Today, we would like to take you to visit the bakery shop where is close to my girlfriend's house. Furthermore, today is the special occasion (28 March) because it is my birthday. So, we decide to go to this bakery shop to have some delicious dessert over there.

According to various reviews, French dessert is the main product of this shop. We have left our house at Samut Prakan in early morning. we head to the bakery shop. The shop opens at 10.00 hrs., we are so lucky because we get the 1st queue.

All ingredient for dessert are imported from France, the range of desert price are around 120 - 150 ฿ per piece
If we come as group, we will taste as much as possible but 5 pieces are enough for 2 of us now.

PS. French dessert is made with limited amount. They will be possibly sold out if you come after lunch.
However, toast is always available.

Please feel free to follow us as per below link;

PS. Normally, the food is a kind of art because people have different sense of taste.

How nice they are ! We could not find any words to describe.

The Cube seems delicious, chocolate is my favorite. I will not miss this, I promise.

Wonder Land also looks nice, it is yogurt mousse.

The dessert are nicely arranged in the showcase. They are so cute.

Another photos represent how cute they are.

After seeing dessert, we would like to show your the decoration and ambience inside the shop. We can take many photos because there are no other customers.

It is worth for waiting, we get queue 1.

We firstly order 3 pieces of French dessert which are The Cube, Banoffee and Wonder Land.

The taste is very good especially for The Cube, dark chocolate has been balanced taste between sweetness and bitterness.

Last 2 orders are Caramel Latte and Wonder Lander Mango, you can feel the soft taste of passion fruit.

If the dessert is sold out, you are able to enjoy tasting toast.

My girlfriend has given the compliment that the taste of green tea is very nice, it is the same taste as the popular brand from overseas. For the beverage, apple soda in jelly is also nice.

As you may agree that the photo quality is good because I am used to be a photographer previously. I always bring my camera to take the photos of my girlfriend for every trips.


 Thursday, March 31, 2016 2:41 PM