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It seems like I am disappearing for a period of time. Today I would like to present an old trip of mine from last year but still up to date to my friend.

This is Sai's Vol.30 reviewing trip now.

Today I will take you guys travelling to " Khao Kho".

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For accommodation, " Romkaraveak", follow the link here https://www.facebook.com/romkaraveak.khaokho/

" Khao Kho" is a place that I like it very much. I like this place because the weather is good during rainy and winter season which is the most appropiate period to visit there.

Because a sea fog is there for you to see but I feel unfortunate that I went there for 2 years and never seen a sea fog like other people, just see only a faded fog.

But it also beautiful. This trip I go there through Lopburi route from Bangkok (Chiang Wattana) which spend around 4 and a half hours.

We departure from Bangkok during afternoon and heading to the accommodation. We take a rest and go to rest room at the oil station because we afraid that we will reach there in the late night and travelling difficultly.

This trip we stay at "Romkaraveak", let's see how beautiful the accommodation is.

First of all, I want to inform you that I have gone there before since August 2016 ( Last Year) which is a rainy season.

I check in on a normal day (Thursday), the room is a wooden house no.103 which is located in the front. Nothing is overlay a beautiful view.

Normal price ( Monday - Thursday) is at 1,200 Baht, including breakfast ( Boiled rice with pork and mushroom)

A wooden house no.103 is located in the front.

Let follow us to an inside of the house.

After we check in, then we store all stuffs and we feel hungry so we ask the resort to recommend any restaurant.

The resort recommends "Khraw Mong Mae", this restaurant is not quite far from the resort.

The weather is so good like this. I would say that you should not miss this thing ... hahaha

This meal is for both lunch and dinner...hehe

After we are full, we go back to " Romkaraveak" and make an observation of the accommodation again.

This wooden house, it is still so beautiful even I have taken so many picture ... haha

I walk down and turn the camera up to the wooden house. This corner is also look beautiful.

This house is so distinguish " Underground home 301", the staff says this room can see a very beautiful view

But I haven't got into it because there are guest in the room .....

A view from the underground home 301

We walk around joyously. The sky is dark so I quickly go back to the wooden house 103 to wait for taking a photo of a beautiful light.

But I can take only this much ....haha

After taking a bath, before I sleep I would like to open the door to see the outside huuu, the weather is cold enough at 20 degree Celsius.

So I have to carry my love camera leg and old camera with me to take a picture of the night light 1 or 2 pictures.

Last night I had a deep sleep since the distance is far enough and I am so full .... hahaha

But I still really want to go out to take a picture with early morning atmosphere. This is a picture when I open the door.

I feel a bit regret because I think we would see a sea fog but it turns out like this instead.

Morning temperature is very cold that I have to grab the sweater to wear.

Our breakfast "Gruel with pork and mushroom" very delicious. I request to add it 2 times.

Because today they cook many of it for 3 houses... so I can request more.

After breakfast, we pack up stuffs and continue our journey.

Before departure, I want to take some beautiful view of "Romkaraveak" in my memory.

Next place of this trip is " Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew"

Since last year, it was raining during the period I were there so I couldn't take so many pictures then I request to come back here again...

We drive to the route that we can park the car above and walk directly to Phra Thart without walking down.

Parking fee 20 Baht ( I think )

I take so many pictures but I think I would come here for the third time for sure since today I am unlucky again.

It is closed on the side where 5 Buddha are settled so I can't enter to take a picture inside...I will come here to take picture again. My mission is completed and now let's go to "Pino Latte" which is not far away from " Wat Phra Thart Pha Sorn Kaew".

After our stomach is fulled, then we sit down to see a beautiful view for a while.

After we take enough rest, then we continue our journey to Chiang Khan which is another review of mine

For this trip "Travelling at Khao Kho on the faded fog day" 2 days 1 night is completely come to an end.

Summary the contentment

Accommodation part

- The room is not expensive because it is a high season for travelling

- Clean, provide good service and convenient to go there

Khraw Mong Mae at Khao Kho part

- The food is fresh, the food quantity per dish is a lot

- The price is not expensive

- The store atmosphere, beautiful view on the back of the store but the atmosphere inside is look normal.

- Convenient to go there

Thank You everyone for following my review. Please apologize for the fault I would have made. See you again.

S Travel My Story

 Wednesday, November 9, 2016 3:45 PM