21st Feb 2016

The weather starts being warmer at the end of February. But, our destination for this review is Pongkwao Hot Spring Resort & Spa. To come to Pongkwao Hot Spring, we not only feel the coldness of the weather but we also get the feeling of Japanese ambience because all elements of this trip make us feel like that. There is only one thing that makes it different which we are in Thailand not Japan.

According to our previous reviews, we have already visited Pha Cho Cliff and Wiang Tha Kan. For this trip, we need to go to the downtown to pick up 2 friends, we also need to prepare for some food & beverage for spending a night at Pongkwao Hot Spring as well. Once all are ready, it is time to start our trip. At first, we thought that we will never get lost because we are quite sure that the driver is familiar with the direction very well. But, our assumption is not right because we get lost. Fortunately, we prepare a map (as per below photo) with us. We prepare to use Silom direction. Even though it might be steep and narrow in some parts but it does not take long time comparing with other directions

The accessibility to Pongkwao Hot Spring is not so convenient but it is worth to get there because you can enjoy seeing spectacular views along the way.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/ Pongkwao Hot Spring Resort & Spa

We continue driving by following the direction in map. Finally, we have found Pongkwao village. Please do not be too surprised about the way to get to our destination, please stay tune we are going to discover the stunning views in about half an hour. We continue driving for 5 kilometers, we then enjoy seeing rice terraces. It is so amazing especially in rainy season. Even though, we come her after cultivating period but it is still beautiful.

Eventually, we have seen the sign indicating the way to Phongkwao Hot Spring. Please do not turn right because there are 2 accommodation before we get into Phongkwao.



The accommodation is surrounded by beautiful natures; forest, stream and mountain

Once we arrive at Hot Spring, the weather is very nice. We let our friends to enjoy doing selfie and take the luggage to the accommodation

Our accommodation have been reserved in advance prior to our arrival, we have reserved 3 rooms and 1 tent (for John because he would like to see the stars at night) in total

It costs 1000 ฿ per room per night, can accommodate 2 people. If you require the extra bed, it will cost 1500 ฿. It will charge 500 ฿ per person per night on average.

Attention! There is no socket for charging your battery, there is no electricity available in the accommodation. Please prepare the power bank with you. The electricity is available in the center part until 22.00 hrs. The electricity is produced from electronic generator.

Luckily, it is still during the renovation of the resort. The source of electric producing has been changed to solar cell. So, the electricity is available for the whole night but we need to connect by USB for charging.

Furthermore, there is no air conditioner and water heater.

It can be understandable if there is no water heater because it is close to hot spring but it is hard for us to understand that there is no air conditioner because it is very hot in summer.

PS. There are no bath amenities, you should prepare them with you.

Otherwise, you will face with the same experience like us, we do not prepare bath amenities with us because we thought that it is the basic thing which is normally provided by the hotel.

However, you are able to purchase bath amenities, it costs 30฿ per bottle.

Tent is also available, it costs 300 ฿ . It comes with blanket, mattress, pillow, towel and bathrobe for soaking in the hot spring.

Firstly, the below tent is prepared for John, but once John has wandered around the resort. He prefers to sleep under big tree because it is quiet, hence the staff has arranged new for him.


We have arranged all luggage to our accommodation. We decide to wander around the resort prior to having dinner.

The stream which intervene resort's zone.

Kids seem really enjoyable

There is the private hot spring room with temperature not over 41 - 42 Celsius. According to Japanese standard, it should be around 36 -38 Celsius. We will surely come here in the evening.

There are also 3- 4 big ponds of hot spring. The level of sulphate is not too strong but we still wonder why we can still smell it after soaking in hot spring. We have worn our swimming suits and the sulphate odor is still stick in our swimming suits. We highly recommend to use bathrobe which resort has prepared for us.

. Above photo is taken in the morning, it is very nice to soak our feet in the hot spring.

We have taken photos inside the resort for a while, then we wander outside the resort. The beautiful nature is waiting for us.

Before coming here, we have ever misunderstood about Phongkwao Hot Spring Resort & Spa. Many reviews in Pantip's forum are indicated that the accommodation is separately available from hot spring. Later, we have found out that most of the reviewers did not stay in the resort. Meanwhile, they stayed in the accommodation nearby the hot spring.

We continue wandering and finding the mascot of Phongkwao, there are some cows, they weep Moo Moo.

Our kids are very excited especially Moses.

It has been long time ago that we have not seen something like this - the scene in front of us is very friendly with our eye sight.

We continue walking and soaking our feet in the hot spring at the entrance of the village. While soaking feet, Moses has seen numerous tadpoles, it is not possible to count.

It is time for the dinner again, we have an appointment with our gang at the pavilion behind the resort . Unfortunately, there are no photos available for the dinner.

But, we are so lucky that we have seen Wild Himalayan Cherry tree over here.

We have crossed the bridge and see many pavilions, so we have select this place under Wild Himalayan Cherry Tress to set up our dinner and party. We have roughly counted and noticed that it is around 30- 50 Wild Himalayan Cherry Trees.

Furthermore, there are also a few Wild Himalayan Cherry Trees have just been grown. We can imagine how beautiful they are once it is blossoming season.

Wild Himalayan Cherry Tree with Mountain

Some leaves start being fallen and spring at the same time.


After finished having dinner, we prepare ourselves to soak our bodies in the hot spring and enjoy seeing the stars.

But, we could not complete our plan because we are so tired from Pha Chor cilff and Wiang Tha Karn trip and we need to take care of the kids who are very naughty. After soaking in hot spring, we just direct to our bed right away.

We actually want to sleep a bit longer than usual but we wake up as we use to wake up in the morning and go to the office.

The weather is cold throughout the night especially in the morning. We stuff our luggage and take some photos before going back home.

We really want to soak in this hot spring pond. We actually reserved for it but it is not occupied.

We also go in this morning, it is vacant but it is not possible to soak.


We have killed time by going into the forest while waiting for the breakfast and friends. The beautiful color of the nature really catches our attention.

Here comes the sun! It is the late morning.

The photo shows rice terrace, mountain etc but we could not take the photo due to crowded fog.

We have never imagined to see this amazing view; colorful forest, coldness and Thai Sakura.






Eventually, we could not have breakfast in that morning because we are hurry in going back home at around 8 hrs.


 Monday, April 4, 2016 10:05 AM