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Together with Ar Lhao, both of us represent the village Ubon Ratchathani, Khemarat Nawaeng – Chiad Cultural Tourism Community. The 44 of us may come from different countries and backgrounds to participate in this competition, but we are all here to create travel stories for 22 villages across Thailand. Every community has its own story and unique characteristics, and I am here to find out more about the Khemarat community

The only information I have about Khemmarat from Thailand Village Academy is that Khemmarat means a happy land which is located along the Mekong River. I tried searching for Khemarat, but there is not much information available on the internet. So, what is Khemarat about? I guess I will have to find the answer myself.

I got to meet our local 'hero' representing the Khemmarat community during the press conference. My first impression about the local 'hero', Mum Mum Nuch is she looks so S̄wy māk (means very beautiful in Thai) even for someone at her age. She has this beautiful facial features and elegant laugh lines. Her laugh lines add characteristics and make me intrigued to find out if Khemmarat is really a happy land as described.

What does "Happiness" mean to me?

We all define happiness differently. What gives happiness to you?

Your new house? Your family? Your kids?

or Money gives you happiness?

Your new job promotion? Your new phone?

Happiness, to me, is enjoying my life. Am I happy? Well, I think I am, but I am not sure sometimes. I come from this little red dot on the map, Singapore. Everything is a competition in Singapore. We live in a fast-paced life, and most of us just hurl themselves into the race. We want to be so-called “successful” that means elevation of social status and accumulation of material possessions. However, in the pursuit of material possessions, I feel that instead, I lost my direction in life.

I want to learn how to be genuinely happy again. So, here I am in the happy land of Khemmarat to seek the answer what makes this place to be called the happy land.

Meeting the Khemmarat Community

You can watch this 1-minute video to find out how receiving a traditional loincloth welcome ceremony is.

My first impression of the Khemmarat Community is they seem to be kind and friendly. We were given "Pha Khao Ma" or also known as loincloth during the welcome ceremony. "Pha Khao Ma" is a regular piece of cloth found in all regions of Thailand.

Our welcome drink is this deep purple beverage made with butterfly pea flower. Consider as an herb; the butterfly pea flower is what gives an enticing lavender to the drink. Refreshing in taste, the local people will also add a bit of lime juice to make it even more flavourful.

Amazing hospitality and we felt very welcome!

The local community is very supportive of what Ar Lhao and I are doing. They are so sporting to join me to shoot this "support" chant for this Singaporean girl here. I have a great feeling that our next three days with the Khemmarat Community will be a fantastic one. Ubon Ratchathani is quite an elusive and untouched destination in northeastern Thailand. As a travel blogger myself, I feel that this city deserves more attention from the world. Ubon Ratchathani has a story, and I will like to use this platform to create amazing stories for more people to know about this unexplored charm.

Stay with me on my #TheVillageStory quest to seek Happiness in Khemmarat, Ubon. Support Team #UbonRatchathani

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