Today sun was shinning bright and we had to attempt Muay Thai class in Wat Prasat Thong at 1.30 PM. We welcomed by the leader, Master Aroon and his students. He shared the history of Muay Thai.

Aroon and his students

Wat Prasat Thong is the Muay Thai learning center established by descendants of Nai Khanom Tom, the legendary Muay Thai fighter of the Ayutthaya period. As the legend, he defeated 9 Burmese boxers without a break. Wow!

Introduction of Muay Thai

Aroon said Muay mean fighting or tie hand using the rob. Nowadays, we just wrapped the hand.

Stretching is a must

Introduction of some movements in Muay Thai





Now, our turned!

Hand wrap

We had to wrap our palm using this one. It will make your hand safe, then it covered by the glove. Me and Sun spared with Aroon for the basic movements, jab, strike, kick, knee and elbow.

Me and Sun completed Muay Thai today

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 Monday, July 29, 2019 3:49 AM