"I still have another 48 hours before flight from Phuket to Bangkok. I travel to Phuket Many times but every times I check on google there still many places I never visit. I will visit some for this time in limited hours....."

I checked from Aleenta Khao Lak around 8.00am with the plan to visit first stop “Ma Doo Bua Cafe” where I saw lots of photos on google. The pond with beautiful lotus is the highlight and the reason which I want to visit.

Actually, from Aleenta Resort from Ma Doo Bua is around 1 hour. My friend told me that this place has same owner with the resort name “At Panta”. But we passed the resort without notice that it is the same place the we u turn and go back to resort again (follow google map).

When I arrived to the café then I realized that this is a place inside resort’s area. It’s belong to the resort and there are the same area for breakfast for their guest. And they normally turn this breakfast area to be café from 11.00am onward for guest from inside and outside resort.

I was a bit disappointed as what I know is if we want to see the lotus flower. We should go to the pond in the morning but during this time they are not open yet so I did not see anything except lotus leaf.

I left the café and heading to Nui Beach. The beach which many people talking about. I just hope that I will not disappoint as the café.

From At Panta Resort to Nui Beach which located after Kata Beach. When you reach to 3 bays view point keep looking on the right hand side when you drive down from the hill. You will see small sign to “Nui Beach”. Turn right a little bit and you will see parking area.

You have to park the car here and join local truck shuttle to the beach. A guy who take care parking area told me that. Since the road to the beach is not proper road. It is the road which the district built for local not for tourist. So, it quite difficult to drive for foreigner and tourist who never visit.

We paid THB 100/person for round trip shuttle and a same guy said that when we reach to the entrance then we have to pay another THB 100 for the maintenance fee to the beach.

Along the way up and down on the hills until we reach to the beach shown me that it is right to use their shuttle.

When I reached to beach. There was a girl at the entrance waiting for us and when we pay THB 100 then she show me the way to each view points and explain what I can do at this beach.

I firstly walk to difference direction with other tourist to get the shot without guest in the frame.

This place did not disappoint me at all. Even today is not bright sky day but the sea infront if me still so beautiful.

The clear water with the clean sandy beach.

From the first view point I got nice shot.

And another shot from the beach.

They put some bucket, basket, chairs, frames and many decorations around the area.

They have small local café selling food and beverage with reasonable prices.

I walk passed the café from left side of the beach to the right side.

At the middle of the beach, there is small hill where there are stairs to walk up and there area many photo spots.

From the 2nd view point in the middle of the beach show me another view.

Few steps from the sandy beach to the water. There are some small and big rocks which make me hope. And then I ask staff there if I can do snorkeling here. She said yes I can do if I come back again in next 2 months because they preparing the equipment for snorkeling.

I keep walking to another side of the beach where there are more rocks but they built the big terrace for enjoying the sea view.

In that area they have swings and all tourist can enjoy playing free of charge.

I spent around 40 minutes on this beach to enjoy the view. I already forgot about the lotus café and replace memory with this beach.

There are some more tourist come and almost raining so I left the beach because I want to have seafood for this lunch and drive suggests me to go to seafood market to find some fresh seafood and go to the restaurant to cook.

There was around 20 minutes from Nui Beach then we reached to the seafood market. I get off from the car and walk along the market till the end.

Unfortunately, I travel alone this time so if I buy any seafood I am sure that I can not finish.

Then I decided to delay my lunch and the driver took me to one of the famous restaurant for local food “Mor Moo Dong”.

We reached there but unlucky me that they close for today.

Then the driver took me to the old town of Phuket and suggest one restaurant name “Raya”. He said that this is another one of famous restaurant in Phuket town for the local food with the authentic taste.

The driver though that there are no parking at the restaurant so he tried to park the car as close as possible to the restaurant then I do not need to walk too long. We park the car in the temple.

We walked from the temple to the restaurant (follow google map) around 10 minutes. The restaurant is located at the intersection.

It is small old house.

Two levels of the house turn to be restaurant with around 10 tables with difference seating.

As I never came to this restaurant before then to make sure that I can get the food when we reach. Then I had order food before we arrive.

I ordered 4 menu today.

1st one is the chili paste with small prawn. Spicy and sour and served with variety of fresh vegetable.

2nd is fried local vegetable with egg. I like this menu eating with chili paste.

3rd is crab meat in yellow curry served with rice noodle.

4th is deep fried pork with salt.

All menu eat with jasmine steam rice.

We chose the table on the ground floor because the staff said that there are a bit hot on second floor because it was late noon already.

We are only 2 persons with 4 dishes of food and rice. But finally, we finished them all. Because they all area so delicious. And I was too full.

It was around 5pm already. It is time to find some nice place to see sunset because today the sky is so bright after rain in the afternoon (the same time that I was walking at the seafood market).

The driver suggested “Joe’s Downstairs which located close to Patong area. Because tonight I will stay at hotel in Patong area. Then it good idea to go there for sunset before check in at hotel.

The stunning view during sunset was so nice and lucky me (after unlucky about restaurant) we reached to the right time.

Then I got many nice shots.

From the terrace surrounding with the trees but those trees do not cover the sea view. So, this restaurant is very good and I recommend this one to all who want to enjoy sunset moment, having romantic dinner or even enjoy dinner with family.

I still full from late lunch so we did not order anything here. Just stand at the terrace and take some shots then left.

I booked Movenpick Myth Patong for tonight. It is special promotion from the travel fair (again). I like to buy from the fair more than internet because I can meet and talk and ask for information from staff from hotel who sell package at the fair.

I check in at the hotel a bit late.

I like their lobby especially the tile on the floor. It is Chino Portuguese style.

My room is normally room with the view to the pool.

After checked in then staff took me to the room.

The room is big especially staying alone.

But I like the bed, look soft and comfortable.

I unpack my luggage and I was too tired to lay down in the jacuzzi bathtub and because the bed and the pillow keep calling me to sleep.

I finally lay down on the bed to watching TV and check photos I took today. I did not know when and what time I fell asleep but I wake up again when the clock alarm at 6am.

Today I have plan to go to the newest water park name “Blue Tree”. But driver suggest me to try 3D museum “Phuket Trick Eyes” first. I left hotel early because I want to have breakfast at local restaurant today.This museum located in the old town of Phuket.

There are lots of paints on the wall and there are lots of tourist enjoy taking photos.

The paints are nice and fun for family with kids or if we travel with group of friends. But as I’m coming alone so the photos that I got by their staff is like this.

Anyway, I want to move to the water park and enjoy the time there.

Unlucky me again, there was raining in the area of the water park when I arrived. So, it is not good idea to swimming or enjoy slider under the rain.

I was sitting there around 30 minutes but the rain still not stop. Then I give up and go back to hotel.

Before I left I got some nice shots. This is good water park with the huge area but I think they should have more slide to create more fun and exciting.

I reached back to hotel late noon and spend the time with laptop to share experience from this trip. I skip dinner for today because I had lots of finger food during the day.

A good sleep make me feel fresh in the morning.

I went to their restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast look good (international buffet). They serve some herb juice, fresh fruit juice and other drink.

I like peppermint tea so I order one pot. And I do not put sugar but I put honey instead.

I had some item for breakfast.

And after finished breakfast I go back to the room to pack my luggage as my flight is noon and there will be around 1.30hrs from my hotel to airport.

Driver pick up me at 10.00am while my flight is 02.30pm so I do not have time to visit any place today. Just go direct to the airport.

I was very good break with 48 hours in Phuket. I was in Patong area but I did not go to the beach. Actually, Phuket is big island so some times you might not feel that you are on the island as long as you are not walking on the beach road.

But I still thinking that Phuket still have some more places that I never visit. But next time I will not come alone. At least if I come with some friends then I might have more shots of me. Anyway, got new friend in Phuket this time.

Bye bye Phuket and see you again soon…..



 Friday, October 4, 2019 5:34 PM