Are you looking for a detailed blog for European trip?

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If so, you must-not-miss this blog, I have all laid out for you.

Please follow me for the 15-day trip to Europe....

– Austria: Hallstatt, Salzburg

– Italy: Naples – Capri island, Palermo, Milan

– Spain: Barcelona

I have to say that, for all my 25 years, this is the most flavorful trip!

It includes all lakes, mountains, islands,

In the cities, we get to travel to markets, museums, palaces, cafes, with lots of landmarks.

For accommodation, we stay at from B&B to hostel to luxurious hotel!

We take the bus, tram, train, boat, flight. Let's say, it truly is a fruitful trip.

And.. if you'd like to follow the entire journey of us, you can start from this review.

But if you want to only visit certain city or country, you can read it selectively.

There'll also be 2 videos (vlog) for my trip too.

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If you are ready, let's start with our EP. 1 (3 days 4 nights in Hallstatt - Salzburg, Austria.

I have to say that this is such a great start as these two cities give us such a chill and slow life atmosphere.

The cities are lovely and not so many tourists.

Also, it's not as warm as in Italy and Spain.

Simply put, we can enjoy our time wandering around and taking photos all day long :- D

** Expenses/ person, only in Austria **

(Airfare ticket is excluded, the exchange rate is 1 EUR = 34 THB, most of these expenses are divided by three as there're 3 of us in this trip ^__^)

1. SIM card is 29.90 EUR. We can use it in every European country for 1 month.

I bought it from the mall near the Central Station in Salzburg.

2. The Jufa Hotel 2 nights including breakfast is 232 EUR, and when divided by 3, it is 77.33 EUR each + Apartment House Seerose 2 nights is 230 EUR excluding breakfast, and it is 76.67 EUR each.

3. Transportation is 70 EUR ( buses, trains, taxis)

4. Food is 70.95 EUR.

5. Others: A round trip cable car to Dachstein Mountains is 32 EUR.

The entrance fee to Mozart Birthplace is 11 EUR.

——– Total is 367.85 EUR / 12,507 THB ——–

After seeing how much we have spent, let's travel now!

Here is how our trip looks like:

Salzburg 1 night > Hallstatt 2 nights > Salzburg 1 night so that we can have plenty of time exploring our highlight destination at Hallstatt, the World Heritage City.

Also, we won't get too tired (we are traveling with the elders).

Once landing at Salzburg airport, I take a taxi to the Central station to get my mom and her friends as they were taking train from Milan.

Since the airport doesn't sell the SIM card, I buy one from the mall nearby the train station.

Once we are all met, we buy a bus ticket to go to our hotel which is not so far from the train station.

It only takes about 15 minutes.

JUFA HOTEL Salzburg City

It is a semi hostel and hotel which is best for tourists like us as it's not far from downtown area and attractions.

It is also fully equipped with basic facilities for a very lovely price per night.

What I really like is the breakfast buffet which is not too much or little.

We stay here for tonight and would come back again after the Hallstatt.

Here is how the room looks like, if you are interested, please check here for more information

Note: The price of each night differs.

Here is our breakfast room.

They are serving ham, many types of bacon and cheese to choose from.

I eat with scramble eggs, salads, cereals, yoghurt, fruit and bread.

This simplicity is what we want.

And after that, it's time to take bus to Hallstatt.

From the hotel, we take the bus back to the Central station in order to take bus to Hallstatt.

But wait, in fact, from Salzburg, you can either take bus or train.

On the way to Hallstatt, we take the train which we have to connect for 3 times.

On the way back, we'll try to take the train.

From the Central station, we take the bus no.150 and get off at Bad Ischl Bahnhof.

After that, take bus no. 542 and get off at Gosaumuhle.

And finally take bus no. 543 to Hallstatt Lahn which is the main station of Hallstatt.

But since we stay at Obertraun, so we get off a bit later but on the same bus.

If you don't want to miss the bus or take the wrong one, you can check the timetable and bus stops from here:

Here we are, at our accommodation :- 3

That we choose to stay at Obertraun is because it's cheaper than staying in Hallstatt and is only 2 bus stops away so we won't have problem roaming around.

Also, this area is very peaceful and close to the lake.

We stay at Apartment House Seerose.

It is a lovely small building.

We feel really close to the staff and they are so friendly. We feel like we are staying at our friend's.

The view from our terrace is so good.

After checking in, we each pay additional 12 EUR for breakfast.

Then, we unpack our stuff and ready to go out for food.

For more information of this apartment, please click

Since we were starving, we choose to eat at the homemade pizza restaurant nearby.

It is quite good for both the taste and the price.

We order 3 dishes: Margarita pizza, mixed vegetable salad and olive oil spaghetti.

When divided by 3, it is 10 EUR ish.

Before going for Hallstatt, please allow us to walk around our neighborhood to get our food digested a bit.

There, we find another side of Hallstatt Lake which is so beautiful and peaceful.

There're people picnicking, swimming, and kayaking.

Just love this chill atmosphere so much<3

After wandering and taking photos for a while, we are ready to go downtown!

But the next bus is in the evening.

We then see the advertisement of local taxi. So, we call to ask for the fare and it is 15 EUR.

When divided by 3, it is 5 EUR each so we agree and the taxi comes pick us up right away and drop us off at Marktplatz.

Here is the center of restaurants, souvenir shops, hotels, houses along the Hallstatt Lake.

Let's say there're something for us to see and take photos without getting bored.

What I really like is the shape and color of these houses. They are so cute and charming.

If you wish to kayaking or boating, you can too.

Homemade ice cream for 1.5 EUR each:- p

The more we walk, the more we see beautiful view >//<

Let me pose one too...

And then we are here, at Market Square or Hallstatt Square.

This is another must-not-miss destination for this city because of these colorful building and a backdrop that clearly shows us that these houses are in the valley.

When you keep walking, you will see Hallstatt Lutheran Church, the church of Hallstatt.

The church is not large. Interior is decorated just like other churches.

You can go take a peep or rest inside.

The selling point is the height of the peak of the church where it is visible from every corner in Hallstatt.

That's it for today. I'm feeling tired ever since we had to connect for 3 buses, haha.

Let's buy something to eat from the supermarket and rest so that we have full energy for tomorrow.

Stay tuned :- D

Here comes our second day in a very romantic town of Hallstatt.

Our first mission of the day is not for breakfast but going up to see the most beautiful viewpoint of the town.

If you come here in the daytime, there'll be millions of people and so difficult to have a good photo alone.

So then, we call to the same taxi to pick us up at 7 a.m. and go straight to Classic Village Viewpoint or Postcard Angle.

The fare when divided by 3 is only 19 EUR.

The view is so spectacularly beautiful... as you can see from these photos.

After taking enough photos and videos along the lake, we wait for the first bus to go back to our room.

When we are home, breakfast is already waiting for us.

It is very cute and we can take whatever we want.

The look might be ordinary but the taste is so good, especially the sausage.

It is so delicious that I wanted to ask where did they get it from so that I could get some too, haha.

But I know it's not plausible, haha.

After breakfast, we go to rest a bit before going for our next destination :- )

From the room, we search on the google map for Dachstein Salzkammergut .

It is a valley offering many activities.

For instance, a nature trail, caves, animal watching, or going to beautiful viewpoint.

If you come here in the winter, everything would be in white.

We visit here in summer, still, there's some unmelted snow.

Before anything, we take bus to the ticket office.

We take the cable car up and down for 32 EUR each.

Photos of when we are on the cable car :- )

Due to limited time and 2 elders that cannot walk much, we choose to enjoy the view on the valley and the 5 fingers viewpoint.

In fact, this is already worth the visit!

The view is amazingly beautiful and spacious.

Looking down, we see both river and lake.

It takes a while before we reach the viewpoint but our exhaustion is gone for as soon as we reach our destination <3

For information of other activities, check out here

It is called the 5 fingers because this viewpoint has an iron base that extends from the mountain like all 5 fingers >//<

After getting down from the mountain, we take the bus back to our room.

Well, like I said this is a chill trip and we only go for quality places, haha.

Then, we look for restaurant near the lake and our accommodation.

It is the same shop that rent out the kayak and water sport.

The atmosphere is great but the service is bad.

The staff is not attentive to the customers at all and speak like they are angry all the time.

Fish salad and fried fish is alright. It is a local fish that I never tried.

The noodle tastes like Korean noodle....

It costs each of us 14 EUR ish.

In short, I recommend you to try other restaurant.

I didn't want to speak much as I have to rest soon because we need to wake up early for Salzburg, good night -.,-

And now it's time to say goodbye to the cutest town I've been so far T_T

I guarantee that you all will like this town.

Because it is so warm, charming, chill and just so relax.

Also, you can take lots of photos to pose in social media which is a Thai style.

And since we are already here, it'd be wrong not to travel to a sister town like Salzburg.

So today, we take the train back to Salzburg and check in at Jufa Hotel again.

Then, it's time to explore this town!!!

We take the train from Obertraun to Salzburg Central Station.

We need to change the train once. The fare is 14.6 EUR each.

We reach our hotel at noon, we quickly check in and out to the town.

We buy a one-day bus ticket with no limit rides from the train station for 2 EUR each only.

Our first stop is Makartsteg Bridge.

It is a bridge the couple love to hold keys as if to hold their hearts together forever.....

Personally I tried too....... and didn't think it works, haha.

Oh well, it's beautiful anyway, that lots of keys are here.

This bridge is one of many bridges crossing Salzach river which is running through the center of Salzburg.

So we stop here for some photo taking :)

After crossing the bridge, we walk a bit further to our lunch at Cafe Tomaselli.

This is one of the best local cafes in Salzburg.

You can simply google it and you will see it ranking in the top of every website.

Just by the outside, it already had me.

It is so chic and beautiful with a bright blue-green shade umbrellas contrasting with the gray-yellow wall.

It is so well match and feeling very soft.

You can either sit indoor or enjoy a light sunshine outdoor.

Soon, the staff approaches us with the menu.

If you just want food and beverages, you can order it right away.

But if you want to try cake (a recommend one as their cake isvery popular), another staff will come to you.

The cake staff comes with a glass cabinet full of different types of cake.

You can ask them to explain about the taste of each type of cake and ask for recommendation.

** The glass cabinet scene is in the video, from Bliss Out There page**

We order 2 pieces of cake and food as well as a glass of beverage for everyone.

And the price is less than 30 EUR which is quite ok for this level of cafe.

For more information of this cafe, please click

From this so beautiful and chic cafe, we walk to the main road and take the bus to Mirabell Palace and Gardens, the most beautiful garden in town (if you ask for my opinion, it is so beautiful that it is compatible with other gardens in the world).

This garden is classic as it used to be a scene of the movie "The Sound of Music".

The garden and the palace is decorated in Baroque architecture.

Flowers and fountains are so magnificent.

If a sweet lady wearing dress visit the garden, she would get so beautiful photos.

For more information, please click

Despite only having half day for Salzburg, we still have energy to go for the next destination, Getreidegasse.

It is the largest shopping center in this town.

No need to shop anything, just by seeing the atmosphere and taking photos with the building is already worth a visit :- D

Yeah, it's fun:- p

If you have time, it is recommended to visit Mozart Birthplace too as it's in this area.

Mozart is a world famous Austrian composer.

Regardless of how many years have passed, he remains a legend.

And here is his hometown that collects all of his works and stories.

The entrance fee is 11 EUR. Too bad that photos are not allowed inside.

It opens daily from 9.00-17.30.

For more information, please click

We finish the day with easy dinner at the Asian restaurant in this area called Kim 168 if I remember it correctly.

Japanese, Korean, and Thai food are available.

We order Thai food like Tom Yum Kung, Fried rice, Pad Thai which has no Thai food taste, haha.

So, it is not recommended.

And yeah, that is everything for Hallstatt and Salzburg in Austria.

Tomorrow/ EP.2, we will fly to Italy for Capri Island, Palermo and Milan.

And it is also so good, nothing less than our EP.1.

Please stay tuned <3

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Love all the readers so much :-

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 Saturday, August 24, 2019 12:57 PM