Winter is coming, Let's go camping⛺️ in Mon Jaem 🌥 together ☺️

Hi there!!!! welcome to our journey, today we are taking you all to camping in a dome at Monnuea Homestay, Mon Jaem, Chiang Mai.

It is getting cool now in Chiang Mai ☁️❄️ If you have a plan to Mon Jaem 🌺🌺 We recommend you to stay at Monnuea Homestay 🏞🌳

There are many types of room such as Twin house, Loft style house, Wooden House, Bamboo House, VIP Dome, and Deluxe Dome. The room rate is starting from 490THB to 1,490 THB per night.

You can choose the room type as you preferred and each room is not blocked each other view. So you can enjoy all panorama view right in front of you.

We are stay in VIP DOME for 2 people for 1,490THB including breakfast.

The dome is in white with private bathroom separate outside the dome.

Inside the dome.... you all set with all needed items for you comfort.

(You will not need air-conditioner at all as it has very good weather)


In front of each dome, there is a balcony where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the panorama view right in front of you^^

And another point to stay here is there is a very good viewpoint.

**The photo is taken in OCTOBER around 06.00am. After raining, there will be a lot of fog around the area. If you visit there during NOVEMBER-DECEMBER, it will be cool already. **

Look!!! Those fogs are following us.....

It is DINNER time...."Korean BBQ"

A big set of Korean BBQ 500 THB

This set can be for 4 people as there are a lot of pork and vegetables.

And it taste so GOOD!!!!

....Good morning....

Let's the photo tells itself...

It is so amazing, the foggy sea is just right in front of our dome.

** The photo is taken around 07.00am. and the fog is slowly gone around 09.00am.**

Breakfast is at the reception in the front of the resort. They serve rice porridge, breads and hot drinks as your preferred.

A cup of coffee in an early morning....So nice!!!


If you are looking for a place to stay in Mon Jaem, I would suggest to come to Monnuea Homestay. Staffs are very nice, located in a a very good location, valuable for the price and Korean BBQ is very delicious.😋

🚗 As we have rented a car, it makes our life easier to travel around. We rent a car through since in Bangkok and pick up at Chiang Mai International Airport. Then just follow Google Maps to Mon Jaem.

If you like to come to Chiang Mai, rent a car would be easier for you to travel around the city and out skirt of town. 😄👏
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....Thank you very much

Hope you all enjoy our journey

See you on the next trip....

Papainhoi Couple

 Monday, November 18, 2019 1:00 PM