Today is another normal day (it is also a weekday not weekend) but it is a day that my grandma, my mom, my brother, my brother's girlfriend and I (5 of us) are going on a trip together.

Let's go>>>

Alright.. everyone in the car ... let's go>>>

During the way, we have to stop by many gas stations and the last one at PTT here.

I would suggest you to stop by this gas station because they do not have any gas station up there.

All passengers are very excited with the view from both side of the road so our driver has to find the viewpoint to stop and take photos. And the first person to be the model is...My Grandma.

We allow her to be the highlight at the first viewpoint.

At the second viewpoint, it is a time for this couple...No No I am not jealous of them ~_~

My grandma still do not give up...

Let's me hitchhike for you :P

Let's move on...We drive up to the top of mountain.

People said that it is the most beautiful view here which I also think that it is true.

Even when we drive up here, we did not see many people but when I arrive to the top..Oh..people are here^^.

Then we end up here>>>

Ku Ha Kor @ The Mong

I think that it is Mong language which means I Love You...

Personally, I really like it here because there are not many people and not busy and more privacy.

It is in a good location where the fog floating to the balcony that we are standing.

Tonight we choose to stay in two houses which are the house with out bathroom as the photo below.

It is very cute at 600 THB for two people with share bathroom.

But for us we do not need to use share bathroom because we have another room with bathroom included.

It looks like capsule at 1,500 THB and you get the best view ever.

Foggy sea right in front of our room...

Even in the evening we still can see it, in the morning will be amazing for sure.

It is time for dinner...

Cold weather with hot barbecue is such a good match.

It is 500 THB per set, seem expensive right. That what I think at first but that can make all of feeling so full.

After that I go out to have some walks with my mom. So I have to stop eating and bring the camera to take my mom photo.

You really have a feeling to take a photo with me right little one? ^^

We walk around to the camping area (you can camp here for free).

Selfie together

Then we walk back to our room.

Ending the day with cold weather but not that much. But none of us take a shower hahahahaha.

At 05:30 in the morning, "Wake up wake up don't you want to take a photo of fog"

Just give me another five minutes...but I wake up at 7.00hrs.

So I wake up and just wash my face, brush my teeth and go out.. what I see is really make me amazed.

I have never seen anything like this before.

My foggy sea

There is really a lot of fog but not too long they are all gone (It is my fault that I wake up late T_T).

Good bye Phu Tubberk

We are very impressed here and really want to come back again.

Next destination is Khao Kor

To see wind turbine

Go to play on the swings

We all have so much fun.

Any ages can enjoy and have a good moment here.

Next is Praisanee Khao Kho

Personally I think there is nothing here if we did not see the fog.

Then we are heading to Wat Phrathat Pha Son Kaew.

At the temple, there is only myself to go inside because I am the only one who wears the most proper cloth.

So I take every corner that I have passed.

This temple is very beautiful and elegant. If I do not have to go back to Bangkok, I might spend more time here.

At 23:00hrs.

Arriving home and lying down on the bed because of fatigue.

It is the most quiet moment for the passed 2 days and make me think of many things.

It is very nice if we have sometime and spend it with our family.

Sometimes we work or study and always say may be later, we forget that there is something that cannot wait.

Thank you and Sawaddee kha


 Wednesday, August 3, 2016 10:49 AM