Hello all, today I'd like to introduce an easy one day trip in Bangkok for you guys to try, that is, to take a water taxi along Chao Phraya River with 9 recommended piers for only 180 THB each.

Let's come explore together of what these stops have to offer....

This trip is economically friendly and easy to go, you don't have to waste a lot of money going to each place. The 180 THB is a one day price by which the boat will run from Phra Arthit pier to Sathorn pier from 09.30-18.00. The boat leaves each pier in about 20 minutes. Here are the stops of the Chao Phraya River water taxi.

Stopping Piers:

  1. Sathorn (BTS Saphan Taksin)
  2. River City
  3. Lhong 1919
  4. Ratchawong
  5. Pakklong Talad (Flower market)
  6. Wat Arun
  7. Tha Maharaj
  8. Thonburi Railway
  9. Phra Arthit

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Schedule:

  • The boat leaves from Sathorn and Phra Arthit in every 30 min.
  • From Sathorn to Phra Arthit (09.00-17.30)
  • From Phra Arthit to Sathorn (09.30-18.00)
  • The boat extents the stop to Asiatique pier from 16.00 onward (from Phra Arthit) or 16.30 (from Sathorn). Thank you for the timetable and the photo from chaophrayatouristboat.com

Nw, let's go see for what each pier has to offer.

Pier 1: Sathorn (BTS Saphan Taksin)

This is the starting pier. It's very easy to get here. We can either take the BTS or for those who drive a personal car, I recommend you to park in Yannawa Temple and walk about 5 minutes to here. Before anything, let's go make merit and pay respect to the Buddha first.

After that, we go to buy a ticket. We can simply tell the staff that we'd like the ticket for the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag). Then, just wait for the boat to come. On board, there's also a tour guide recommending attractions in each pier. More importantly, they present in multi-languages, very nice! The boat has 2 floors. The upper deck comes with a better view but also is hotter during a daytime.

Pier 2: River City

Highlight: It is a place to board for various dinner cruises. It also has more than 100 stores of shops and restaurants (opening time 10.00-22.00).

From Sathorn pier to here only takes a few minutes. If you used to go for a dinner cruise, you would be familiar with this pier. You can shop and eat from this pier. It is close to the Royal Orchid Sheraton. Since we often come here, we didn't stop for this pier.

Pier 3: Lhong 1919

Highlight: It is such a chic pier. It used to be an old warehouse with lots of spots to take photos inside. Shops and restaurants are available. It also enshrines the MAZU shrine, the sacred and highly respected shrine for the boat merchants in the old days. If you are looking for a cool and old style profile photo, this might be just the place for you :)

When we visited, there weren't that many shops and restaurants. But if you are looking for a cool profile picture, you'd definitely want to stop here.

Since we are here at 2 p.m., people are yet that many due to the heat. But if you were to stop here in the evening, the view would be fantastic for sure.

Pier 4: Ratchawong

Highlight: Best for people who look to buy fussy things (cheap things, dolls, toys, socks, clothes, but not fashion, it's more like wholesale market) or eat along the way.

I think many people've been to this pier because it is Yaowarat or Chinatown area. When thinking about Chinatown, naturally, we will think of lots of food. In fact, we can also stop for other attractions like Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, Phahurat Market, Sampeng Market which has lots of cheap things. We got many pairs of socks (until the end, it could be only 10 THB each pair). If you love cheap things, you should definitely stop by.

Pier 5: Pakklong Talad (Flower Market)

Highlight: It is a cheap and beautiful flower market. It is very cheap, selling them in a wholesale price. There're quite a crowd here. If you want it for real, you should come between 2-4 a.m. (in fact, even by the time we visited, it's still quite cheap, a pack of roses is 50 THB and other flowers can be 20 THB and varied). If you like to buy flower, this is a stop for you.

- The pier also situated the Yodpiman shopping center which comes with food, snack and other stuffs but I think it's less than Maharaj pier. If you are yet hungry, you can wait until that stop as there offers more choices. Most of food in this pier sells in restaurant type and in foreigners' prices and thus are expensive although the taste is alright. If you like snacking, I think you should skip it for now.

Note: From this pier, you can also walk to the Museum Siam.

Pier 6: Wat Arun (and Wat Pho)

Highlight: Once you walk into these temples, you can feel the spectacular architecture. If you have never stopped at this pier, you must. Because all foreigners are stopping at this pier, how could Thai people just skip it.... It's very beautiful, I can guarantee you that!!!!

A lot of tourists get off at this pier. This pier is located right at Arun Temple. I love this temple because it is beautiful and unlike other Thai temples. It is Cambodian art temple, started to build since the Rama 2 and completed in the Rama 3 era. Despite being quite long, it is very beautiful and charming. In addition to Wat Arun, you can go to pay respect to the Buddha at Wat Pho. As for other attractions, you can also visit Tha Tien Market, which is not so far from here.

If you plan to visit this temple, please plan to dress properly. If you are wearing shorts, the temple provides long sarong for everyone free of charge. The entrance fee of Thai citizen is free and it is 50 THB for foreigner.

We didn't get to go to Wat Pho as we were afraid that it might rain soon, let's go it next time.

Below photos are from Wat Kanlayanamit, a nearby temple.

Pier 7: Maharaj

Highlight: A recommended stop for food lover! Great food, excellent view.

Most people know this pier as it's very easy to walk to the temple of the emerald Buddha. There's also a community mall at the pier with restaurants and shops to sit and eat while enjoy the surrounding atmosphere. There're tons of food choices here (I especially love crepe which is so crispy and I must have it everything I come).

In addition to the temple of the emerald Buddha, other attractions are also worth paid a visit like the Bangkok National Museum, the City Pillar Shrine and Wang Lang Market, which are just across from the Maharaj pier. We didn't get to take photo of the emerald Buddha temple as the rain starts from this pier, so sad T.T

Pier 8: Thonburi Railway

We didn't stop at this pier as it started to rain since Maharaj pier. So we go straight to Phra Arthit pier.

Pier 9: Phra Arthit

Highlight: Khao San Road has lots of food and sitting area. The photo taken area is at Phra Sumen Fort which has a garden by the river and the view overseeing the Rama VIII bridge. This is a should-stop pier before ending the trip >3 The general atmosphere is quite chill and nice with not so many people.

Most tourists come to visit this pier because it is the last pier that can go to Khao San Road. Before going to Khao San Road, near the pier, there are shops to buy some souvenirs. And what we really love is, there is a chill-shop next to the pier to sit and watch the sunset. We can sip cold beer while listening to live music. What a great atmosphere, isn't it? This place is called DOCK no.13. Next to it is Santi Chai Prakarn Park and Phra Sumen Fort.

Then, we roam around the pier. We find many souvenir shops for tourists which are quite clean and tidy.

Soon, we find the garden and the fort. The evening atmosphere is very chill and nice.

We wander around the area and go to the Arthit pier at 5.30 p.m. as the last boat leaves at 6 p.m. We then take the ride back to Sathorn pier. Actually, tourists can sit further to Asiatique pier. It'd be just a perfect time to watch the sunset but since we've already been there so we didn't go further.

Just taking the tourist boat to the 9 stops, our 1 day trip is over. Here comes the end of our 1 day trip with Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag) to 9 recommended piers in Bangkok for only 180 THB.

Goodbye and see you guys again in our next trip :)



 Tuesday, August 27, 2019 6:22 PM