I have done the travel reviews of these 3 islands separately earlier. I guess it is a good idea to sum up these 3 islands together in one review since they are all in Chonburi. The 3 islands are as follows.

1 . Koh Kham, this island was not popular yet when I traveled there. I went there in January, came back and wrote a review about it. It happened that this review about Koh Kham of mine has been shared a lot and numbers of tourists have been increased. The tide is higher than usual in winter and the current is pretty calm. As a result, the water is very clear. There were not many tourists during that time. I guess it was less than 300 people. 300 people were the limited number of tourists that were allowed on the island per day. However, I am pretty sure that the limitation of the tourist number has been increased now. Moreover, Koh Kham is opened for the tourists only on Saturday and Sunday. The island is also closed down from April to September. The ferryboat round-trip ticket was 250 THB including snorkeling gears (I am not sure how much does it cost now). The ticket counter opened from 8.30 AM and the last ferryboat of the day to go there was at 11 AM. I am sorry that I have no updated information about the services now so please double check once again before you go there.

2 . Koh Samae San, I also went there when there were not many people. I didn't have much time there so we only stick with Look-Lom Beach. Most of the photos we have are also from snorkeling. The ferryboat round-trip ticket is 300 THB per person these days as I heard. The island has also increased the limitation number of the tourists to 1,000 people per day. Therefore, I suggest you to go there early to catch the ferryboat.

Note: You have to reserve the time for your ferryboat when traveling to these two islands and you might need to go there since the early morning to do so.

3. Koh Phai, this island is a deserted island actually. It is under the supervision of the Royal Thai Navy. There is nothing available on Koh Phai. There is no fresh water resources, no shelter, no shop nor store, but Thai naval officers who look after the island. There is not even a regular ferryboat to travel to Koh Phai. You can only take the private one. The island is about 10-kilometer far from Koh Larn. In addition, there is an admission fee to Koh Phai. It is 50 THB per person.

Note: Koh Kham, Koh Samae San, and Koh Pha are owned and protected by Thai Royal Navy so please kindly take care of the cleanliness of the islands when you travel there. Furthermore, you are not able to stay overnight on these 3 islands. You can whether go there for a day trip or stay over on the shore near the ferryboat terminal on the mainland before heading there the next day.

The first island that I will take you to is Koh Kham.

Let's go to see Koh Samae San next!

Koh Phai is the last island that I want to introduce. It is totally worth it for a visit.

These 3 islands are good to do snorkeling. They are very close to Bangkok since they are all in Chonburi as well.


 Thursday, March 31, 2016 2:39 PM