"What you are expect when you plan to spend vacation on the island. Answer is nice sandy beach, peaceful sea,good room, good location....."

And I chose Phuket for this short break at the end of rainy season and beginning of winter season in Thailand. And I chose Angsana Laguna Phuket because I bought package from the travel fair in Bangkok with amazing prices.

I chose this period because it still in green season so air ticket and hotel still in promotion period. I took PG airway with very good price as well. Friday is good day to go to tourist destination but you should take morning flight to avoid crowded.

My flight arrived to Phuket around 4pm and after spend around 20 minutes inside the airport to get the luggage, use restroom then came out from the terminal. The hotel's staff stand by outside waiting for the guest. But I book transfer on my own then I did not join the hotel's service. But I saw their shuttle van look not bad.

The car took around 20 minutes from airport then I reached to the hotel. Unlucky me that I arrived to hotel in the same time with big group and lobby was crowded by people check in so I did not have chance to take nice shot of welcome drink which I really like.

I finished fill out the check in form and then give the room number to bell boy and then staff show me the way go to my room. I got in to my room in few minutes then my luggage arrived by hotel's staff.

My room is Pool Access room ( I chose this room because I saw from the map that room is on good location, next to the pool and not far from the beach.

Actually, room a bit too big for me travel alone this time but look so nice. I really like their work desk.

After put all thing in place then I start walking around the resort but because it nearly dark so I did not explore yet.

In the room I saw they put some cookies and small sand bag starfish, so nice.

I heard the noise from the beach and seem that they are having some event so I went there to see around. From my room walking a few steps to the pier and they provide shuttle boat to another side of the lagoon where the beach and beach restaurant are located.

At the beach, the sun gone down to the sea already but they sky still showing beautiful shade.

And because the sandy beach so there are many people walking on the beach to enjoy sunset moment which I missed it.

But because they having private event at their beach club so I decided to go back to my room and order room service for today because I do not want to go out.

After dinner, I spend the time in the room and go to bed late night.

I woke up at 6am after very good sleep with the bed, pillow and blanket which very comfortable.

But I want to spend the time to see around the resort and try their activities then I left that comfy bed

I start with breakfast at the Market Place next to the lagoon which is very good view. My lite breakfast start.

I like their salad. And all these are my breakfast. Enough.

After breakfast then I walk direct to the beach.

No one there yet, may be too early morning.

But in my opinion when we travel to the beach we should enjoy the time at the beach in the morning and in the evening.

But may be other tourist prefer to stay longer on the bed.

The beach here is so beautiful. I think more beautiful than Patong because there are long beach which we can walk pass hotels on the sandy beach.

And today the sea so peaceful and beautiful as same as the sky.

No one at the beach chair or even near the pool. Then I got can get many nice shots from the beach.

After enjoy the time and some guest start coming to the area to enjoy swimming at the pool while some are going to the beach. Then I go back to my room for shower.

I took some magazine from the PG's lounge at Suvanabhumi airport so before lunch I spend the time with those magazine and then go our to have lunch around 12.30pm. There are international buffet lunch and there are lots of people there as well.

After finish lunch then I go to spa to check their availability. I heard that therapist here are professional so I want to try. I got the slot at 5pm which is good for me.

I like there welcome at spa with l longan juice with pandan leaf. Very good smell. I chose this Javanese oil massage style for one hour. The massage is included in my package so I do not need to pay anything.

The massage room is so relax with music, smell, light.

Actually, even without massage I can fall sleep in this atmosphere.

The therapist start massage. She is a good one I have ever tried, her name is "Marbel". I love massage and do it often.

Finish massage in one hour they serve again the juice with fruit salad. Firstly I think, how come they serve fruit salad with hot tea. But after tried then I like it.

Because of fruit salad and a pot of tea made me full and I do not need dinner today. I walk to the restaurant near the pool but there are some people enjoy seeing tennis but it is not my type. Then I go back to the room again.

Actually, this is the first time when I travel that I'm happy to spend the time in the room. I like their room but may be next time I will choose second floor because there are families stay next to my room and kids enjoy swimming and make noise.

Before go to bed, i spent some time to plan for my trip tomorrow because I want to travel to Khao Lak to find the painting from my most favorite graffiti artist "Alex Face"

(photo from phangnga.go.th)

Second breakfast at hotel before check out and move to Khaolak. Today I tried


 Sunday, September 29, 2019 12:32 AM