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Today, we are visiting Ba Na Hills

A French village atop a mountain in Vietnam

Ba Na Hills is a famous check-in point in Da Nang.

This trip is the continuation of our " Hoi An" trip on our last review.

If you haven't read our Hoi An review, you can do so here: https://th.readme.me/p/24574

[ Ba Na Hills ] is a fairy tale city in the fog, Da Nang city, Vietnam.

To reach Ba Na Hills, you have to take a cable car.

The distance is around 5,801 meters and 1,368 height!!!

The cable car that we are taking is also the highest and longest cable car in the world! So excited!

[ Day 1 ]

We called a Grab from " Hoi An " to " Ba Na Hills "

It took around 2 hours, and the Grab price is 471.000 VND

and then took the cable car to Ba Na Hills. You can get on a cable car at 2 spots:

For those who booked with Mercure Bana Hills French Village,

you can take the hotel's cable car without having to queue up

Just tell your Grab driver to drop you off at the hotel lobby.

The cable car tickets can be bought at the hotel lobby and those who stay at the hotel will get a special price of 400.000 VND while the regular price is 650.000 VND

At the Lobby, take the elevator to the second floor to check in first, then wait for the cable car. As for your bags, take them with you on the cable car!

( On Ba Na Hills, there is only 1 hotel )

^^ Time to take the cable car! ^^

From my experience of riding cable cars, this place's cable cars are the scariest! When it left the station, I was terrified but I became relaxed after a while.

After leaving the station for a while, I looked behind me and the view was amazing!

On the way, the cable car also passes by a waterfall!

Those who take the hotel's cable car can see the water fall very closely and even hear the sound of water flowing!

When passing through the mountain gap, you can see big and small mountains. It was very beautiful!

The higher you get, the colder it becomes, especially when passing through the fog.

I was very happy and want to take this atmosphere home with me :)

The fog was very thick that I couldn't see anything. After leaving the foggy area, the view in front of me was the Ba Na Hills Castle.

We have arrived! The cable car trip was around 25-30 minutes.

( If it rains, the cable car will come to a stop in the middle of the woods for safety )

We were in Vietnam but suddenly warped to France !!!

It was nice and cool on the hill and the atmosphere and the view is just like in Europe!

It also feels like we visited 2 countries on 1 trip hehe...

....The first thing we did was getting lost!!! haha.

Let's check in first! We stayed at Hotel De Nice

We booked with www.accorhotels.com for 3101200 VND (including breakfast)

We booked the room only a few days before arriving so it was more expensive!!

Usually, the rooms here start from only 2,000 baht per night, but the price we had to pay was 4,000!!

But we decided to book it anyway because we wanted to stay here for at least 1 night.

I imagined that I was traveling in France^^

You don't have to turn on the air conditioning here because the weather is very nice and cool

But we had to turn on the heater at night because it was getting cold!!!

The weather is (very) cold, so the hotel has a heater in the room.

There is also a desk, but you shouldn't work while on vacation !!!

Put stuff on it instead :D

After unpacking our bags, let's go on a walk and take some photos.

Every building and corner is beautiful like in a castle somewhere.

My favorite spot is in front of the church. It is similar to the Notre-Dame in Paris, and a place where tourists come to take photos.

The interior is very beautiful.

เดินออกมาทางด้านหลังIf you walk out the back, before reaching Beer Plaza there is a hydrangea garden.

( The hydrangea only blooms in certain periods )

Beer Plaza Zone

During the evening, the lights here are beautiful and the weather is nice and cool, perfect for chilling with some beer :)

Next to Beer Plaza, there is a balcony to look at the view, below looks like a cliff!!!

There are also clouds. Am I in heaven? !!!

At Mercure Bana Hills there is an indoor swimming pool and fitness

Only hotel guests are allowed to use them, because you need a key card to gain access.

Children like this spot

Let's take some more photos ^^

During the day, there are lots of people

but the good thing about booking a hotel here is that after 16.30, the hill will close and visitors have to leave. !!!

It is now our time to take photos since there is no one around.

There is a food stall selling snacks like BBQ, hotdogs and kebab.

BBQ 90.000 VND

I have to admit that Vietnamese BBQ is delicious!

60.000 VND - they look like Fried Mung Bean Stuffed Balls (Khanom Khai Hong) in Thailand.

Hotdog - 60.000 VND

It looks kind of plain, I ordered one without sauce/vegetables.

Kebab - 90.000 VND

There is a very long queue for this shop and it was a long wait. The price was 90.000 VND including a cup of apple juice :)

I love this one so much! They say that you shouldn't miss it if you visit this place. It is a mango smoothie which costs 60.000 VND. It was great! Nice and sweet.

There are also shops selling drinks.

Another highlight at Bana Hills

is taking the cable car to the Golden Bridge

( You don't have to pay fees for taking cable cars from Bana Hills to other places )

We got on a cable car at the Louvre Station to >> Golden Bridge

The atmosphere along the way was awesome as usual :)

It only took a while to get to the Golden Bridge

It was beautiful like a bridge among the clouds. The air was very fresh too :)

I recommend visiting in the early morning or late evening as there will be fewer people.

In the afternoon, it is difficult to get a good photo because there are a lot of tourists.

It is open from 08.00-19.00. I visited in the evening and the light and the clouds were very pretty.

Near the Golden Bridge, you can walk into a flower garden.

Le Jardin d'Amour Flower Garden

Open from 08.00 - 18.00.

" Sitting alone is lonely... why don't you sit with me "

Near the flower garden, there is a way up to the European garden. It's quite a long walk. The garden is decorated with European style with Roman columns and a hydrangea field.

If you look down, the view looks something like this. You can see the back of the Linh Ung Padoga.

From this angle, it is really like being in heaven :)

The Golden Bridge has lights on during the evening which makes it even more beautiful ( around 18.30 )

We took the cable car back to Mercure Bana Hills at Bordeaux Station

and got off at the Louvre Station.

Outside the station, there is an indoor amusement park called Fantasy Park.

In the afternoon, this place is very busy. You can visit and go on rides for free :)

WoW !! The night atmosphere is amazing! The lights on the buildings are very beautiful. There is some fog and the air is getting cooler.

Let's explore!

There are many restaurants on the hill including buffet and fast food restaurants. There are many kinds of buffet shops including Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Korean, European, International and BBQ buffet. You can choose which one you want to visit depending on your preference.

For dinner, we had an International buffet at Le Crique, which is located near our hotel. The price was 300.000 VND per person.

Outside the restaurant was very cold and foggy. We went back to our hotel to get dressed and left to continue walking.

My dream city <3

If you decide to stay on the hill, don't forget to bring a coat. It is freezing !!

The day is finally over. Time to go to bed. Tomorrow we will continue our tour.

PS. It's cold.

[ Day 2 ]

It is morning! We took a shower and got dressed to have some breakfast.

After one night, the room looks something like this:

Yesterday I forgot to take a photo of the bathroom. Here it is!

The bathroom is separated into 3 parts: the sink, the shower and the toilet.

There is a lot to choose from the menu for breakfast.

This morning, the place is very empty. This why it is a good idea to stay on the hill !!

After having breakfast, we will continue our trip :)

This is the way to the temple. You have to walk a lot up here. There is a tea shop called Tru Vu Tea Corner from which you can see the view of Ba Na Hills. If you walk up to the top, there is the Linh Phong Thien Tu Pagoda. There is also a Chinese temple along the way. You can stop by to pay your respects.

Linh Chua Linh Tu Temple

We came down from the temple in the late morning. It is starting to get crowded !!!

There is a parade and show in the late morning. Let's go watch!

During the show, you can go take photos because everyone will be focused on the show.

Another highlight on Bana Hills is going on the Alpine Coaster.

The queue was very long, so I recommend queuing up early in the morning for those who stay on the hill ^

** The rides are free of charge **

When I visited, there were constructions going on; but they should be completed by now.

There are many more photo spots to take photos!

It's time to go to Da Nang City. But before that, let's take another deep breath of fresh air :)

There are other places located in Bana Hills that I haven't visited. Let's come back again!

Those who have plans to visit Da Nang must come to Bana Hills or you will be missing out!

Even better, spend a night here and don't forget a sweater!!!

Our time in Ba Na Hills has ended, but our Da Nang trip is not over yet!

To be continued...

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