Hello, I have written many reviews, this article is the most excited one because it is really an exclusive one.

I would like to introduce you the place first, Mokoju mountain. The mountain is located in the west part of Mae Wong national park which is 1,964 meters high. The national park is located in Kamphaeng Phet province but the Ruer Bai rock (sailing boat rock), our main character seems to locate in Nakhon Sawan but you can call it " Kamphaeng Phet" hahaha+

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** Pictures come from many fellows, refer to the given credit.

***------Episode of Topic------**

- Why the trip is "Mogoju"

- The character of people who come here and should not go up here

- Member of conqueror team Trip 14 Group 2

- How to book Mogoju trip

- Preparation

- Temporary of camp setting in different places

- A long distance of 5 days 4 nights

- Expense

- Compile a beautiful picture of the trip

The distance from Mae Krasa --> Mae Lewa is not tough but just a long distance (around 4 kilometers). We have to walk until we get so exhausted and wondering when will we reach the destination.

Around 18.00 pm., Checking in the 2th Point " Mae Lewa camp". First night we will stay here, there is a stream for taking a bath near our accommodation, a bath room which we have to scoop up the water by our self to use it. A suitable place for setting a tent which is the most comfortable accommodation one for this trip. I would not tell a long story, just keep going on an enjoy it.

My first meal of the day, our chef's team cooking for us, I don't want to say that it is yummy. A lot delicious than eating outside or maybe becuase I am straving!

Goodnight, the first day of the trip

The second day of the trip 14/02/2016 ( Valentine's Day)

The tough level is 8.5/10

Mae Lewa Camp ---> Klong Camp1---> Klong Camp2

Waking in the morning to take a bath, have breakfast, have a poo and pee and get ready. Today is the most cruel day of the trip. We will go out from Mae Lewa Camp to Klong2 Camp. Normally, traveling from Mae Lewa camp, we can stop at Lewa waterfall. Total round trip distance is around 8 kilometers but since the water is less during the period we go there so we decide to stop at it when we return back the way.

I recommend you to have a good management of your own stuffs, you can leave things in this camp when you returning.

Today the estimate distance is around 8 kilometers which is a steep along in every cm. and m. ( a little bit over) of the route. Filling water is provided only 1 point. I recommend to prepare enough water, who drink a lot of water should bring a big bottle and a small bottleful of water. If everyone is ready, now let's go.

The 2 strong people also have to take a rest and charge their battery but actually we walk slowly, take a rest when we feel tired, we refer to have a continuously walking trip (God of Kao Wang VS God of Kao Luang)

Giving you guy to see the picture of a tiger fierce - -"

Their face show up that they are so tired.

We separate into 2-3 groups depend on each people energy, don't have to forced yourself. If you are strong, then you can walk in the first group. If you are not mind taking a rest during the way, then you are in the second group. But, if you are a little bit weak you may be at last, there is a staff following you at the end.

This is the place where the staff setting the camera to catch tiger, so I take this picture for you guy to see it.

13.00 pm. Camp Klong1, you see.. we departure at 8-9 am. and we just arrive at clamp1 which is the filling water point. The walk way is steep along the way, more than 45 degree and mostly is more than 60 degree.

The most precious thing is to fill up water from the stream. This is the only point ( between Mae Lewa to Klong Song) to fill up water. We filter water by natural way. I would say that the water is clear and really cool. Amazing thing that come from nature, we have lunch and fill up water here.

After taking a rest, we can leave some stuffs or leave the cloth that we will wear on the way back at this camp so we don't have to carry things up in a long distance. When we ready for everything, then let's continuous, this is just the beginning of the way... Bye Bye the resting area.

The walk way is the same, but it looks more steep. There is a tough point which is a wet clay area, very slippery and we call it "The area of returning to the saving point", gamer or people ages in the year 90 would understand this word hahaha+.

I would not upload many pictures because it is just a steep forest and we often take a rest (our group plan to walk in the middle hahaha)

Around 16.40 pm. "Klong Song Camp" Yeah!!. We reach the camp in the evening, the first group walk so fast, they reach the point at 14.00 pm. They are so strong hahaha+, but reaching after them is also good because the first group has already prepared the tents for us and we only have to arrange our things when we arrive, so chill.

Coming to this point is considered as a half way to go now. Ruer Bai (Sailboat) rock is located 4 kilometers away(estimate distance) which camp 1 & camp 2 are partitioning us. So we plan not to go up today because people from another group of trip no.14 come here only 4 days so we let them go up to feel the atmosphere only one group. For our group, we will go up in the next day at 4.00 am.

Klong Song is the last point before reaching Mogoju which can supply water for cleaning dish, cooking, drinking. Therefore, it is the last precious point.

Goodnight, the second day of the trip and the most tired Valentine's day of the world for me.

Third day of the trip 15/02/2559. Seeing Ruer Bai rock at the first sight of Mogoju's peak mountain.

04.00 am. the clock alarms ring to wake up the whole camp. It is time that we are waiting for. We carry a flashlight, pot, can of gas, camera and walk up the peak of Mogojugu. Here is some picture for you to see the atmosphere.

We can't see anything, actually it is quite dangerous at the starting point to the ridge because two side way is a deep abyss but we finally reach there.

Around 05.30 am., it is our first time seeing the rock = ='

The weather is quite cold with a strong wind but if you have nothing to do, you can sit calmly or cuddle.

When the sunlight come, brighten up the sky so we can get more picture ><". It is so beautiful and enjoyable.

and this is beloved Ruer Bai rock hahaha.

We enjoy the atmosphere there until 10.00 am.

And then go back, there is a beautiful and excited view on the way back. The walking way is a ridge like in the picture.

Taking a pictures, I am crazy photographer hehe.

After we take enough photoes, we move from Klong Song camp up to camp 2 which is located at the most nearest to Hin Ruer Bai ( not more 1 kilometer) and sleep at camp 2 for 1 night.

Around 4 o'clock in the evening, we walk up to the peak of the mountain again from camp 2. Let's see the beautiful pictures.

Evening of the third day, we chill out and feel the atmosphere of the mountain's peak. The sunlight is so strong but we can still get a beautiful picture as wanted.

Walking for not a long distance you will reach the mountain's peak, let's see the beautiful atmosphere.

Kite and Ruer Bai rock

My trip brings up the kite on to the mountain and fly it on Ruer Bai rock hahaha+

Actually, it looks not quite tall, buiii.

! Standing on Ruer Bai rock

(Picture below on the right, actually he wears a football short pant >"<)

18.50 pm. The wind stop and light gone. When the sunset, we go down the mountain. Tonight we sleep at the camp 2 and we sleep like a Mackerel, sleep close to each other. Here is the picture hahaha+. Personaly I think it's fun and I like it even we can't sleep comfortably because we lying too close to each other!!

We love each other and fall a sleep.

Goodnight, the third night of the trip, so warm hearted but the sleeping place is quite narrow.

The fourth day of traveling 16/02/2559, saying goodbye to the mountain's peak and go back to the place at sea level.

04.00 am., we wake up in the morning and take picture of the galaxy but some of us is not waking up maybe they are so exhausted and then we go to the same direction as yesterday to breath in the fresh air. Actually the weather up there is cold, around 10 degree Celsius like a strong fan.

Is it beautiful, my photographer is professional (giving him some credit)

The light of two night look different and the most fortunate thing is the sky is so clear.

After we take enough picture with the rock then it is time to say goodbye and go down to pack our stuffs.

Dont have to think so much about the way back when you are going down the mountain, just walk through the same way and relax.

** I recommend you to wear a open-air shoe to protect your nail from hurting ** The way going down might hurt your feet, you have to be strong. Here is my strain.

The hill that we call it as saving point in legend that I have said at the beginning.

We reach Mae Lewa around 13.00 pm.-14.00 pm. and then take a rest by playing beside the steam, cleaning up the hurted feet, filtering more water and take a long distance to Mae Krasa.

If you walk back and see a bamboo bridge that mean you are going to reach Mae Krasa soon!! Comfortableness is waiting for you. Mr.Pai, our strong leader has prepared a cold Pepsi for us at the moment we arrive, very grateful, see how we react.

The 4th night, we stay at Mae Krasa, we enjoy playing the water, take a rest on the wooden litter. Feel the nature, last night of us is to share our feeling, It is the most enjoyable night.

Goodnight, the forth day of the trip, I feel full more than other night.

On the 5th day of travelling 17/02/2559, going back to the city.

After having a comfortably sleep on the wooden litter, now it time to walk back for 16 kilometers to the national park and make the trip end. 5 days 4 nights of us. We sit in front of the fire, sip coffee, sip tea and talk with the staff.

We walk back on the same way. The route is go up and down, we have some free time so we take a picture right away hahaha+

We walk relaxingly to national park and reach around 14.00 pm and we go separately to have a meal which are simple food ordering, sparkling water, sweet dink, the bathroom provided with a cold water for taking a bath, herrr...now it's time to end this trip completely.

----- Expenses -----

I just make a breifly detail, it's around 3,000 Baht, including everything example

1. Food for 5 days in the forest, many meals

2. Car from Bangkok to Mae Wong national park

3. Including a reserving for national park admission, depends on people.

The Best of Picture ------

1. Beautiful view

2. Various type of flowers we found in the trip.


I would like to say Thank You to members of the trip 14 Group 2 which are very nice.

** If there is any mistake in this review, I would like to make an apologize here.

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