Hello everyone, today I would like to change the atmosphere by taking you to find delicious Japanese food in the city to eat. If you really think about it, Japanese food in our country is popular with Thai people in almost every category. Whatever the menu is, it's Japanese. Our country is not inferior to their mother country at all, including sushi, raw fish, ramen, shabu, etc. and many more to mention. And how great would it be if there was a place that brought together a variety of Japanese food styles in one place without having to travel around to eat and waste time? And today, the 1twenty2 family volunteers to take you to a Japanese food town in a not-so-far area like the Ekkamai-Ram Intra Road with "Hako Town". What will it be like? Come and travel with our house. ^ ^

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Getting to Hako Town, the Japanese food town, is not difficult at all. It is located on the expressway, Ekkamai-Ram Intra. If you are coming from Ekkamai, drive to the end of the road at the Kaset-Nawamin intersection and make a U-turn. Within 500 meters, stay on the left lane and you will see Hako Town, which is located right next to the road, before the Esso gas station. It's easy to find.

After parking the car, I walked in and saw a girl in a kimono welcoming me. Both the person and the outfit were lovely. ^_^

The first thing that catches the eye of children and giants alike is not the food or snacks, but rather the toys that decorate the restaurant. This is because Hako Town hosts different events every week.

The moment we arrived, it was just after an animation event had finished, so there were still traces of the event here and there. The little boy ran straight at us and asked his parents at the same time, "Can I take it, Mom? Can I take it, Dad?" (In a 3-year-old's voice, ^______^)

After walking around, let's stop by and write our names on the sign. This is where the shop has set up a place to hang wish plaques, similar to when Japanese people go to pray at temples.

"My mom made me sign it myself in my messy handwriting that no one can read. That's right, the name you see there, my mom wrote it for me. ^_^"

The atmosphere here is like a simulated food town, with a collection of Japanese-style shops. There are various Japanese restaurants, including rice bowl shops, sushi and sashimi shops, skewered and grilled shops, ramen shops, gyoza shops, and even shops selling drinks and sake. There are a lot of them. I remember seeing it on TV before I came here.

The method of purchasing here is by using a card, similar to most fast food restaurants. It's easy to understand, just tell them how much you want to buy.

As the evening approaches, the atmosphere becomes more inviting as the air cools down comfortably. However, there is an increase in mosquitoes. The restaurant uses mosquito coils placed under each table to mitigate this issue.

Before we take you on a tour, let's have a taste of the food first. The first menu that should be an appetizer is Gyoza.

This is Hako Gyoza, and it tastes really good. Mom absolutely loves this first dish. Personally, I've always loved eating gyoza, and this place is delicious. I tried it myself and I liked it too. The dough is thin and crispy, and it's really tasty.

Next up, let's move on to the grilled menu at Kushi Maru. This is a grilled restaurant. The menu we ordered was grilled fresh mushrooms with Japanese sauce. A variety of mushroom menus that customers can choose for themselves because here they have their own mushroom station that is grown and served to customers immediately. I tried this stick and I liked it. The sauce is not too sweet. It's delicious.

Followed by grilled chicken yakitori, served with lemon. If we want to squeeze more flavor, we can do so as well.

Before eating, I had to take a picture first, but... while I was taking the picture, it seemed like a small hand was slowly creeping closer and closer to the food, as if to say, "Dad, when will I get to eat?"

Being the child of a reviewer, you have to be patient, my dear. >__< The camera always eats first, you know. T___T

After the order was placed, I went to order a cold drink to quench my thirst at the Yoi Bar.

Both glasses are soda menus. I remember the name Tokyo soda and another menu is fruit soda. The taste is very refreshing, but I don't recommend it for young children. Otherwise, they will have a bloated stomach. I ordered it for myself and my mother. As for the giant child, it is a menu of plain water and ordinary fruit juice.

Let's continue with the main course with one of the most popular menus of the Oyako restaurant. It is a restaurant that focuses on chicken and eggs served in various ways on hot rice. I ordered chicken teriyaki rice for Panpan, a recommended menu for all ages. Even children can eat it. The giant child, Ered, enjoyed it very much.

Another rice menu from the same restaurant. I must say that I never thought I would order from this restaurant before, but since I was already there, I don't know why I decided to try it. Curry rice, because I'm not usually a meat eater, and most curry rice is meat-based, so I've always passed it up.

I tried the chicken curry rice and found it to be edible and much easier to eat than I expected. My mother also tried it and said it was delicious.

Next up, a must-try menu item for anyone visiting Hako Town: the Dry Ramen with Toppings.

This is from Maru Shabu restaurant, which focuses more on dry noodle dishes than soup dishes, especially the lava egg. I think it's delicious, especially when it's mixed together. It's my top recommendation here. As for Mom, she gave up as soon as she saw the teriyaki chicken rice.

And before we part, if you don't try the Sembe, it would be a shame. With the Maru Sembe restaurant, with its Japanese-style rice cracker menu, we have giant squid sheets so big that even the giant child would be surprised because they are so big and thin that you can see the squid that has been sliced so thinly.

The crispy and easy-to-eat options include shrimp or squid. As for me, I ordered the squid, which was salty and delicious. The little giant loved it very much ^ ^

To top it all off, we couldn't miss out on the various sushi toppings, like the salmon we ordered.

And also yum, this is very delicious.

This place not only offers almost every type of food, but they also have new events every week. For example, the week we went, they had Plariex from the Plariex page come and draw cartoons for everyone who came to eat that day. The line was quite long.

Great work! It's really cute and has its own unique personality.

It was a real struggle to get the little giant to stay still so I could draw him. Mom had to use all her skills to coax him! >__<

The mother and child are having a lot of fun. The mother is a very professional teaser.

Brother Pla has already drawn half of it in a very fast time, less than 5 minutes.

And then it was colored.

Done in a jiffy, it's so cute! I really like your art style, Pla. You captured the personality so quickly.

A quick snapshot with the model and the artist. Look how shy the model is! Thank you so much, P'Pla.

After a delicious meal, let's take a look at the atmosphere of the various shops. The best time to visit is in the early evening. Although the shops open at 4 pm, the time after 5 pm until early evening is the ideal time, both for the pleasant weather and the relaxing atmosphere.

From where we were sitting, it looked a lot like a roadside restaurant in Japan. Who would have known that every single shop was converted from a shipping container? They were so thoroughly transformed that they no longer resembled containers at all. What a great idea!

The beautiful corner of the shop, the atmosphere in the early evening is the most beautiful and inviting.

We sat for a while and then it was time to go back. One thing to be careful about at Hako Town is mosquitoes. The shop has a solution by placing mosquito repellent under each table for guests. It was time for us to take the little one home for a bath and powder before bed. I must say that this meal was fun in a relaxed, simple and beautiful atmosphere that can be called fun not far from home.

Summer's End

Hako Town recreates the atmosphere of various Japanese shops, bringing them all together in one place. Every restaurant has its own unique Japanese style, and the prices are affordable, making it a great place to eat out. If you order with a group of people, it's even more worthwhile. As for the taste, it varies depending on individual preferences. Personally, my family and I tried it and found almost everything to be delicious. It's rare to find a place that combines the atmosphere of so many different shops at such reasonable prices. I might even say that we need to find another place like this soon.

This last month of summer has been quite interesting.

It's May 3rd, 2020. The shop will be hosting a farewell summer party with Sakura at Hako Town.

And the festival that everyone is looking forward to, the fireworks display, in the atmosphere of a Japanese temple fair. Here's what I gathered from their page:

Farewell, Summer...Hako Transforms

"The long-awaited moment has arrived. Say goodbye to summer with cherry blossoms at Hako Town, amidst the atmosphere of a Japanese temple festival."

Fanpage: www.facebook.com/hakotown

Anyone interested in going that day, it's definitely worth it with the all-you-can-eat buffet for the Goodbye Summer..Hako Changes event.

Finally, let's say goodbye with another beautiful angle of Hako Town. This is the end of our journey here. Until we meet again, everyone!

Piyapong Chantong

 Friday, July 5, 2024 3:06 PM