Despite being a village, Ban Khok Muang in Buriram has hidden gems aplenty.

Besides crafts and skilled trades, Ban Kok Muang is also a place full of instagram-able photo opportunities.

and the best thing is, you dont have to travel very far. just a 10 minutes bicycle ride!


Prasat Muang Tam was built as a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
This 'lowland castle' is surrounded by high walls with large formal gates in the center.

The architecture makes it a really beautiful place for photography.


There are plentiful of greenery all around.

sometimes the greens come with surprises too!



There are a lot of homestays in Ban Khok Muang and many of these are the perfect places for the perfect cam-whores.

all the homestays are unique in their ways. from rustic cottages to modern industrial houses.


well. always be careful and watch out for incoming cars!!


One of the most well known and impressive Khmer temples found in Thailand is located about 50km away from Ban Khok Muang. it is a must-visit historical park if you are in Buriram. make sure you have enough memory space!

There are lots of beautiful places around Ban Khok Muang.
but most importantly, it is the company that makes the photos beautiful.

photo credit: TeamBKM

behind every good photo is always a give-it-all photographer

Toon and I are really grateful for the team traveling with us.
they made this whole trip so easy, so fun, so safe and so memorable.

thank you team BKM.

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