" Stay at Khao Kho 1 night, your life is longer 1 year" someone said. I am so curious and really want to know why people fail in love with this place? So it is time for me to find out>>>>

Recently, I just find out that I really like to be a fog hunter, really like to travel in to the place that cover by fog in morning. It makes me feel so good and forget all problems for a while.

Winter is a high season of Thailand when everyone would like to go out and get some fresh air especially to the northern and north eastern part of Thailand. Today I would like to introduce you to the place that name as Switzerland of Thailand...Khao Kho, Phetchabun. In Rainy season and Winter season, here is the place that you see a very beautiful view of foggy sea.

Let's me recommend you the highlight of Khao Kho, 5 viewpoints that you should not miss... this can be another choice for you to choose.

Just follow the map below from my idol "Mr. Chanom"


See!!! there are so many viewpoint that he has suggested.

Alright, let's go check-in at each point together>>>>



Everyone who come here have to visit this coffee shop. It is located in a very good location with a very good view. It locates at 1000 meters above sea level. From here we can see the beautiful view of Wat Pha Son Kaew. If you like taking photos there are many corners that you can enjoy.

Twilight at Pino Latte

Mostly, foggy sea here happens in Rainy season than in Winter season.

There are so many rooms to stay overnight but you have to book in advance as it is quite a popular place.

Down there is Wat Pha Son Kaew... it is really beautiful.

Have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of foggy sea (As I come so early, the shop has not opened yet hahaha)


2. Wat Kong Niam

It is another recommend viewpoint to see the beautiful sunrise and foggy sea. The temple has prepared the area for tourists as they know the people also want see a good view. As this viewpoint is in the temple so we have to be polite and keep quiet. Recommended time is you should be there before 6.00am. After that we can make a merit to the temple or give food to monks as your convenient.

It will be more beautiful if it raining because it will have more fog. Just wish for it as sometime there are and sometime there are not.

It gives me different felling each time I have been there.

In the picture is Ton Kho or Mountain Serdang which look like palm tree.

Personally, I really like the foggy sea at the east because we will see both the sunrise that reflex on the foggy sea such a very beautiful moment.


3. 360 degree at "Khao Ta Kian Ngo"

This is another point that you should not miss. It is located beside road No. 2258 M.6 Nongmaena, Khao Kho, Phetchabun. Any car can be reached to the top but there are limited parking spaces. Sometime the officer will let us know if the parking lot is full so we have to park our car at the foothill and walk up there.

This is the road that we have to get through...

There is entrance fee for 10 THB per person. If you would like to camping, this side which is quite less people for camping and you can contact the numbers below for camping area.

From Khao Ta Kian Ngo, we can see Khao Pu and Khao Ya which looks like Mount Fuji that's why it names as Mount Fuji of Thailand.

Another beautiful moment in rainy season^^

The end of the season also amazing

If you like camping, here is another good choice that can touch the cool and be surrounded by fog when you wake up.

It is quite foggy so be careful when driving


4. Tung Salaeng Luang National Park

Tung Salaeng Luang National Park , Nong Mae Na, Khao Kho, Phetchabun

Tung Salaeng Luang National Park is another park in Khao Kho.

The natural trail is 3.2 KM. from the entrance.

The entrance open 5.30am. and the entrance fee is as shown in the announcement board.

Alright, let's go>>>

During the way up..^^...

For a few minutes, we arrive at the viewpoint. At that time, we still see stars in the sky so just wait for the sunrise. Personally, I prefer a lighter foggy sea so that we can see through trees down there.

Surrounded by fog...


5. Road No. 2196 around Rattanai Dam

This is another that can produce fog all year and can see the view along Road No. 2196. There are many resorts around and near by Rattanai Dam which you can select as per your preference or you can camping.

The most famous camping area is Khao Kho Post Office. Sometime there are so many people so that have put in the sign that it is already "FULL"

It is probably the most beautiful Post Office in Thailand.


Khao Kho has many thing that over our expectation. If you have not been here, you should at least visit the 5 point that is recommended in this review.

Give yourself a reward of this journey...

"Just go out and find something new"

Life is a journey

----------------------------------------------------------Ai Keum------------------------------------------------------------------------------


 Wednesday, January 25, 2017 3:56 PM