Having Thai Massage is a common thing, having coconut massage is something new for me. Don't you imagine the massage use coconut oil, it use coconut shell!

How to make it?

The massaging tools for foot.

There are 2 kinds of massaging tools, the small one using 2 shells for upper body and the big one using 5 shells for feet. I tried both of them this afternoon.

I enjoyed the coconut massage at the upper body

Before we tried the massaging tools, Mom Ben Ja showed me how to make it, but we didn't try it by ourselves. That was difficult and quite dangerous. I sneezed sometimes because of the coconut shell dust.

Cleaning the inside surface of coconut shell.

She cleaned up the the coconut filter first, used knife machine. Then she continued to clean the surface inside. All cleaning activities are using machine.

Refining the outside surface

After the surfaces clean, all coconut shells put on the wooden board and then she started drawing at the edge to measure it.

Measure the hole using the edge of coconut shell

She did it quickly, this process took not more than 40 minutes until the coconut shell fit into board. She explained that she used glue and the coconut shell powder to stick it into board. The coconut shell powder is also used to cover the hole in the shell. The last step was put the wooden paint to cover all coconut shells.

This process produced coconut shell powder.

It felt like foot reflexology!

Yes, it can be used as alternative tools for foot reflexology. If you ever seen the foot reflexology using stone or wooden sandals, Sai Noi local community utilized the coconut shell as portable massaging tools.

One of the movement for foot reflexology, it was little bit hurt in my left leg.

The big coconut massage tools also can be used for backbone and neck.

Because of I enjoyed the massage in my backbone, I bought the small one that cost 250 Baht to bring to Jakarta. It can be used to massage backbone, neck, until head. The big one cost 379 Baht. If you are interested to have this massage tools when you're in Thailand, just come to Sai Noi ecotourism community.

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 Saturday, July 27, 2019 12:58 AM