It is day 2 in Laem Sak, Krabi. We woke up at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise. We've never been here before but we already know it was gonna be one of the best sunrises ever. We went near the water, set up our cameras and sat on the rocks enjoying the beautiful scenery. The sun slowly rising up in the sky while the village's fisherman throw their net in the water. It was quiet. All we can hear is the sound of water, bugs and birds.

We took a few pictures by the water and then we headed to the main room for breakfast. Our breakfast was rice, chicken and soup ! I'm used to eating this kind of plate at dinner but never at breakfast ! It was an interesting change but I couldn't eat so much since I'm not used to having heavy breakfasts. But I surely ate a lot of ... Yellow Watermelon ? I've never seen that before either. It tastes like watermelon but much sweeter. We also ate local desserts served in banana leaf. The local guide said Thai people used it for a long time instead of plates and they did mention that like that they do not have to use plastic.

On the schedule, we had kayaking next. Little did I know, I was gonna be kayaking for the whole day. We spent the day going from place to place kayaking. First we explored the caves where we got the chance to see ancient "Cave men" color paintings. People believe Laem Sak used to be a community where ancient human lived in the far past. It is believed that Krabi has been a place where homo sapiens lived and left so much history.

The bottom of the mountains was completely covered with shells and live oysters. There were so many crabs going in and out the water. And the most beautiful of it all, the trees. The trees growing out of solid rocks reaching high for the sky ! Those trees feed off nutrients from rain and the nearby decaying plants.

We kept kayaking for hours enjoying the beautiful views, seeing all kind of wild life including walking fish on land ! Then we headed to a sea farm. We talked with the workers and they showed us lobsters, oysters, huge fish and different kind of seaweed.

Lessons from the farm:

- Sea weed needs to stay in the farm for at least 3 months before it can be eaten.

- Lobsters with purple claws are more rare and much more expensive.

- Lobster changes its shell constantly to keep growing (Similar to snakes).

We ended the experience with lunch on a floating deck.

(Cooking lessons)

Here are some shots that we took today

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 Thursday, July 25, 2019 11:36 PM