I guess this is what is called destiny or chances in life. That's the thought that came to mind as I picked young rice saplings from the field. Because coming from India, a land where agriculture is predominant, I never did any of these in my homeland. I grew up in a city, and the closest I got to villages or rice fields were those lush green pastures that I admired from the roads that I passed by, from trains and bikes. I always used to imagine working in one of these, walking amidst the fields and so on.

We have a saying in Sanskrit language in India which goes "Annadaatha Sukhibhava" - 'Anna' referring to rice, 'daatha' meaning producer of rice, 'Sukhibhava' - let him be happy. So this line means bless those who give us food - A phrase that we refer to respect our farmers. I wanted to know and meet these Annadaathas and maybe be someday I would get a chance to be a part of it.

And now I was doing it in the remote village of Nathon, faraway from my country! The sunny morning started early. It was my turn to plough the field first, which has no artificial fertilizers. The first round seemed difficult for my body, but my mind enjoyed. In the next round, both synched and I walked with the buffalo and the farmer. We were next asked to pick the rice saplings.

After taking tips on the techniques to choose, I gently pulled them out of the field. The soft, green tender plantings felt great to hold. After we made about a stack or so, our next job was to plant them at a uniform distance from each other in straight rows. We did this for a few minutes as I admired how skillfully quick the farmers were and how they paced about with precision.

It was time to say adieu to the rice fields. This first-time experience was different and will stay in my happy travel memories for a long time! I'll let pictures speak the rest of the story from here.

That's how they do it. Like seasoned professionals!

Trying my hand in planting the tender rice seedlings. There needs to be good space for the seedlings to grow healthily and produce better grains.

My Thai friend Prae and I picking the skills slowly. Working one at a time!

This is when we collected the seedling sacks from another field to be planted.

With all the locals who work toil hard in the sun, rain and winds - And they don't forget to have fun and totally love what they do. Cheers to these wonderful people!

The Solo Globetrotter

 Monday, July 29, 2019 12:35 AM