photo.

We saw some foreigner enjoy swimming under the waterfall. The water is so clear and not too deep (for them) so almost are walking, sitting more than swimming. However, this is one of beautiful waterfall in Chiang mai.

We sat and enjoy the view around 20 minutes then we walk back to the car. We did not prepare for swimming so no reason to stay longer. However, I like this waterfall.

We left the waterfall and heading to the Mae Ngad Dam but on the way I saw a shop selling fresh rambutan. Driver said that these rambutan plant on the mountain and fresh and good taste. So, we stop and I bough one kg. The size is not big and the color look green, orange and red so I did not expect quality. But when open it and taste it then I realized that the taste is amazing. Not much sugar and a bit dry and yummy.

I finished one kg in 20 minutes.

From Mok Fah Waterfall we heading to the new and famous temple name "Wat Baan Den or Grand Blue Temple" Many people talk about this temple that they have very good architecture from outside and inside.

We arrived to the temple but I got stop from the staff because the dress which I wore was too short. So, he suggest me to cover my dress with another dress. My bad did not aware about this cloth condition when visit temple.

After got skirt to cover my dress then we start walking around the temple.

This is new temple so there are some part still under construction but this is big temple. They have beautiful architectures but all are new so you can not expect long history about this temple. If you visit to see beautiful wood craving, painting, building then you will like this temple.

Driver said that there is only one monk live in this temple. In the past this area are empty and this monk came from Lamphun province and would like to develop this area for people living around the temple can come for Buddhist activities. Now the temple become famous as a beautiful temple and because almost the roof are with blue color so the temple is well known with the name "Grand Blue Temple"

Actually, I love to visit old temple and listen to local people proudly telling history about those temple. Some temple might not so beautiful in term of architecture but wonderful by history.

We spent around 30 minutes walking around the temple then we leave to another stop for lunch.

We reach to the damn in around 40 minutes. We already booked the table at the Mountain Float Restaurant. If you want to come to this restaurant, I recommend to reserve table in advance as they are not big restaurant but good quality and good view (but not expensive). We reached to the pier where lots of long-tail boat waiting for the clients.

The long tail boat is not belong to the restaurant. You have to pay around THB 600/boat which can accommodate around 4pax and take around 20 minutes to reach to the restaurant. We confirm pick up time with boat rider as we want to spend around 2 hours at the restaurant.

Along the way to the restaurant, there are many floating house as restaurant but as I got good comment about Mountain Float so I chose that one.

We reached to the restaurant and I saw that they also have rooms for guest who want to stay overnight on floating house. I did not check the price because I think Ratchaprapa dam is better place to stay on floating-house.

We start order the food from menu. And I saw that the prices are not expensive. Because we are in the dam so we order fish.

Totally we order 3 dishes with rice. The taste of the food are good. Fish menu is fresh with sweet meat. We enjoy eating and seeing the water view.

We spent 2 hours for this lunch as it good place for sit and relax after work. I saw some of foreigner start enjoy swimming after lunch. Seem some of them stay overnight here.

They have kayak and small slider so this place good for family, friends, couple for everyone.

We left the restaurant and heading to "Sticky Waterfall (Bua Tong Waterfall)" I really want to know the reason why the name "Sticky Waterfall" I did not search the meaning from the internet as I want to hear from local people as I always get amazing answer from them.

This waterfall is very easy to reach. From the parking to waterfall is around 300 meters walk. But there are steps to go down to see waterfall from below. I go direct to waterfall and try to see how special thing of this waterfall.

What you can see from the photo ?

You can see tourist standing on the waterfall. How can they standing there ? The waterfall normally very slip.

I got answer from the officer who standby at waterfall. The reason why the waterfall is not slip because the the stones in this area are limestone so even there are water fall down on these limestone there are no moss to make it slip.

I saw lots of foreigners and Thai enjoy walking up and down on the waterfall. I really want to try but we want to reach back to city before late evening because I want to enjoy walking on Sunday market "Nigh market"

We reached to the hotel "Tamarind Village". I really want to stay at this hotel for long time but as they have only 46 rooms and my period always fall down when they are fully book. This time I'm so lucky to get the room. Hotel located on Ratchadamnern Road where there is Sunday market which is the most popular night market in Chiang mai.

Upon arrival the welcome drink and cold towel was served to refresh. And before we get in to the room we got some nice shots with the signature of the resort. The big trees with more than 200 years old.

After that staff took us to the room and explain all amenities in the room.

I keep looking at his uniform. I like Thai Lanna cloths, it look cosy and comfortable by cotton fabric.

The room is simple with minimal decoration but each items which they decoration are so nice. The shower room separate from restroom. There is no bathtub but no problem as we do not expect to use it.

It's almost 6pm so we rush to take shower and changed because the night market is in front of the the hotel and we want to spend more time there.

Before we go out one shot which we can not miss is the bamboo tunnel from hotel to the road in the front of hotel.

Sunday market still crowded with people both foreigner and Thai.

And there are more and more shops open and selling good quality with flexible prices.

We spend 40 minutes walking in the market and then decided to get one hour foot massage after long day. It is only THB 150/hour, very cheap.

I was raining after we finished massage but I think this is good for us as I want to go back and lay down on the big soften bed and enjoy watching TV. So, we finished our day today and now it time for relax.

"Chiang mai is one of the place that I visit at least one time per year for more than 10 years but still many places I never visit. So, I can not tell why Chiang mai, when will I stop travel to Chiang mai. As long as there still some places that I never been, I will come again and again and even some places I visit more than one time but still love to go. The charming of northern"


 Wednesday, July 17, 2019 3:53 PM