Tomorrow is the King's birthday in Thailand and a widely celebrated public holiday. Most people will wear yellow t shirts adorned by the emblem of the royal family. Flags and massive posters with grand floral offerings are seen everywhere to offer respect to the reigning King on his special day. Also the best time to feel patriotic. No wonder why the artists at Bo Sang handicraft village were painting the Thai flag colours on traditional umbrellas.

The sun and rain in Southeast Asia are both not easy to handle. And the humble umbrellas is a must-have when you are in this region. China, Vietnam, Burma or Thailand; the old wooden frame umbrella was a pet peeve before mass industrialisation showered us with plastic ones.

I took this time to paint mine with a simple technique for my next beach holiday. Who knows, maybe I will head south to some hidden beaches and islands of Thailand next week.

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 Friday, July 26, 2019 8:44 PM