Another new thing that I learned in Sai Noi Ecotourism village, made your own balm. It was using herbal ingredients that planted in the garden as like turmeric and galangal.

The Herbal Balm

We used herbal turmeric, galangal, clove and virgin coconut oil. First of all, we had to peel and cut turmeric and galangal into pieces. Then cooked until the oil turned into yellow. Her garden was full of plants and she made juices for us, the baby jackfruit and karonda.

Turmeric and galangal


The other ingredients were lotion, paraffin, cinnamon oil, medicated oil, clove oil, essential oil, galangal turmeric oil, camphor root oil and menthol.

The other ingredients

Put them in 2 different aluminium pitchers, the oil and the others. Then stirred the oil until it boiled. For lotion, paraffin and menthol just stirred until mixed. Combined them together and the liquid balm was ready to put in the jar with a cold water around.

It took a few hours to become a balm and ready to use

It sold in many size and type, started from 35 Baht.

Lung also provide in a spray, use the same ingredient as balm, but she don't put both lotion and paraffin.

The spray balm

If you're in Ayutthaya and wanna try this balm, just contact Lung in that number.

The Flashpacker

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