One of the famous festivals in Pattaya is “International Firework” which a lot of tourist come to Pattaya for 3 hours firework show and mini concert. The show happen in Pattaya beach area without admission fee. Every year there are lot of people sit down on the beach chairs or mattress on the sand and enjoy the show. Some people booked the room in hotel on the beach road to see fireworks from their balcony.

This year me Radar and Yui agreed to have experience to see firework show. We booked hotel for one night as we worry that if the festival finished late night we should not drive back to Bangkok.

And as there are so many people in Pattaya area so we decided to stay a bit outside. Cholchan Pattaya Hotel is where we will stay this time.

I arrived to Pattaya and check in before other. Our room is on 19th floor with sea-view. The view from the room is so nice panoramic sea-view. The swimming pool is look so nice when look from our room. I might swim tomorrow if we have time.

Radar and Yui arrived late evening and finding dinner.

I had appointment at restaurant in Na Klua area and because today is the traffic is terrible so I took motobike taxi from the restaurant to meet them at Bay View Hotel. I was right to chose motobike taxi because from Naklua to Bay View Hotel close to Central Pattaya took around 30 minutes. The beach road was closed and second road which is one way was full with the cars. For every one who want to come for this event, I suggest to not drive.

We all meet at the beach road in front of the hotel Wave which located in the middle of the beach.

We never came for this festival before so we do not know where exactly the show will be.

We just try to find empty space on the beach which lots of people already took space with mattress as well.

Radar brought the plastic mattress because she does not want to pay 50 Baht to rent it at the beach 😊

We got space. And from the place we sit we can see very nice view of Pattaya Beach.

And a few minutes later there is a woman came to us with dry squid.

Long time we did not eat this dry squid so we ordered 7 squids and paid 100 Baht.

It cheaper then we expect during the event. We were curios how she grilled squid but just few minute we got answer.

Grilled dry squid with sweet and sour sauce ready to serve. We were enjoy eating squid.

And the show time starting. There are Argentina, Canada, Germany, UAE and Philippines joined festival this time. And they started with Argentina.

08.00pm they started with Argentina.

This is the first time for Radar and Yui to see firework show in Thailand.

But for me I saw many times in Bangkok but there are differences because when the fireworks flying up to the sky with the dark background of the sea the light is brighter.

The show took around 15 minutes.

And after that Canada show.

I think Argentina is nicer than Canada. Argentina show bigger fireworks and also higher.

After finished 2 shows then MC breaks with mini concert from the famous bands in Thailand. And the concert run around 20 minutes. Radar almost sleep while waiting for next show.

Suddenly another woman came with dry squid again.

And we buy again.

Around 20 minutes listen concert, we can not see the stage as we were sitting too far. And then 3rd show started.

This one is from Germany.

I think this one is even better than Argentina.

The fireworks are so big and bright and fly so high. The fireworks look like mushrooms, flower, hearts etc., the colors are so nice.

Comparing 3 shows I like Germany the most. But Radar still like Argentina.

After finished Germany then they continue with UAE.

This one got big hands from the audiences on the beach including 3 of us.

I like Germany the most (especially the song which they use is Sound of Silence "Disturbed version". Yui still think that UAE is the best.

They continue another one which is the last one. Philippines.

This show for me is similar to Argentina just difference color.

Each show took around 15 minutes and the last show finished around 1000pm.

But the festival still not finish yet. They continue with mini concert again.

But we all agreed to go back because they are not our favorite band.

After the show, there are thousands of people walk back and some drive so the traffic were worse than the time we came.

Around 30 minutes finally we reached to the Sukhumvit road and heading to Cholchan Hotel.

We arrived to Hotel around 11.40pm and we all are out of battery so after take shower then everyone lay down on bed. However, I am the last one who sleep.

I woke up while another 2 ladies still sleep. It is 6.30am and the view from our room is amazing.

We took shower and prepare for breakfast. Radar as always skip breakfast and have only a cup of black coffee.

We all talking during breakfast about our experience the show. This experience for fireworks show is so nice. Good idea to do it on the sea as we can see it clearer than in the city. And as I saw both Yui and Radar were enjoyed this trip so I’m thinking to invite them to go to Chiang mai or Chiang Rai and try Hot Air Balloon. Let’s see what they say!!!!!


 Sunday, December 1, 2019 11:57 PM