Hello, we meet each other again. For this post, it is my second post. My first post is reviewing about travelling at Phu Kradueng National Park

It is the end of my leg muscle at Phu Kradueng National Park ( Guiding to travel at Phu Kradueng for 2 days 1 night )

The story is ran continuously from the previous post that I stand my friend up to Phu Kradueng and go with my colleague. At first we plan to go to Sangklaburi during the long holiday in February ( 20-22 Feb) but when one week before the date, my friend tell me that they don't want to go anymore and why I have to change my plan immediately, finding a new travelling place because I think that we can travelling to Sangklaburi on Saturday and Sunday. So I sit and searching the information here since the whether in Bangkok becomes hot again. I choose to escape the hot weather to " Koh Tao" which I get the main inspiration from the post of Mr.High on dreams and Mr.Nutsukasawakhon and I try to invite my colleague to see if anyone interested in it. Finally,I can not make the agreement so I have to go to Koh Tao"

Original story

- [CR]Hey! You, Do you want to go BACKPACK by a free train and diving at Koh Tao? :} by high on dreams


-[CR] Backpacking trip by a free train to Koh Tao, travelling only with less budget

First review

- [CR]

This trip spends up to 4 days, travelling takes up 2 days and another 2 days staying at Koh Tao which there are many ways to choose to go from Bangkok to Koh Tao. If you have limited budget, you better choose to travel by free train, take a cheap bus and continue with a long boat or speed boat. If you have unlimited budget, normally people will travel by plane to Surathani province and then takes a speed boat to Koh Tao. But, for me which I am so poor so I choose to travel by a free train.

My plan going there is to get on a free train no.171, Bangkok on 19 February - Sungai Kolok and get off at Chumporn train station at 21.00 pm. ( if the time is accurate) and I get on the boat which the boat departure from Ta Yang port at 23.00 pm. and arrive to Koh Tao at 5.00 am.

My plan for going back is to get on the boat from Koh Tao at 23.00 pm. of 21 February night to Koh Tao on 22 February, 5.00 am. and go to wait for the free train no. 254, Langsuan - Thonburi at Chumporn station back to Bangkok.

At the end, there is a small tips and the trip conclusion and summarize total expenses. If the review is too long, you can skip it to the last part.

If you like my style of travelling, please come and chat or invite me to join the trip


Day 1 (19 February)

This trip starts on 19 February. I request to leave from my boss in the afternoon to get on a free train at 13.00 pm. and when the time is 12.00 pm. I then pick up my stuff from the office to BTS-National Stadium and get on MRT- Saladaeng to Hua Lamphong around 12.40 pm. I then hurriedly go to the ticket counter and tell the staff that I want a train ticket number 171, Bangkok - Sungai Kolok, then I hand in my identity card to the staff and then get a free train as picture below.

After I get the ticket, I go and collect something to eat during the way because if I buy the food on the train, the price would definitely be higher. After that I walk out of the platform and find out that the train is stop there now so I don't have any more and jump up on it right away.

As you can see on my ticket that it is no seat provided so if the real owner of the seat comes, I have to go and sit elsewhere but the seat I am sitting has no one claim for it so I sit there along the way to Chumporn station.

A couple of mother and sister that sit opposite me on the way going to the destination are going to Hai Yai.

It takes lot of times to departure from Bangkok because the train have to pass through major intersections in the city but when it go out of the Bangkok, the train runs swiftly.

Since I am hurriedly go out of the office in the afternoon to Hua Lamphong Station before 13.00 pm. so I haven't have lunch yet. When the train leave Hua Lamphong for a while vendors are all walking to each bogie to sell rice, snack, souvenir and beverage. One of the vendor is selling rice topped with stir-fried pork, fried egg and basil for 40 Baht. I call him out but it seems that he doesn't hear me so I wait for a while then an uncle that sit beside me provoke me that " Hey guy, please be patient, there is 10 Baht of that rice selling at Ratchaburi". I believe that uncle and yes I am not that hungry.

Oh! Salaya Salaya, an educational place where a bright future begins

Just a few minute the police come and examine illegal things on the train. It is as my expectation, Thai police style is checking the bag only people who look suspicious, they didn't examined my bag, maybe my face is not cruel enough.

This is the train schedule to every single station. I pick up from an aunt that comes to sit beside me at Ratchaburi station. She says this schedule can be founded at every station. I recommend that those who like travelling by train should carry this paper with you.

I reach Ratchaburi around 14.00 pm, the food price is 10 Baht. It is the real price of the food but it is a dry rice noodle served with 2-3 thin fish balls. Calculating from this amount of food, I think I definitely not feel full. Maybe I have to order 2 or 3 more ( I sneak peek of the noodle of people who sit opposite me ) so I decide to buy 40 Baht of Rice topped with stir-fried pork, fried egg and basil. And Yeah! I feel full and think that why I have to bear my feeling of hungry for a long time hahahahaha.

Here it is my stupid look of rice box but I think I am more stupid buying it

After finish eating, enjoy the atmosphere, the smell of tobacco and the view along the way until the sun starts to set down from us.

I look at the clock and it is 21:30 pm. but I am not reach there yet and I start to be anxious like I am lack of medicines and feel Rinderpest. So, I open GPS on the phone and check where I am, luckily I enter Chumporn province area now but not yet arrive the city. Finally we arrive at the Chumporn station around 22.20 pm. And I can't wait away so I hustle and pick up the bag, running out of the train and heading to the next station and get on the motorcycle to the Tar Yand port, also ask the rider to take me to 7-11 to buy something to eat on the boat ( There is nothing sell on the boat ).

I reach the port around 22:40 pm., paying 150 Baht for the motorcycle service fee, comparing with the distance, I think this price is quite expensive but he speak politely and provide a good service so I give the money to him. But some review pay only 100 Baht or presently this price may be increase according to the market price and then I go to pay for the boat ticket. I book it in advance because I don't want to sleep on an additional bed, the price is 400 Baht which on the ticket has stated a number of my bed on it and then I hastily get on the boat.

The day I go there is Friday, I will have to sleep on the boat of Koh Charoen Company. The room inside is like this which the company will bee switch the to serve the service everyday, you can check it in this list.


It is now 23.00 pm. after I keep the stuffs in the room, wash and brush my teeth, when the boat leave the port, I pickup beer that I buy fro 7 eleven and plan to make a chill sip at the boat's bridge instead, the atmosphere is also great.

Getting on a small boat moving around to Krung Thonburi and selling a shell, both small and little shell ... no.. it is just a joke

For a moment, there is a guy, maybe he notices that I come alone so he comes to sit and talk with me. We see each other when we take our stuffs to keep in the room. He sleep opposite me. The moment I meet him, my instinct tells me that this man is not a normal man ( maybe he comes alone) but that time I haven't greeting him. After a talk, I acknowledged that his name is Pop, he also comes alone because he invites his friend but no one comes. He takes a plane from Khon Kaen to Bangkok and transfer to a free train, same train with me. Mr, Pop has inspire from the review of Khun High on Dreams and Ms.Nutsuksawakhon. You see here even I am travelling alone but I am not lonely because there are people who are having the same ideology, like mine.

We talk about many stories until 1.00 am. and go to bed separately.

Day2 (20 February 2016)

I reach Koh Tao at 5.00 am. I and Mr.Pop get off the boat and find something to eat at 7-11. After that we go and sit at the customer servicearea. I try to find Koh Tao Complete Guide or an old Koh Tao guide which every reviews written about Koh Tao. But I can't find it, it is run out of stock and I get only a map of Koh Tao in a folded form instead.

Let's see the map of Koh Tao so we can know that where I have been to. Thank You a photo detail from http://เกาะเต่า.net

While waiting for sky to be bright, I plan for today's trip. The main point is a beach at the south, if I have time left, I will go to the viewpoint, Mango Point in the legend. Around 6 am. I separate from Mr.Pop to find an accommodation for tonight because he has booked the accommodation near the port before he comes here.

And then I skirt around the long beach

I meet with many landlords along the way.

Another popular corner of Koh Tao reviewing trip , this place has to be posted in every reviews, it is at the Lotus Bar and there are 2 branches of it.

Finally, I stay at Baan Avenue Guesthouse, it is 300 Baht/ day with 5 mixes bunk bed, 2 each bathrooms and toilets in the same room, locker is also provided but you have to bring the key by yourself. It is air-conditioned room which is located at Ree beach in the north area and the place is surrounded by a bars.

I go to the room to leave my stuffs first when I receive the key. It is around 7.00 am. People in the room are not wake up yet. Mostly is an European tourist I notice them from their faces. I get the bed down stair which attached to the wall. It is the bed that I quite wanted because it is easy to take care of my staff when I sleep ( valuable thing put it attached to the wall) I put my stuffs in the bed and hurriedly take a shower and go out so I would have a lot of travelling time.

Mama (an instant noodle) that I eat in the early morning can not make me feel full so I have to find something to eat more in the morning. I walk back to Ree beach and find out only a restaurant that I have to definitely pay more than 100 Baht if I enter it because the appearance of the restaurant is built to especially attract foreign customer. At that moment I then think of Mr.Nutsuksawakhon's recommendation that I want to eat save in a simple restaurant like local people on the island do. The question is where is it located at ? hahahahahahahaha. I walk from north to south of the Ree beach but still can't see the simple restaurant that looks locally so I spread the map put again. My eyes then catch with the road that parallel to Ree beach so I try walking to that road. It is the main concrete road that connect the north and the south of the Koh Tao. I walk along the road until I see the simple restaurant and enter it.

Here this is the picture of my first meal of the day at Koh Tao. Firstly, I want to order a simple menu but the kitchen is not opened yet so I have to pay 50 Baht for this meal. I forget to tell you that along Ree beach, there is a bike shop for rent but it is not opened yet. Travelling out like this, I want to ride a bike rather than ride a motorcycle. I am lazy to wait so I walk to find food to eat first. After finish eating , I then look at the map and think that the beach in the south is located not far away from the point I stay.So, I plan to walk to that beach so that I can exercise at the same time ( But it is a wrong idea hahahahahaha)

The first beach we want to go is Ao Luek. This is a way down to the beach. I take a photo, its look not quite steep but the real one is really steep. Foreigner that bring their girlfriend with them all let those girl down and walk on the way according to the picture.

This beach is a Private beach which a bed and umbrella is setting there. You have to pay for 200 Baht if you want to sit but a free drink is provided but I am not sure what the drink are. Aorr! we can not bring any drink from outside to the inside if you are not using their service so you can have a sunbathing instead because it is a pure sand beach but it is suitable to play with water because the rock is not that many there, the water is beautiful and blue. I stay here, lying, taking a photo around 30 minutes before I departure and walk to the second beach.

The second beach is Sai Daeng Beach. It is another private beach but I haven't gone down to the beach because there are so many people there. Let's see the picture of the way down to the beach instead. You can see Shark Island also ( actually I lose the way, at first I plan to walk to Ao Chalok Baan Kaohahahahaha)

Then I walk to Ao Chalok Baan Kao, I think the water level is getting higher and many boats are parking at this bay. There are many accommodations and restaurants inferior to the Ree beach.

After that I departure to the John-Suwan viewpoint which is located on the same way to Freedom beach. I also haven't gone down to this beach because there are so many people+ tired from walking in the middle of the sunlight that I have to sit down and rest before I walk up to the viewpoint. It is 50 Baht fore Thai people for an entrance fee but I don't know that it is cost the same rate for foreigner or not. Going up to the viewpoint has to climb up a little bit. There will be a rope to brace you up during the way up. I lose one of my Croc shoe's brogan that I wear it there because I were cut my the stone.

On the view point , we will see the whole island of Koh Tao in the south. The only word I can say is the admission fee is cost only 2 digit number in Thai Baht but the view is cost a million digit number.

I meet with Mr.Pop again at the view point so we go down together to find a place for lunch which I get on the back of his motorcycle.

After lunch, I book the diving tour for tomorrow which we choose the package of Saeng Thong tour because their office is located not far away from Mr.Pop accommodation and the port. Ms.Puk, the owner of Saeng Thong tour is very happy to Thai people like us come to join the class and also give us a discount from 750 Baht to 630 Baht which 600 Baht is a 4 points of diving fee + visiting Koh Nang Yuan meal and beverage in the afternoon of the boat, and another 30 Baht for getting on Koh Nang Yuan. Ms. Puk also says that there are many Thai people come to but tour from her because they see a review of Mr.Nutsuksawakhon and she also brings a Burmese people who Mr.Nutsuksawakhon has written about him in the review that he can speak English very well and he has encouraged people to develop language skill to let me meet.

We go to Mango viewpoint after we finish buying the tour package because I heard that this point is very remarkable. But the way up to get there is so tough that it should be turned into roller coaster because it is a perpendicular steep way, and the point in which we think that it is going to be the highest point end but when we get there, there is still a way to go further. We are so excited.

We have to pay 100 Baht for the admission fee but the staff who takes charge of the entrance ask us to pay for only 50 Baht/person because they aware that we are Thai people but you can try negotiate the price if you want to buy a drink in bar, you may ask to pay it for beverage in bar instead because when I sit and talk with the bar's owner, he tells me that they have to collect the admission fee at the viewpoint because in the past there are many people visiting here but not buy anything in Bar.

A local despot of Mango View Point, when I sit down he comes to sit on my knee.

The viewing point is a pavilion and a bar for ordering various beverages. The atmosphere is very chill, plus I have been tired from a whole day activities. Mr.Pop and me then take a nap for a while hahahahaha, around 20 minutes then we wake up. It is around 17.00 pm at that time in the evening. I am pity that we can not see the sunset from this viewpoint. I have asked the owner of the bar and he says that in the past we can see the sunset from here but right now we can not see it . He recommends us to go to Dusit Buncha resort. And we do not wait anymore, we are heading to that place right away.

At Dusit Bancha Resort, except from seeing the sunset, we can also see the view of Koh Nang Yuan too.

When we see the sunset at 6.00 pm in the evening, Mr.Pop then separate and he sends me back to my accommodation and he rides back to his accommodation. I take a rest, take a bath and meet each other again in front of my accommodation because I stay near a Night life places of Koh Tao. At that time I start to feel that I have a fever (head stroke), it is the affect from walking in the middle of the sunny day +and using my energy to walking up and down the beaches. After a bath, I then sleep for around 1 hour.

I wake up at 20.00 pm. to meet Mr.Pop in front of my accommodation. We go find something to eat in the evening and we settle down at rice duck restaurant. I order duck noodle + rice because I want to eat something hot to relieve fever and I pay 90 Baht for this meal ( Duck with Tom Yum noodle for 80 Baht and 10 Baht for rice )

Then we go to listen to the music, watching a fire dancing show at Lotus Bar. The day I go there, there is a a small size of Leo beer promotion, 2 bottles for 120 Baht ( the restaurant normally sell it for 80 Baht/bottle) so we order 2 sets of it. Around 21.00 pm., the bar starts to open more playful music. Around 22.00 pm., everyone in the bar start to stand up and go on their step without any engagement.

Around 22.30 pm., Mr.Pop leaves to go back for bed but I still sit there until around 23.30 pm. then I go back to bed because tomorrow I have a whole diving trip.

Day 3 ( 21 February)

I wake up around 7.00 am in the morning, as usual my roommates are still sleeping so I hurriedly take a bath, keep my stuffs and return the key to the reception because this place allows to Check out at 11.00 am.

Today the car of Saeng Thong tour comes to pick up me at 9.30 am., we appoint to meet at 7-11 near to my accommodation. This morning I buy pork with sticky rice hamburger of 7-11 as my breakfast and the car firstly drive us to Saeng Thong office to receive a snorkel and tie a tag on my wrist to let them know that we are their tourists of this company. Mr.Puk is very kind, he serves us a new boat for Thailand people who join with them today especially for this trip only. The boat that we get is a boat for fishing, the size is double smaller than a normal boat that use for go diving which members on the boat are Mr.Pop and me, a couple that come from Bangkok and 4 people of company staff that come from Chonburi. Total is 8 people ( + the boat driver and guide for 2 people so total is 10 people ).

The diving place are these programs

-Ao Chalam

- Ao Luek

-Ao Hin Wong

-Ao Muang

-Ao Nang Yuan

The day we go for diving, the water is not quite good. There is a strong tide rage from Gulf of Thailand so it is hard for us to cross to another side of the island so I can just only dive at the point of the port side. We dive for 3 points which are Freedom beach, Ao Muang and diving close to Ao Nang Yuan. We are miss hunting the sharks, the point of diving is less than earlier. The boat drivers them increase the diving time in each point ( When the boat is parked at Koh Nang Yuan, we can still dive at the beach but I did not dive it).

While diving from 1st point to 2nd point, we have a chance to sit, drink beer and talking with a boat driver, inquire from the boat driver and get the answer that in the past he used to stay at Nakhon Si Thammarat and at first be a tour guide. Father and brother of the boat driver are all a boat driver of the tour at Koh Tao here ( such a real fisherman family) which after that he changes his job to be a boat driver because he can earn more money and can stay near home when comparing to being a tour guide. We also have a chance to talk about the criminal case that a foreign tourists were murdered at Koh Tao which in my opinion, I think that no matter where you are, the opportunity to occurred something like is always possible, just control consciousness and take a good care of yourself. For example, don't drink too much, don't walk alone in the night time, these are all increase the risk to occur the situation.

Since I like Free Diving ( actually I don't have money to study+going out for scuba) which is diving down without a tank of Oxygen on the back. The equipment that will be given in the trip is only a snorkeling mask ( a tube that you hold in mouth and breath in) and a life jacket. Which if you want to have a Free Diving, you don't have to wear it because you can not dive under water when wearing it, but fins are not given to you which this thing can help us a lot because it makes us swim faster and stronger. Definitely for Free Diving, it help us to dive down underwater without using too much energy. So I ask Fins from the boat driver, he is so kind and let us lent for 2 pairs but my feet are too big and can't wear it.

This is the effect that no one can help me take a picture but I want to selfie. So, the photo has come out like this, like a corpse being gravitate into the sea.

In this picture I have hold a snorkeling in my mouth too. Actually this is not the right way, you have to take it off first because it impede the water and it makes me hard to dive deeply and I don't wear a fin yet which diving like this, diving through the water easily is very important and when holding a snorkel in the mouth, you will breath in too early.

I hold it with me because Mr.Puk tell me that " This is a new one, please help me take care of it", here my audience I make it done and I am afraid to be fined...

Meeting a little mermaid, I guest that she is an European :)

Her name is Jimmy, she comes with group of people from Chonburi. She often like to call me to help her take a picture because she herself doesn't bring underwater camera with her.

At the 3rd point of diving before we get on Koh Nang Yuan, two members of the group have lost the snorkeling and goggles, it's sank under the water at the diving point number 2. I haven't noticed how it's falling off, I think it may happen when they jump into the water, so the snorkeling fall off from their head. Actually before we get into the water, if we get down by ladder of the boat, we should get ready by wearing a swimming goggle and holding a snorkeling in our mouth first and not wear it and girding on one's head and get into the water. A chance of losing goggle is quite high and the diving point that they lose is very deep, around 20 meters+. But so lucky that brother of the boat driver is driving another boat passing by that time and he has a scuba diving equipment with him. And fortunately that the sinking goggles are sank nearby so they both don't have to be fined.

And then we now reach Koh Nang Yuan, knowing as Unseen place of Thailand. We can not bring a plastic bottle or water of can here. If you are caught, they will take it. If anyone bring it, you have to leave it on the boat because at 16.00 pm. in the evening, the boat will come to pick up us.

Koh Nang Yuan is the third island which is connected with a Thale Waek( Separate sea) in the middle. My goal is to get on to the popular viewpoint here. The viewpoint is located on the southern part of the island. You have to cross Thale Waek which the way going up to the viewpoint is a stone ladder. It's easy walking up in the beginning. But after that I have to take a rest and breath in by mouth, counting the breathing in and out like I am doing a weight training.

When we arrive to the peak, we have to climb up the rock and you will see this picture, very worth seeing it, my tired feeling go away. This picture is not quite clear because I use Xiaomi Yi to take a photo ( I forget to bring my Sony camera with me) If you want to climb up to this point, please be careful, there is no barrier. Foreigner who standing beside me and taking a photo also feel shaking on his legs.

After finish taking a photo, Mr.Pop and I go down from the viewpoint. I take a rest at the restaurant near the port, but Mr.Pop keep taking on a photo. The boat will come to pick us up at 4 o'clock. At this point, a tag that the company tie on our wrist becomes very useful now because when we arrive at the port of Koh Nang Yuan, there are so many tourist from other company tour. It make us very confused that which boat belong to us. Our boat is very small. The staff at the port seeing us acting confusingly, so he calls us " Saeng Thong is at this side" so we follow him. We have to walk pass many big boat that are parked nearby because our boat is the smallest so we park outside.

16.30 pm. we go back and arrive at Koh Tao. Mr.Puk tell us to take a bath at his restaurant. The upper floor of the restaurant is a hostel. We take a bath at the upper floor one by one. Mr.Puk is very happy and help us book the boat back at that night. The price is 400 Baht because I intend that tonight I will arrive at Chumporn in the dawn time to take a free train at 7.00 am. back to Bangkok. Mr.Pop will go back tomorrow because he has already booked the plane ticket. Mr.Puk and me reward his kindness by having a dinner at his restaurant in that evening. I order fried rice wrapped with egg for 80 Baht and then go to listen to the music at Lotus Bar until 21.30 pm. and then go back to the port. I say goodbye to Mr.Pop. Thank You for allow me to get on the back of motorcycle a d being my fellow trip in this time. I hope that next trip, I would have a chance to join with him.

After finish packing the back from Mr.Puk restaurant, I then get on the boat today since I have had diving for the whole day, so when I am on the boat, I keep my stuffs, brush my teeth, wash my face and take a nap for a while.

Day 4 ( 22 April 2016)

The last day morning, I wake up with a alarm clock sound, the same time that the boat is docking. I take off my mobile charger that is charging for the whole night and pack in the back and hurriedly get off from the boat. There is a two mini bus waiting for people to send them to the middle city of Chumporn. My destination is a train station, while waiting for people to fully get on the car, I also meet a couple from Chonburi group that go diving together with me and they are going to the same route with me too.

And then a minibus comes to park at Chumporn station, paying for 50 Baht/person for people who get off here and then we enter the station. Inquiry about the ticket and the staff tell us to pick up a free train ticket no. 254 Bangkok - Chumporn at 6.00 am. ( That time is around 5 o'clock ). I wash my face, brush my teeth and then go out to find something to eat in front of the station. I have only 25 Baht of rice porridge, adding with an egg. I am full with it and then walk back to wait for the train.

It is 7.00 am. in the morning and the train arrive. It parks around 5 minutes and then run out off Chumporn station and heading to Thonburi( Sala Nam Rorn), the destination. For me in the way back I choose to get off at Taling Chan since it is the most nearest station to my home. The train now arrive to Taling Chan around 16.00 pm. in the evening. Then I wave a motorcycle to drive me back home safely.

Little tips for this trip

1. You can check for the train schedule and time to arrive at the station according to this link. http://www.railway.co.th/home/images/content/home/srt/timetable/southlinetxt.asp

2. You should finish your meal before getting on the train and if you drink a lot of water, I recommend you to bring a liter of water bottle with you on the train. It can save you a lot if money. I bring 1 bottle of 1.5 liter bottle of water. I can keep for drinking it along the way to Chumporn.

3. A box of rice ( rice topped with stir-fried pork, fried egg and basil) on the train. it is like a ghost, we know that it exists but it is invisible.

4. If you are allergy of the cigarette, you should not sit near the joint of the bogie. Bringing a cloth or mask to close your nose because smoking people are gathering there and southern people quite addicted to smoking.

5. If you sit near the window and turn your head to head of the train, please bring any sun glasses to protect your eyes from the wind, dust or anything that might blow into your eyes.

6. If you want to shelter from the sunlight, you better sit on the left hand on the way going the destination, but you should sit on the right hand when going back round and move to the left side in the afternoon.

7. If you want to go on a boat and sleep in hostel like me, you should prepare a plug yourself. My room can sleep for 10 people, imagine 10 phones, 10 cameras, notebook and other electrical equipment which there are only 5-6 plugs in the room ...

8. The accommodation in the Ree beach, if you don't want to rent a motorcycle, and you think that you will travelling by walking to the beach in the south, you can walk there. The route is not troublesome, don't forget to bring a bottle of water with you to prevent a heat stroke but you better rent a motorcycle if you want to go to the beach in the east and north. The way to get there is so tough as I told you before but if you are so strong, then go for it, many foreigners is walking up there too.

9.Sunlight at Koh Tao is so strong. I was burnt from walking to beaches and it is obviously seen that it's a burn mark of a undershirt on my body. Right now my skin start to scaling, don't forget to put a thick sunblock cream on your skin.

10. A normal restaurant of local people like rice topped with curry or make to order dish, mostly on the main concrete road of Koh Tao

11.Day Trip, there are many diving agent for you to choose, the standard price is 750 Baht but if you are Thai people, I recommend you to buy from Saeng Thong Tour, Mr.Puk who is the owner of the tour will give you a discount for 630 Baht. This is phone number of Saeng Thong tour 077-456-073,081-797-9331,089-469-7917, and if anyone want to get on the boat and go back on that day, he allows you to take a baht there, it is located near the port too.

12. For girls who want to look for foreign guys can go to join a Full Moon party here. As per I talk with them, they have been to Pha Ngan first and then come to Koh Tao or come to Koh Tao then go to Pha Ngan.

Summarize of total expenses


Rice topped with stir-fried pork, fried egg and basil, 40 Baht

A can of Chang beer, 37*2 = 74 Baht

Motorcycle from Chumporn station - Koh Charoen port, 150 Baht

Boat from Koh Charoen - Koh Tao, 400 Baht


Mama ( Instant noodle) 16 Baht

Accommodation 300 Baht

Curry over rice in the morning , 50 Baht

Drinking water, 10*2 = 20 Baht

Sightseeing view John-Suwan fee, 50 Baht

Fried noodle with pork (lunch) 60 Baht

Day Trip, 630 Baht

Sightseeing admission fee, 50 Baht

A big drinking water, 20 Baht

Tom Yum with duck noodle+rice (dinner) , 90 Baht

1 bottle of promotional beer, 120 Baht


Sticky rice with pork hamburger, 32 Baht

fried rice wrapped with egg from Mr.Puk ( dinner), 80 Baht

1 bottle of Chang beer, 45 Baht

Porntaweesin boat ticket, 400 Baht


Minibus from the port-train station = 50 Baht

Pork porridge with egg in front of the train station = 25 Baht

Pork grill with sticky rice on the train ( lunch) = 25 Baht

Total 2727 Baht

You can save your money more if

- you are not drink alcohol, in case that I cut this expense out for 239 Baht for alcohol drink, so I can totally save 2488 Baht.

- you don't buy a dive tour ticket but still diving in difference Bay or beaches on Koh Tao and hire a speed boat to Koh Nang Yuan by yourself but I not recommend it, it is better to buy a tour ticket, a lot of fun.

Thank You for reading my review up to this point. Benefit of traveling alone is a freedom, don't have to wait for anyone suggestion, do want you want to do right away. The most important is we have experienced, talk with other people who is not our friend. Someone has asked me if this would be fun to go alone? Going alone gives you a different joy. It is not that so afraid. You will definitely meet a new friend like me that I have met Mr.Pop who also come alone. We also plan together that, if we have a chance, we would join the trip together. Moreover, many foreigner and Asia that I chat with them at the hostel and during the way to the train, some of them also offer to welcome me if I want to visit their country and they will be my tour guide. For the safety of travelling like this, you definitely have to take a very good care of yourself. You can drink alcohol but you have to be conscious, knowing what your appropriate alcohol drinking level that, avoid being drunk and going to untamed place which no people is surrounded no matter in the mid day and night. Then you can have fun traveling alone now.

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 Monday, May 23, 2016 1:15 PM