I have imagined if I cling at the island like Cast Away movie. But time will be only one condition for me because I have vacation for 1 day only. So, I decide to go to the island which is not far from Bangkok. It is Koh Phai (Bamboo Island) and this island is under the guardianship of Thai Royal Navy.

The diving course is also available on this inland, the diving point is not far from Koh Lan. I have also discover the advantage of unavailable mobile signal, it makes me have more time to enjoy doing other activities. I have that most of the tourists on this island are foreign tourists.

" Koh Phai" in Chon Buri Province is very beautiful especially for the sea water which is as clear as the islands in the Southern part of Thailand. As I mentioned earlier that most of the island in Chon Buri province are under the guardianship of Thai Royal Navy. There are variously beautiful beaches,I actually come to this island because I have been recommended by the boat driver. He said the wave of this island is not to strong, hence it is suitable for doing diving.

How to get there - You can come with speed boat only, the service fee will depend on your agreement with the speed boat's owner. You are also required to pay additional 50 ฿ per passenger to Navy Soldier. I think the service fee is quite reasonable because it is quite difficult to come to this island.

What to prepare? You should basically bring food and beverage. Importantly, there is no place for littering, so it is necessary that you need to throw you rubbish in the place that are set for the rubbish, it is the place where all rubbish will be buried later. It is necessary that you should as speed boat whether he has the canvas to protect sun ray because there are no big trees to be the shelter as well as no mobile signal.

PS. the total expense for this trip is mainly on speed boat around 5000 ฿. For those who like to go to this island in the future, may I join this trip with you. We can share for the speed boat cost, we invest for the beautiful place where we really enjoy.


 Monday, April 4, 2016 10:09 AM