When the rainy season comes, many people would not want to travel because of wetness. But in fact, the highlight of traveling during the rainy season is to watch the magnificent fog bank! ☁️ This trip, we go up to the mountain and enjoy the fog at 'Phu Tub Berk' in Phetchabun province of Thailand.

Of course, when coming to Phu Tub Berk, the highlight here is nothing but ... 'Pha Hua Singh'. It is also the most beautiful spot for us. We will be able to stand on top of a cliff and enjoy the 360-degree view of nature ⛰. And this time, we didn't just look at the view, but we will also tent to sleep and watch the fog flowing all day and night!

For places to visit around Phu Tub Berk, in addition to Pha Hua Singh, there are 'Phu Tub Berk Peak Viewpoint' and the nearby 'Phu Phaeng Ma' which is located in Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park. About half an hour drive from here, we can enjoy Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park (please stay tuned for my next post 😆).

If you are ready, let's pack and leave home for Phu Tub Berk!!!🚗

FB: Left Home หนีออกจากบ้าน

We continued to drive from Khao Kho (actually, we stayed in Khao Kho for a night already😆). It takes about an hour and a half to reach Phu Tub Berk. The road up here is also one of the highlights due to the curvy road that we must drive carefully. 

The great thing about traveling on weekdays is that it is so empty! Plus during this period, not many people start to travel yet, so the road is very empty and so does the viewpoint and tenting area. We can fully chill and enjoy taking photos with no other people in the frame. ✨

When driving up to the final curve, on your left hand side is a viewpoint to stop and take photos. The view here is huge! 😍 Turn to the right and you will see a complex mountain view. If turning to the left, you will see the view of the city and the curvy road.

That I already carried a guitar up, let's play a song 🎶🎵

This photo was taken from an anonymous viewpoint. Opposite to the mountain view is the Viewpoint of Phu Tub Berk Peak which constantly have the fog flowing. Just standing here for 5 minutes and we will see the fog flowing all the time 😆 (because the wind is very strong, hahahaha).

And then, we reached Pha Hua Singh~ 🎉🎉 From the car park, it's not far to walk up here. But, the wind was so strong that day and thus the fog was heavily blown away 😆 Alright...let's run to the cliff! 

On the way to Pha Hua Singh cliff, there will be a meadow on the side of the road. We also did not miss to stop to take pictures with the fog bank in the back.

Here comes 😍 This is a popular corner that everyone would take when coming here, hehe. 

There's a flag at the top of the Pha Hua Singh to let us know that we are the conquerors of a hill that is over 1,700 meters high!‼ ️

After enjoying the view and taking photos, it's time to look for tenting space. 🏕 There are many tent spots near the cliff which was descended as steps. Every tent therefore can enjoy the view unobstructed. We chose the spot that was able to look at the Pha Hua Singh all night. It was very enjoyable (and the wind was also very strong ...)

The tent charge is 100 THB per person and the public restroom was quite indescribable... 😂 At the entrance there is a restaurant offering food and Moo Kata (400 THB per set) to be served to the tent. (After finished eating, don't forget to throw the rubbish away yourself too). 

On top of mountains like this, how can we miss it!!! A hot pork barbecue with millions THB worth of the view. 😍 Simply enjoy it in front of our tent while watching the mountains and morning fog, so good!

In addition to Pha Hua Singh, we can also enjoy the sea of fog from a high angle at 'Phu Thap Berk Peak' at a height of 1,768 meters.  ✨ From up here, we can see Phu Tub Berk as well as the pagoda of Wat Pha Phu Tub Berk!

On the foothill before walking up to Phu Tub Berk Peak, there're several shops and restaurants lining up along the road. We have our breakfast here to support local community. ❤️