Have you ever heard about Tjiam Si before?

Tjiam is a Chinesse tradition for fortune teller. It usually provide in temple, the shape and the size of Tjiam Si is a little bit different one and other. Some bamboo sticks with number are put in the bamboo glass. We have to shake the glass until the bamboo stick come outside.

I visited Maha-Ut temple this morning and there's was a big Buddha statue with some small Buddha statues.

The lucky number 9.

I made a wish when I shake the glass and some bamboo stick trough outside. I just pick the first stick, there's number 9. I was surprised for the result, it was a good one. It was my 3rd times using Tjiam Si as fortune teller and didn't take it for granted. If I got the good one, pretend it as a good sign. If I got the bad one, pretend it as a warning. I loved the last sentences of my Tjiam Si today.

"Good lucks approaching. Keep trying hard, success waiting not far away"

Then, I prayed to Buddha and put some golden paper to respect Buddha. It doesn't matter what religion you are, just be good and pray. I put some golden paper in the biggest Buddha statue, as symbolic to respect Buddha.

Maha-Ut Temple

No many tourists come to this temple because of it is the temple for local community, but it is open for anybody. It was built in the late Ayutthaya period. Some parts of building already renovated, the original one was the pillars besides big Buddha statue.

If you passing by on Ayutthaya and have more time, it's nice to visit Maha-Ut temple in Sai Noi Community.

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 Friday, July 26, 2019 9:36 PM