i wonder how i wonder why. i was selected to participate in this campaign.
i'm not even a consistent blogger. i checked the last post on blog.

2014!!!!!! 😱

2019-2014. FIVE YEARS! my holy bananas!

all the collected information of fellow participants from other fellow participants made me wonder even more.

so there are people who has 100K+ followers on IG, people with 100K views on youtube, fb page with 5000 over followers.. 😰

and here i am, a person who found out how to add gif on igstory only YESTERDAY. lol balik kampung better?

but still. as i stood on stage, i felt nothing less than joy. that i was chosen out of 22+X (I FREAKING HATE MATHS) participants. that the universe heard me, that the Kingdom of Thailand chose me, that my affinity with Thailand hasn't end.

it was exceptionally heart warming when the locals spoke to me in Thai instead of english.
my two new friends, fellow participants, Lao and Toon were really sweet to me.

i still cant find the right word to describe what is this thing between this country and me. so many years has past since i first time i got acquainted with this country. i was only 10.

Chin was a new student. he is from thailand. he sat beside me during chinese class. he couldnt speak a single word of english, much less any chinese. he cried. he was helpless and lonely. i felt so sorry that i couldnt speak thai. i felt so guilty. i wanted to say something but i just couldnt. the awakening.

my next opportunity was in sec 3. my sec sch has an annual exchange program with a high sch in thailand. they had 20 openings for all sec 3s. i was interested but i didnt apply. because i didnt think i would have the chance. i sucked at maths, i was in the last express class, my results would give my teachers cancer.

just as the application+interview was closing, Mrs Lowe, my sec 1 english teacher came to my class and asked why didnt i sign up for the exchange program. i told her my results sucked and that i wont be chosen. she laughed and said she will just sign up for me. i didnt even have to go through the interview. i was hand picked by her just like THAT.

that exchange program was one of the best memories in my 4 years of school. till this day i am still very thankful for Mrs Lowe's insistence.

the rest that followed just made me more certain that this is where i am supposed to be.

all the travel lucks, making new friends, opportunity to study in thailand, meeting my favourite band BIGASS, going to many concerts as part of their entourage, performing in chiangmai (thank you paper monkey and Ben)...

and now, being selected to visit the land of my heart and soul again.

thank you universe for conspiring. thank you for always choosing me to be back in your warm embrace.

i will always choose you, Thailand, because you are the destiny, you are the love. =] 💗

and with this post, i declare the beginning of another important chapter of my life.

Trees by the Sea

 Tuesday, July 23, 2019 11:19 PM