Hello, and welcome to Thailand, Thas Meaw Cafe at Phrae province. Cafe in Phrae has cats, coffee, drinks and dessert to be served, with the highlight "Fluffy Cat Breeds !!

Go to see pictures Cat!!

Let's go to see.

Price starts 50-79 baht, but it is worth because we have chance played with cats too.

So excite !!

Inside cafe this cat cafe has two floors. Below is a coffee zone. You can play with the cat above as comfortable as possible.

Don't worry that the fur of the cat into food or drink. Therefore don't have to worry about cleanliness.

We order two menus. Before going to play the cat !! Yay !!

We choose Jelly Gum drink and Lychee Rose soda

While waiting for some drink, we can play with the cat. Wow this is my paradise.

Before play with Cats, must wash my hands with alcohol.

And have rules to strictly follow OH! You don't !!! NO!!!!

So cute!!!!!! I love this room.

I am thirsty.

Do you from how train your Dragon ?

What is it???? Dude.

Eating time

So delicious If you love cats, don't miss out on traveling here.



 Saturday, August 17, 2019 11:13 PM