Today is the first day of the exploring of amazing Thai villages. I am going to spend my time in Phetchaburi (Tham Rong Community) for the next six days. Phetchaburi is a small city and the capital of Phetchaburi Province, which is located about 120 kilometers south-west of Bangkok and about 65 kilometers from Hua Hin.

I am waiting with good anticipation for:

  • Enjoy the famous Cow Racing Festival.
  • Experience working in the toddy palm orchard and cook toddy palms.
  • Making handicrafts from toddy palm leaves and old toddy palms.
  • Learn how to make Thai Kite.
  • Visit and learn about integrated farming within the community. Make a unique fertilizer out of worm castings.

You certainly can get to Phetchaburi by bus or train. If you have a look at the map, you will find out that Phetchaburi is located opposite Phatthaya.

The city has a rich culture and heritage for the Kingdom of Thailand. The point is that Phetchaburi is one of the first ancient city and the oldest settlements in Thailand.

When Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand, Phetchaburi became one of the most important centers of the state. At this particular time, most of the current historical monuments were built.

Here you cannot find beaches, and the nearest shorefront is around 10 kilometers away.

Needless to say, that Phetchaburi can be compared with Ayutthaya, although the size and age of the temples here are more modest.

If you are interested in the history and culture of Thailand, and you like to visit ancient temples and palaces all that is meant is that you are recommended to visit Phetchaburi!

The first temple that we visited was Wat Tham Rong. The temple-cave is partly located in a cave, and the other its side is near the road. I find it difficult to believe, but the temple is over 1000 years old.

The other part of the temple is built mostly of wood and concrete. Here you can notice the most impressive door that you have ever seen! No damages and flaws on its surface. It is similar to those alive today! Fancy that the door has no butt joint!

There were not many tourists in Phetchaburi today, especially Europeans. It is an additional advantage because Phetchaburi is about the rest of your soul. Therefore, I am sure that here everyone can jump into the real Thailand atmosphere. However, the ground transport network remains underdeveloped, and here you can find a few hotels and guesthouses.

Therefore, I recommend you stay in one of the local communities, instead of being stuck in the city. Homestays are in good demand in such places when you live in an ordinary Thai family. The cost of living for a single person, including breakfast, is about 400 baht per night (nearly $13). It took my breath away! So, we stayed at the Tham Rong Community.

Guys, don't try to find some entertainment in Phetchaburi. All you can do after the tiring sightseeing areas are only relaxing on the balcony at the hotel, and admiring amazing landscapes of the city and listening to the sounds of Thai nature. After sunset, the city falls asleep.

The best places in Phetchaburi that you should definitely visit during your trip are Hua Hin, Bangkok or Cha-Am districts. You can easily reach the main attractions of these areas by public transport, rented car or motorbike, that will allow you to save time effectively. If you want to visit all the sights here, you need two free days. By the way, there is a fabulous winery! That’s a good one!

The main pride of the city is the best centers in Thailand that produce sweeteners. Interesting to know that sugar is extracted here from the sweet juice of palm trees, which grow in the Phetchaburi Province. It is mainly a home-based industry.

The citizens of Phetchaburi tried to keep the traditions alive that attracted King Rama IV. Up to the present, the central coastal area is bordered by historical temples and mostly wooden! Here you will not find concrete residential buildings with shops that still occupy the riverbank.

Forever yours,

Kate Birska

Kate Birska

 Wednesday, July 24, 2019 11:36 AM