Get on free train. Don't know whether it's good or not but sideways cannot be seen anywhere else.

Today's review is exactly like the name. ^_^ This trip is suitable for kids and philosophers because the train pauses almost every station. In case you go by train but, on return trip, you're afraid of arriving late or too lazy to wait. I recommend to take a bus, Sangkhlaburi - Kanchanaburi line. The fare is THB40 per person.

The train we are getting on is Thonburi - Namtok line, train no.257. However, we get on at Kanchanaburi. Since we inform that we are Thai citizen, by showing ID card, we receive ticket at THB0. Ticket says departure time is 10.35AM but it actually comes at 11.10AM. It is because on weekends there is a guide train interruping. So, it wastes an hour. Now let's start the journey ....... Gooooooo!

After receiving the ticket, while waiting, I take photos of the station. There are many interesting spots.

At 11.10AM, the train arrives. Find seats at our preference. We choose the seats that are less hot since the wind keeps blowing hot air to us. Start at first station, The Bridge of the River Kwai. We enjoy watching sideways and eating snacks.

Now we are at the station that everyone's waiting for. We want to get off here. The landscape we see is as charming as shown in picture. Most of tourists get off here, Tham Kra Sae station. Some have hotel shuttle bus waiting or some hire public carrier to send at hotels nearby. Or some don't wanna go further, they get off at Tham Kra Sae station for traveling about an hour. Then they catch a train back.

From Tham Kra Sae station, we go further for an hour before arriving at waterfall. It rains slightly but makes the landscape look stunning. At the station, there are mini-bus taxi waiting to bring tourists to Namtok Sai Yok Noi, THB20 per person. Once we arrive, it rains heavily. So, we can't swim. It seems like we just sit on a train for watching view, haha. We select red bus for return round. It takes about 1 hour but the train would take 3 hours from Kanchanaburi - Namtok.

Expense for this trip is around THB400 for 2 persons. We get to watch beautiful sideways which is worthwhile, though it's slightly too hot and tough. However, it's still fun!

May I end with the image of our little guy. He's so tired from traveling. ^^

Thank you for reading till the end.