Here are the first glimpses of #Nathon village in #NakhonPhanom Province. I had tons of fun on my first day in this village. People of the town welcomed me with open arms, and have been the best hosts that I have met. Everyone smiles and takes care to make me comfortable. I am not feeling alien at all being the only non-Thai person, all thanks to these wonderful people. One of the wonders about traveling is meeting all sorts of people and listen to their stories.

Tai Guan are the people of Nathon village, originating from South China. They worship spirits as well as the Buddha, work in fields along with making knives and live peacefully, cut off from the chaos of cities.

I was welcomed into the village with the other storyteller literally with drumrolls, followed by a prayer. Then we headed off to the blacksmith house to watch the ancient process of knife making, which has been in practice for over 150 years. Learnt how traditional iron knives are made by hand - That's a lot of hard work! Then we had traditional lunch amidst lush paddy fields followed by some monkeying around in those green fields. The open tram ride was the best part, snailing through the streets of this little town. I met many local inspiring heroes. More on them in my next story. Don't forget to check out the pics 😀 #thailandvillageacademy #thevillagestory

The Solo Globetrotter

 Friday, July 26, 2019 8:29 AM