Love Thai sticky rice? Know how rice is grown?🌾🌾🌾

Transplanting is a traditional method of rice cultivation used across Southeast Asia. This process requires the crop being seeded in one field, left to grow for a couple of weeks and then picked and replanted in another. Although this is time consuming and requires a huge amount of labour, it gives the seedlings an advantage over any weeds threatening their growth and allows for the careful management of water levels.
The rainy season is the ideal time to plant the paddy when there's abundant water for the seedlings.But due to lack of enough rain the past month, the village had to use irrigation from the creek to put water into the fields. After we were done Phi Daeng tells me "Now you must come back after 3 months again to harvest the rice and eat." 😁🍚
"Simple life! Happy life!" Says Phi Daeng. But the rural life Phi cherishes so much is a difficult one as well. Working in deep mud, backs bent in the scorching heat makes one reflect on the life we take for granted.

By the way, I was terrified at first, at the idea of stepping in the muddy water. Why?Because I'm terrified of frogs. "No scare," says Phi Daeng. "Frogs good. They tell when rain is going to come."
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Pema Choden Tenzin

 Saturday, July 27, 2019 10:41 PM