"The stars here are absolutely beautiful" I thought when I was looking at the pictures from my camera.

"The stars here are absolutely beautiful" I thought when I was looking at the pictures from my camera.

About a month ago, I was watching stars in the sky at about 9 p.m.

It wasthe time when some people in Bangkok were probably stuck in the traffic jam or perhaps others were waiting for their favorite dramas.

My family and I, on the other hand, were lying on the beach watching a great number of shining stars and enjoying the atmosphere with beautiful lightings along the seashore.

Now I am taking you back to our special holiday in a distinctive destination with our "big boy".Luckily, we got plenty of time for this trip. So, we had an opportunity to stay in two resorts. One of these was Peace Resort.

We had known the resort in the end of the last year and we chose to come back here again. Please follow my big boy to get to know the resort and its romantic restaurant. The restaurant is called "Sea Wrap Restaurant", one of the most romantic places on Ko Samui. Then you will find out the reasons why we fell in love with it.


For some of you who would like to know more about us and our interesting trip around Thailand.

You can click on this for the review of our first trip to Ko Samui. It comes with the details about how to reach there.


How to get there

This time we chose to travel with Boutique Airline Bangkok Air. There are more than ten flights directly flying to Ko Samui a day, so we could save our valuable time on travelling. I was also surprised by a large number of people who were going to Ko Samui making me realize that the island is so popular among travelers. If anyone would like to have a fantastic holiday, Ko samui is probably one of the best destinations ever.

My big boy was seriously learning how to take good photographs. I was so glad to have him practice what he like to be since he was a child. So, he will be able to do it great when he grows up.

We could easily get inside to wait for the boarding time. GO GO GO!!!

As walking past a standing board, there was the information showing mobile boarding pass procedure. It was such a convenient and smart way to do the boarding pass.

The giant teddy bear looked so inviting to take pictures with him.

We didn't select the early flight so that we have plenty of time wandering around the Airline lounge.

We could not miss "Khao Tom Mad" (a Thai traditional dessert made from sticky rice, coconut milk, and banana) offered in the lounge. It seems like a signature of the airline.

After spending some time in the lounge, it was the time to be on board. We were taking a small plane this time, but the service quality is exactly like that of the big one.

My boy got more entertained by flying in the sky than the others since he had always wanted to travel by air.

Another advantage of flying with this airline is they know how to deal with small children during the flight. My son was given a sticker notebook to play with and it truly got his attention.

What completed this flight was the food. My big boy was grabbing a piece of hamburger.

It was such a nice weather with some clouds in different shapes. Our boy got a lot of questions for us to answer which created a memorable family activity.

I believe it will be such a great time that any busy family shouldn't miss it.

We reached to Ko Samui Airport about an hour later.

It is said that here is one of the most beautiful airports in Thailand and it really is. I could feel the sense of the sea and beaches at the moment I stepped on the airport.

Actually, the Peace Resort Samui is the second accommodation we visited. At the end of the review, you will know the reasons why I'd like to mention it first.

We were welcomed with a sweet cold Roselle juice.

My big boy looked interested in everything surrounding him. I like the idea of taking children to visit many places allowing them to learn from experience they have no chance to get from any schools.

After checking in, we went to our room which is Beach Front Villa No.1. The good thing is the room is located on the beach. We took a few steps out of the room to reach the beach.

We actually know the room style from the last time we were here. The room was huge with everything we needed such as LCD television and king-side bed which could be slept in by 3 people.

They got an incredible bathroom, well-separated into wet and dry zones. I adored it from the last time. It was absolutely great to actually stay here again.

There were some pavilions with mattresses for guests to enjoy outstanding sea view.

Let's have a look at the seashore. There are sunbathing beds and some fences made from trees for the guest privacy.

Although there are not so many trees, it is enough to create a relaxing, cool, and pleasant ambience. The seaside is pretty sylvan with the tree shadows, making it a good place to lie down for all day long.

Food is another important subject I must mention. This is one of resorts we visited that offered good food.

Sea Wrap Restaurant is well known for its fab appointment.

We ordered a freezing coconut to drink its water. It could perfectly go with the hot summer day.

To start with the appetizer, baked stringed meat came in compact condition. It was enjoyable when we were chewing it.

This was a child dish, the dish for my child. It was tasty fried rice with excellent smell.

We ordered Tom Yam Kung in original style. Here was exactly like we expected.

Here it came our favorite dish, shrimps with tamarind sauce. It had really big shrimps and extremely delicious sauce.

It was even tastier when it came with some hot streamed rice. Hmm…I'm salivating now.

It was roasted duck leg with sweet and sour sauce, a signature dish of the restaurant. The duck was pretty tender, coming right with the fork the moment I were stabbing it.

I finished our lunch with spicy roasted duck. The unique recipes used in the restaurant are created by executive chef. The food here is very distinctive and tasty, especially Thai food. I have no wonder why the restaurant is so crowded with customers for dinner.

As you may know form my review about the first time here, the resort is quite large with more than a hundred rooms.

After our lunchtime, we took a walk around the resort and enjoyed the nice weather there.

One of the most impressive things in the resort is the cool and pleasant shady from various types of trees grown around the resort.

The spacious curved swimming pool was what impressed me the most. It was inviting me to jump in.

For this time, we came in a big family with plenty of time to enjoy the facility and services here.

The weather was just perfect to have a good time swimming.

With the nice weather, it was such a wonderful time to shoot the photos.

Here comes to the most significant part of my review. The reason that brought me back to this resort again was in the evening. The table setting was changed to that of the dinning style.

Let's have a look at our dinner.

New Zealand mussels looked really delicious. So did the taste.

Served with white wine

The décor style looked so attractive that I could not miss taking a photo of it.

The next dish was a big set of grilled meat which was very excellent.

It was served with red wine which was compatible with each other.

I could not remember what kind of soup it was but I would never forget its taste. Every dish was absolutely well prepared I believe.

This was gorgeous beef with nice plate decoration. The chefs here always came with god décor ideas on every dish.

The food was placed on a pumice dish which can maintain both hot and cold temperature of the food.

Anyone that loves beef or veal has no a single reason to miss it.

This fabulous meal was ended with ice cream dessert served with plenty of choices of side dishes.

In the evening, all the things we saw during the day were completely changed into those that made the restaurant be outstandingly romantic.

The remarkable highlight here is the sand dining tables.

They make all the sofas and tables from sand which is very incredible and notable.

The warm atmosphere and nice weather together made it even better.

We pretty enjoyed the great view of the romantic calm sea.

I will continue writing the review again after I pick my boy up from school. It was really close to the end of the review.

Every moment was fulfilled with romantic surroundings.

There were some lamps and candlestick on all the four sides of the table to make it even more romantic.

I took so many pictures around here.

There were some bottles of wine ready to be served.

Everything just looked so nice and perfect that all the diners wanted to sit over there.

This European couple would like me to take them a picture which I was glad to do so. They came here with their small son. It seemed such a nice family.

The atmosphere in the evening was so definitely beautiful.

These are bean bag chairs which are big enough for a few people to sit and lie down.

The darker the sky was, the brighter the light seemed to be.

Someone may prefer to experience a candlelight dinner with romantic sunset view.

There was a wedding reception on that day. The resort had done a romantic table set for the newly married couple. If anyone would like to have a table set like this, the resort can organize it for you.

It looked so appealing.

From the picture, you can see how perfectly romantic the ambience was.

Although I spent time taking several photos around the restaurant, I didn't forget to prepare special present for my family.

It was my son's birthday. I promised to my wife to get a cake for my son but I pretended to be too busy to buy it. So she was a bit pissed off.

Actually, I had already prepared everything with the resort staff.

My boy looked so surprised when everyone sang the birthday song. He was amazed for awhile and began to smile which made us happy indeed.

It was sweetest thing that the resort staff did for us as a small family, making us feel special.

As a three-year-old boy, he may not understand the whole things but I believe he will when he grows up. He will recognize how important he is for our family and everyone surrounding him loves him very much.

That night before he got to bed, he said to us "Dad loves me and mom also loves me too." It made us as parents truly happy.

After my son went to bed, I went out again to take more photos. The weather was terrific indeed during the day and night. Before the last night on Ko Samui had gone, I heard a beautiful song from a nearby bistro.

It's a night with lots of stars on the sky. I imagine it seems like your face.

Enjoying the imagination and it doesn't look like stars to me anymore.

Is the dazzling moon similar to your heart?

If it were, I would take it to my heart.

The song is called "A night with Plenty of Stars" sung by Pramoot Wilepana.

I stopped shooting the photos and went back to the room where the ones I love were sleeping.

Good night for now.

At 5.30 a.m.

I got up enthusiastically since I didn't want the time to fly so fast. I'd like to get the photos of the rising sun and beautiful quite beach called "Bophut"

The sunlight was slowly creeping and getting out the mountain far away.

There was a yacht floating in the middle of the sea. The sea view in the morning can perfectly go well with sweet light colors of the sky.

While I was poring over taking photos, someone filliped me in the back made me flinch. It was my big boy.

He got up earlier than usual making me surprised. So I asked his mom and she said he just wanted to follow me.

I would say goodbye to the last morning on Ko Samui where I had a lot of good memory.

It was a nice place where we were with the ones we love surrounded by the incredible ambiance. No wonder why foreign visitors call it "the Heaven Island"

It is not only it has beautiful beaches or clearly blue sea but also it created valuable memory for our family during the days we spent there.

Ko Samui I wish I would have an opportunity to go back there again.

Thank to the Peace Resort Samui for the warm and impressive welcoming back as well as the comfortable accommodation and great food.

It is the time to say good bye to my readers. I'd like to end it with this picture that will probably last in my mind for a long time.

See you again somewhere under the nice clear blue sky. Bye.

Piyapong Chantong

 Wednesday, April 29, 2015 2:17 PM