Still battling the jet lag, with just 4 hours of sleep, I woke up in SC Park Hotel, packed up my luggage and rushed to the airport.

As the plane went from Bangkok to Krabi, I watched the scenery slowly change: From huge Crowded city to a tropical forest ! I can already spot huge fields of palm trees.

We got welcomed at the airport by our local guide and we took a one hour van ride to Laem Sak Community. In the way there, the scenery was incredible: High mountains standing up straight like skyscrapers, completely covered with trees growing off the side of the mountain and reaching high for the sky! I've never seen anything quiet like that. It is a miracle to me that those trees are not collapsing.

After a one hour ride, it wasn't hard to know that I arrived to Laem Sak. As soon as I saw a buddhist temple, a chinese shrine, and a mosque near one another I knew I arrived. Laem sak is known for being a community where 3 ethnicity and 3 religious beliefs meet and live together in harmony. I was really surprised to hear the Muslim call to prayers along with seeing many Buddha status around the town.

After a journey of 5 hours in total from Bangkok, we finally arrived to Bulan Anda Baba resort. We got greeted at the entrance with a purple drink made from a flower called "Nam Anchan". I was really excited because purple is my favorite color.

When the guy who works at the resort saw my obviously over packed luggage, he went a head and brought his Tuk Tuk to the rescue. Everybody then convinced to get in the Tuk Tuk and ride to my room which is like 10 steps away. So here it is, my first time riding Thailand's iconic TuK Tuk.

Bulan Anda Baba resort, an incredible family owned place. There are many bungalows and in the center an old blue Chinese style building filled with pictures of the history of the family. I was told many of the people who live in Laem Sak are half Chinese since a long time ago, a huge ship came from China with many people who settled down here. Therefore, it is not surprising that Many of the pictures of the old family were in China.

In the big hall, there I saw my dinner table, my really really confusing dinner table. The food here is like nothing I saw before, I just do not know how to eat it. I sat at the table with my team. They told me a few times that we can start eating and I was just sitting there waiting for one of them to pick up something so I can follow the way they eat. There were whole dried fish with its spikes ! And I was supposed to bite into the whole thing ! And there was sea weed, herbs and plants I've never seen before. Coming from Tunisia, none of that was normal but everything was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS ! .. and extremely spicy ! I come from the city of Nabeul, and we're known for eating really hot spicy food, but the food in Thailand definitely tops that ! It is too spicy that it burns so much ! That didn't stop me stuffing myself with all the food tho.

Then we went on tour of the resort and here I'm gonna share with you some of the incredible pictures I took with my team walking around.

Ines Said

 Thursday, July 25, 2019 12:00 AM