Wulong is the name of a district in Chongqing. And the reason we visit this place because I saw some scenes from the big production movie “Transformer"

We plan this trip since last December as my friend in China told me that the best period to visit Wulong and Chongqing is October.

We landed at Chongqing airport around 10.30am but spent around 1 hour at immigration and get luggage. And because we have to take 3 hours by car to Wulong then our tour guide suggest we buy some food to eat on the way as he worries that we might not happy with local food on the way. Then we got Subway.

This is the private tour so there are only two of us, tour guide and driver. The road is so nice by lots of trees, mountains, forest along the way. The weather is also good. It’s around 20 degree.

We drop by for toilet at a supermarket. Here I got one of my favorite food “sweet corn”. Here we buy steam sweet corn 5CNY ( around THB 20) but in Thailand only THB 10 or if we buy 3 it will be only THB 20. But understand that the currency is difference.

We reached to Wulong finally after get in and off lots of tunnels. Here in China they built tunnels for drive through the mountain instead of long way up and down on the mountains which save lots of times.

Our tour guide bought the ticket for us and we got on the shuttle bus to the drop of place before continue by walk to the national park to visit the highlight of this trip.

This place is a part of National park and it call “Three Natural Bridges”. When we arrive the drop of place.

From the parking lot have to walk few minutes to the elevator.

We take an elevator from the top of the mountain to the bottom. And it glass elevator which we can see outside when we going down.

From now onward we have to deep down again. We love walking so it never be problem to walk. After steps then we reach to the first place and it is the highlight and the reason why we come.

I saw this place from Transformer and many pictures are on google.

I love Chinese architecture. And this place is amazing. How can people come down so deep and built this place since people still do not have high technology like in the present.

This place look like a big house, old house. But the roof, entrance, rooms still look good even old.

They show the movie Transformer on the LCD.

I’m so happy to be here after plan so long time. The weather is very good because of there are lots of trees. Everywhere look fresh and clean.

There are lots of photo spot in this area and tour guide told us that besides of Transformer there are also some Chinese movie took from here because of the landscape of this place is very good to be scenes in the movie. I agreed.

We walk and walk and enjoy taking many shots.

Tour guide told us that total distance from the first step should be around 3kms.

We finished the walking tour around 5pm and our tour guide suggested us have dinner before we go to hotel.

And he took us to a nice restaurant to try local food.

We ordered only 2 menu because we had Subway’s burger in the car already. It a bit difficult to order food here when they do not have menu in English but finally we got fried bamboo shoot and chicken soup eat with rice.

Bamboo shoot is young and sweet, I like it. And chicken soup serve in big pot as same as fried bamboo shoot. Chicken soup here they put the put whole body of chicken, wing, leg, feet, neck and head. Some people might not happy with this menu but I think the taste is not bad. There is smell of some herb which I’m not familiar but it good.

We finished bamboo shoot but chicken soup is too big size so we can not finish it.

We left the restaurant and next place to visit before check in at hotel to see “Impression Wulong show” .

It took around 40 minutes drives then we reach to the show. We got in to the open air theater. I think this big theater can accommodate more than 2000 guests.

And the show is about the culture and history of Wulong.

I impressed the actors and actress. They sing and speak from microphone with very beautiful voice and full with energy.

In case that we cannot understand their song and speaking we can read from the lcd. But I prefer just to enjoy their performance show. Amazing show.

The show took around one hour. And after that we go to hotel which located around one and a half hour. The weather getting colder when we go up on the high mountain.

he road is dark, no light so the road is dark and misty.

But the driver is professional and he drives carefully.

We reached to the hotel finally.

It was so cold so we run to lobby for check in and then they send us in the shuttle car to our room. Because of every where around the hotel look so dark so we cannot imagine how large they are.

Anyway, we got in to the room and surprise with a very nice room. Big room with clean and full amenities. Shower, bathtub, working desk, big tv etc.,

So pity that stay only one night.

I like their bed and pillow very much, feel comfortable and make us had very good sleep.

We woke up around 7am in the morning and prepare for check out. After shower and packed everything then I called to the reception to pick us.

Unfortunately, they do not understand what I want. Staff do not speak English. We brought all luggage from the room and a housekeeping came to us and try to say something to me with smiling face. But I do not understand her.

But she keep talking to me until I tried to use body language to explain to her until she understand and call to the reception. Just a few minutes after that the shuttle came to pick us.

I have to say thank you to her. She is so nice.

We have breakfast at hotel today.

They have variety menu. But I prefer to try local menu of noodle.

I like taste of noodle and will try some more during this trip.

We left from the hotel and heading to visit Fairy mountain.

Now we understand why they booked this hotel with us. Because this hotel is very close to the train station which we will take to visit Fairy mountain.

There are lots of people on queue already when we reached. But now the problem is the temperature drop down to be around 18 degree and there are some shower rain. So, we need some glove.

After few minutes on queue then we got in the train. It’s train with glass windows which we can see everything outside. And along the road is very nice view.

We reached to first stop which called “Great Grass field”. Everyone got of from the train and start walking down to the big land with green grass.

Many people enjoy taking photos with nice view under the cold weather.

I saw some shops selling snack, food, drinks but we are not hungry yet.

We spent around 15 minutes here and the walked back to the train and continue to second stop (totally 2 stops).

At this stop there are lots of activities such as horse riding, archery, ATV. But we prefer to seeing the nice view in the train so we did not get of but continue on the train to the beginning.

We spent around 1 hour at the Fairy mountain and then continue to another place call “Longshuixia Fissure”.

We again go to the ticket office to get on the shuttle bus around 20 minutes and then start walking again.

Tour guide told us that this time we have to walk longer than yesterday and we have to walk deep down from the top of the mountain. I’m happy to hear that.

The proper walk way here make tourist walking easily.

And the view along the way is so nice. And the first stop is at a beautiful waterfall.

There is shower rain so beside of the jacket we also wear rain coat.

We got many nice shots from the waterfall as same as every tourist.

And after that we keep continue walking along the walk way and small stream.

Along the way, there are lots of nice stops to see and the amazing natural made. The mountain, the cliff, the natural bridge are amazing.

Tour guide told us that in total for this area we walked around 2500 steps. OMG!! This is the first time we walk down with 2500 steps.

We enjoy seeing the view until the end. And I checked my mobile and found that we did not walk only 2500 steps.

But totally is around 6000 steps included steps on stair and on long walk way. WOW!!

Before we move our tour guide suggest to have lunch here as it will take around 3 hours drive back to Chongqing.

We went to one restaurant and order 3 menu this time as it already 2pm and we both so hungry after long walks.

We ordered “Spicy Chicken”.

Egg soup with seaweed.

And Fried vegetable with oyster sauce. The taste of the food are so good. This time we finished them all.

We finished the food and now time to take rest and take a nap on the car till we reach Chongqing.

We got lots of good and beautiful memories from Wulong. Lucky those Chinse people who live in Wulong. Because there are so fresh air, green scenery, no pollution. They should have long live. I wish I could stay longer but we both know that impossible but we will keep all this beautiful memory in our heart and I would like to recommend Wulong for any one who look for the pure natural. You will fall in love this district as same as us.



 Tuesday, October 15, 2019 11:20 PM