If you have trip to travel Phrae, a littel provice north of Thailand. You must to go Cafe' de Phraeris.

Why I say that?

Cafe' de Phraeris, This shop won form Phrae Esyenn 2019 It is a small cafe with a lot of charming. The cafe is a wooden house decorated in various styles. We have to take off our shoes. (If you are not convenient, can buy a Take Away) The shop has shoes to wear.

You can choose zones with your self. Outside fresh air zone or inside cool air zone. (LOL)

Esyenn de Phraeris ฿50

Not bad, The coffee has smooth taste. Not very complicated Because it is clear coffee.

Le Cor Blue ฿50

Delicious! More than expected !!! The taste of Anchan juice with lemons and a small scent of bergamot. Very very nice.

Japaness Chesse Cake ฿70

As for the cold cheesecake, The taste is ok, The first bite is OK. If not eaten up with cheesecake, eating a lot may be greasy.

In the Cafe.

Price : ฿40

Map :


"Nice to meet you gays."

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 Sunday, November 3, 2019 11:01 PM