Top 5 Must-Visit Cafes in Chiang Mai

Since we visited Chiang Mai, we want to bring you along on a trip to visit the beautiful and stylish cafes or coffee shops in Chiang Mai province, so if you have a chance to visit, you can check out these places and take photos. These are the 5 Must Visit Cafes in Chiang Mai (plus 3 other cafes in the suburban area). Let's begin!

  • ( 1 ) GRAPH One Nimman -This cafe has a large menu and is part of the One Nimman project. Personally, I really like the Afternoon menu. The taste is very nice and easy to try. It contains pumpkin and is very healthy and fun to drink. The shop is also located next to Monsoon Tea, which is the perfect place for tea lovers. If you visit One Nimman, you shouldn't miss this cafe. The drinks here are delicious and there are many choices to choose from. The shop is also filled with the aromatic smell of tea.
  • ( 2 ) Artisan cafe One Nimman - There are many branches of this cafe in Krabi, Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The highlight of this shop is the coffee. The ambiance of the shop really reminds me of coffee shops in England.
  • ( 3 ) Ristr8to - Specialty coffee - This shop is famous for its delicious coffee and world-class Latte Art. Those who are coffee lovers shouldn't miss this shop and try their signature drink!

  • ( 4 ) Gateway Coffee Roasters - Let's check out the Tha Pae gate zone. Other than the shop's industrial-styled atmosphere, the desserts and drinks are also interesting. Most importantly, it belongs to the same network as GRAPH Cafe too! You can also see the beautiful view of Wat Mahawan's pagoda.
  • ( 5 ) Transit Number 8 - is one of the coffee shops in the area of Chiang Mai International Airport adored by teenagers. Other than the fantastic coffee of the shop, the oppa shop keeper is also very handsome!
  • Extra ( 6 ) เมากาแฟ: Mao Coffee - Let's go out to the suburbs! Mao Coffee offers Lan Na style coffee and the decor is also Lan Na style. The shop is located in an old wooden building that is very unique. There are many snacks and drinks to choose from. The highlight of this shop for me is the cocoa because the creamy and tasty milk that really brings out the taste of cocoa.
  • ( 7 ) เก๊าไม้ล้านนา - This coffee shop and hotel has been open for a very long time, and now there is a Cafe Brewery that welcomes many tourists. It is one of the coffee shops with a nice atmosphere. The tobacco curing shed also received the Cultural Heritage Conservation award from UNESCO as well!
  • ( 8 ) Coffeesmith Thailand - This Korean shop is recommended for night owls. It is located on the Star Avenue 5 Chiang Mai-Handong road. The coffee and snacks here are very nice. There is also bingsu and various fruits to choose from. For those who want to hold a small meeting for work, the shop offers sitting corners with electricity plugs. So, if you visit the area, don't forget to try the bingsu at this shop!

● So that is it for our 5 Must Visit Cafes in Chiang Mai. Don't forget to show us your photos if you visit these cafes in Chiang Mai! / See you again next time!

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