I've seen pictures of the room under the aquarium in Singapore for a long time, and I thought to myself that I'd definitely stay here one day!! 😍 As such, my second trip to Singapore is purposefully for sleeping and enjoying Sentosa island as I missed it last time 😭 That it was named a super fun island, let me take you to see how fun it could get!

First of all, Sentosa island is located on the south of Singapore. We can get here easily with the MRT and get off at Harbourfront Station. This station is located next to the Vivo City mall. There are several ways for crossing to the island, like taking the monorail, walking, driving, or taking a cable car.

Our main destinations this time is to explore Universal Studios, enjoying water at the Adventure Cove Waterpark, roaming around the new mall of Jewel Changi Airport, and the peak is to sleep and watch fish all day and night at the Resort World Sentosa. 🐠

Wow, just by seeing this photo, a lot of people have already asked me of it, and yes, this is the room I get to stay. Now, let's go for a review of this place ❤️

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🚇 Transportation: From the airport, take the MRT and get off at HarbourFront Station and then take the monorail to the island

🏨 Hotel: Resort World Sentosa - Beach villa , Ocean suite room

🎢 Universal Studios Singapore: Ticket of adult is 1,445 THB, child is 1,170 THB, Express Pass is 2,020 THB (peak season), tickets can be purchased from Klook.com

🏊‍♀️ Adventure Cove Waterpark: Ticket is 634 THB from Klook.com

✈️ Flight: A round trip ticket of Jetstar is 4,000 THB.

📱 SIM card: Bought from the Changi Airport for 12 SGD, the shop is in front of the exit from the baggage belt

💰 Exchange rate: 1 SGD = 22.7 THB

🔅 Day 1 🔅

After coming to Singapore for the first time 2 years ago, I thought we had traveled to all places this country has to offer. However, with new attraction this country has developed, we have to come back again. And yes, this new attraction is the 'Jewel Changi'

'Jewel Changi' is a new mall located inside the Changi Airport. It has 6 floors with various brands, shops, restaurants, and the top floor is a tourist spot. The mall is situated at the exit of Terminal 1. Upon walking out from the terminal, you will see this gigantic waterfall. For tourists landing at other terminals, you can take the train here.Luggage can be deposited at the first floor.

Highlight of this place can be nothing but the 'Rain Vortex' or the indoor giant waterfall with 6-7 layers. It is said to be the highest indoor waterfall in the world at the moment ✨ We can take a photo in 360 degree from every floor so that we won't have to fight for it 😂

We come up to the 6th floor for the tourist spot~ There're a few restaurants here and all of other area are ticketed attractions 😂 There're many options to choose from. For instance, a tree style or a mirror maze, the glass floor bridge to enjoy the waterfall nearby the Canopy garden, or the rope climbing on the 6th floor!!! Tickets of these spots can be purchased from the kiosks.

Then, we go for the Mirror Maze. The ticket for adult is 15 SGD, child and senior is 10 SGD. Inside is a maze full of mirror, it's quite tricky. You feel like you can walk through but yeah, they are all mirror. The staff then provide us with a foam stick to lead the way and prevent us from hitting ourselves 😆

'Canopy Bridge' (8 SGD) is another spot the is worth for the ticket because we get to enjoy the view from the glass suspension bridge!!! Good thing is that only few people are here, we don't have to squeeze in with other people for photo taking. Also, we will get a closer look to the waterfall. The glass is not that scary as it's not so clear 😅 yet, we can still see it all the way to the first floor, haha.

We can have a close up waterfall view from the Canopy Bridge. If you wait for the train to pass, you will have a very beautiful shot too✨

For this bridge,we have to buy a ticket as per round, each round lasts for 30 minutes. It is so because they have to limit number of people on the bridge.

This green zone is called 'Canopy Park'. If you want to visit, you have to pay 5 SGD. But in case you have a ticket for other ride, you don't need to pay. I have the ticket for MANULIFE SKY NETS - WALKING, and I can get in this zone for free using this ticket.

MANULIFE SKY NETS - WALKING (Adult 15 SGD, Child/Senior 10 SGD). It is a gigantic net hanging on a 6-storey building for fun climbing. You can either walk or bounce. It may look easy, but in fact!!!!! 😂 my legs were quite stiff after coming down.

From the Changi Airport to Sentosa island, we take the MRT from the airport and get off at HarbourFront Station. It is recommended to download the SG MRT app to see how to connect to the train and how long it takes. After getting off from the HarbourFront station, we will be in the Vivo city mall. Then, we need to walk up to the top floor in order to take the monorail (the fare is 4 SGD, but if you stay in the island and show the hotel booking to the staff, it's free).

Then we wanted to check in at the Resort World Sentosa, so we get off at the first stop of the monorail at 'Resort World st.' (If you want to visit Universal Studio Singapore, you also need to get off here). After getting off from the station, you will see 'Festive Walk' which is a center for many shops and restaurants. It has 2 floors next to the Hotel Micheal and Festive. It opens until quite late at night.

And now, here we are, at the highlight of our trip, which is to sleep and watch the fish at the aquarium!! 🐠🐟 This is the ocean suite room of the Resort World Sentosa - Beach villa. There're 2 floors. The ground floor is the bedroom right under the S.E.A Aquarium. It means that we don't have to pay to see the aquarium and we get to enjoy it all night from our private room ❤️

In front of the aquarium window, there's a hidden Jacuzzi in the wooden floor. For those who want to enjoy a full chill atmosphere, you can rest in a Jacuzzi while sipping champagne and watching hundred of fish species swimming by to greet us 🦈 Or you can also take out the wood and close the tub and then drag a table to dinner as if we were in upscale restaurant under the sea 🍽

The most outstanding fish that come to see us all night is a variety of stingrays 🤣 If you are wondering whether there's a shark here, the answer is yes! But I only saw 2-3 of them, and only for once in a long while.

The light in aquarium will be turned off at 10.30 p.m. to allow the fish to rest. It will be a little dark, but still able to appreciate the beauty at night. But if you are afraid of darkness, you can close the curtain.

For the ground bedroom, there's a bathroom and the entrance. To get in and out from the room, we cannot walk but must ride a golf cart from the lobby down to the underground car park, isn't it cool?

For the upstairs, there's a living room and another bathroom, TV, sofa bed for 2 people sleeping, and a terrace with a Jacuzzi for us to rest and enjoy!😍

Ocean suite can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children. We book with Agoda for 42,xxx THB including taxes per night.... It is so expensive 🤣 Is it worthy? Oh well, it is a very impressive vacation experience that we must try once in a lifetime ✨

🔅 Day 2 🔅

Today, we are going to explore the Universal Studios Singapore.😆 For the first timer to the Universal Studios, I have to introduce to you that they have created a theme park based on the concept of famous movies like Madagascar, Transformer, Jurassic Park, Shrek and many other cartoons! ❤️

Universal Studios Singapore is in Resort World Sentosa zone. If you stay in this hotel, you can just walk along the sign which is not so far. But otherwise, you can take the monorail and get off at Resort World Station.

Ticket fees: Adult 1,445 THB, child 1,170 THB, Express Pass 2,020 THB (peak season) from Klook.com

✨ Read Full review Universal Studios Singapore >> https://th.readme.me/p/25884

Universal Studio Singapore consists of 7 zones:

1. Hollywood

2. Madagascar

3. Far Far Away

4. The Lost World

5. Ancient Egypt

6. Sci-Fi City

7. New York

I will review each zone in a circle, starting from Hollywood and ending with New York. Let's get started!

1. Hollywood

This zone has no ride but full of shops, including the Universal Studios Store selling overall souvenir, cartoon characters from other zones, restaurants, cafe, and also a Starbucks. In addition to shopping, there're plenty of cute angles for photo taking.

2. Madagascar

There're 2 rides in this zone:

1. Madagascar: A Crate Adventure

[Thrill level: low, height requirement: 80 cm]. It is a 4-row boat rider, simply follow the water (not wet) and then watch the adventurous stories of animal gangs of Alex,Marty, Melman, Gloria. It is good to start the day with this ride as it's quite light and great for the morning 😂. This ride is not so thrill, the children can also enjoy.

2. King Julian's Beach Party-Go-Round

[Thrill level: low, height requirement: none]. It is a carousel but special where they are decorated in Madagascar theme. It's like we are riding on the animal characters in the movie. It's good for taking kids to enjoy.

3. Far Far Away

There're 4 rides in this zone:

1. Shrek 4D Adventure

[Thrill level: Low, height requirement: none] This ride is in the castle. Inside is like a 4D theater, we would have to wear glasses and sit to watch the story of the adventure of the green giant Shrek, who has to help his girlfriend, Fiona, from the villain. The effect is quite wow 😳 It comes with light, sound, water, and shaking chair.

2. Magic Potion Spin

[Thrill level: Low, height requirement: none] This ride is located at the exit of Shrek 4D Adventure. It is a small Ferris wheel, not high, good for children to enjoy.

3. Enchanted Airways

[Thrill level: Medium, height requirement: 92 cm] It is an outdoor roller coaster. The level of thrill is medium. It's good for teens height above 92 cm to have some fun before going for a more thrilling ride.

4. Puss In Boot's Giant Journey

[Thrill level:: Medium, height requirement: 100 cm] This ride is outstandingly stood outside and very beautiful for photo taking. It is an outdoor 3-seater roller coaster. The train itself looks like a carriage of grandpa, dragging us to the top of the castle. There was also a time when we were swinging out of the castle to get our heart beating.

4. The Lost World

There're 5 rides in this zone🦖

1. Water World

This one is a live action water show with stunts and various explosive effects.

2. Canopy Flyer

[Thrill level: Medium, height requirement: 92 cm]. This Hanging leg roller coaster lets us see the theme park with the bird's eye view, just like we are birds. The height is considered quite thrilling. 😂

3. Dino-Soarin'

[Thrill level:: Low, height requirement: none] It is good for taking children to sit on the back of the pteranodons dinosaur that moves up and down with only 2 meters of height. A nice ride for small kids.

4. Amber Rock Climb

[Thrill level: Low, height requirement: none] A Rock climbing area for kids. The cliffs are decorated as a Jurassic team with fossils and something like that.

5. Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

[Thrill level: Medium, height requirement: 107 cm] A fun rafting! I have to say that I'm very fond of this ride and get wet! This rafting will take us down the river in the area of many dinosaur species. We will also be passing through the point with strong rapids and water splashing towards us. Whether you will get wet or not is totally depending on your lucks.

5. Ancient Egypt

There're 2 rides in this zone:

1. Treasure Hunters

[Thrill level: Low, height requirement: none] It actually is a grandpa's ride, an ideal ride for kids who want to practice jeep driving. Cars will move along the tracks that pass through the ruins of an Egyptian-style abandoned building.

2. Revenge of the Mummy

[Thrill level: High, height requirement: 122 cm] Here come my favorite ride ✨ This is a high-speed roller coaster in the dark. The train is a row of 4-seat. The roller coaster will take us underneath of the ancient civilization. There is a light and sound effect. The hot fire comes with the rhythm of the drift, left and right. Plus, the ride goes backward too!

6. Sci-Fi City

There're 4 rides in this zone:

1. Battlestar Galactica : Human

[Thrill level: Extreme, height requirement: 125 cm] I have to say that this zone features the most thrilling rides of the USS! Looking from far away, you will see 2 red and white roller coasters. The red one is called Human. The train is an outdoor, double seat, closed ground (tracks are under the feet).I was riding it in the rain so I didn't see anything, haha. All I can feel is, it is so! super! thrilling!

2. Battlestar Galactica : Cylon

[Thrill level: Extreme, height requirement: 125 cm] This is a white roller coaster. It is also a double seat but hanging legs down (tracks are on the head). There's backward somersault, twisted, fast downward to the ground. All in all, it is sooooo thrilling😆

3. Transformers: The Ultimate 3D Battle

[Thrill level: High, height requirement: 102 cm] It's a roller coaster in the 3D world. We have to wear glasses when riding. It's like we were sitting on a car and driving away from the villains that are fighting with the Optimus and Bumblebee. It has a fast going down moment to keep our heart beating. The image is very realistic like we are in the movie.

4. Accelerator

[Thrill level: Low, height requirement: none] This ride is good for kids. It's like we are sitting in a car that is driving around the yard.

7. New York

There're 2 rides in this zone!

1. Lights, Camera, Action!

Live show features various special effects that are used in the movies of Steven Spielberg. In the show, the scene is set at the shipyard in NY that is facing a raging storm! It shows various effects such as bombs, fire, rain, broken windows, ship fell from above, etc.

2. Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase

[Thrill level: Low, height requirement: 92 cm] This cute train is for the kids. The train will take the kids to see the story of Elmo in adventurous journey of stealing all spaghetti from the world! 😂 and also exploring the space.

The entire journey in USS lasts for 7 hours. I got in at 10 a.m. and out at 5 p.m. I think if it's not for the Express Pass, I don't think I'll get to ride them all 😂

Highly recommend for those who have yet visit to the Universal, please come try the one in Singapore first as it's easy to travel, cheap ticket, less time spent as it's smaller than the other ones. If you like it, you can continue to the one in Osaka with larger scale, more rides, and more expensive. Read the review of Universal Studios Japan click>>> USJ

🔅 Day 3 🔅

Here is our last day but our flight is at 7 p.m. so we still have plenty of time to enjoy Singapore. We have been to the theme park and already went to (sleep) at aquarium, oh well, let's now move to the waterpark 💦I have to say that the ticket to 'Adventure Cove Waterpark' is cheaper than the waterpark in Thailand 😲 I bought it from Klook.com for 634 THB each!

Adventure Cove Waterpark is located next to Equarious Hotel, near the aquarium. The water park here is not very large with about 7-8 sliders. But since mobile phone is not allowed, I didn't get to take any photos😅 Sliders are in their middle level of thrill, kids can enjoy and some would have height requirement too.

Besides the sliders, the water park also offers many other activities! Start with the whirlpool which is longer than ... How many hundred meters, I don't know too ?! But to cycle around a water park would take about 20 minutes. Is this a long time? Well, I have to say that the whirlpool here is not like anywhere else! Because on the way, we will pass through the pool, the dolphin, the stingray, into the bat's cave as well as passing through the fish tunnel. 🐟

In addition to the whirlpool, there are also other adventure activities that can be played for both children and adults. For instance, tie the sling up to walk on the path that is difficult, on the height of the 4-storey building, haha. Or if you are afraid of the height, there is a rope-drop zone where you will climb along the rope and the cliff. If you fall, you will be fallen into a 4 meter deep pool (non-swimmer is not allowed for this activity).

For those who love ocean waves. There is a simulated wave pool similar to the Cartoon Network Amazon in Thailand. Waves would be released in rounds. This area also has beach chairs for sunbathing.

And the wow thing about this place is... you can snorkel and watch fish in the water park too!!! 🐟🐠 This area is called 'Rainbow Reef'. It is a simulated pool, just like the real coral under the sea. They made it very well. The water is clear with lots of fish. The wall of the pool is glass as if to call for us to snorkel in.

After the waterpark, it's time to go back Thailand 😭 The three days go by too quickly.

To get out of Sentosa island is like when we came. We take the monorail to the Vivo City (Free of charge on the way back for all passengers). After that, we take the MRT and get off at Changi Airport.

For those who are looking for attractions in Singapore, above are very good choices for you ❤️ Let's stay in touch for where we would take you for our next trip :)

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