The first accommodation review of the year from 1TWENTY2, I would like to take you to escape the heat to the north to another accommodation that I would like to recommend for a long time.

But then again, 1TWENTY2's style of not marinating may not result in the best flavor. It's like wine, the longer it ages, the better the taste.

Ahem... break... before it goes too far... lol

Let's get straight to the point. Before we proceed, I would like to clarify that this will not be a full review.

Since I only had one night to stay here, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have.

Follow us to find happiness with a super hip and chic LOFT-style resort at "Zensala Resort Chiangmai"

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This is the second time I have had the opportunity to use the services of Don Mueang Airport.

After moving her household registration to Don Mueang, Panpan seems to be having a lot of fun, really.

And as always, we used our favorite airline, Airasia. This time, we booked our tickets a year in advance for a promotional fare.

Before we knew it, we were already boarding the plane.

The best way to keep Panpan calm and well-behaved is to keep the secret on the tip of your tongue. ^____<

This trip up north was inspired by the many reviews I've seen from friends about the terraced rice fields in Mae Chaem.

The image of the terraced rice fields with the morning dew is what drew me to successfully take myself up north. It was very exciting for me.

Leaving you with a view of endless green rice fields before we head back to the city.

I intend to do a full review of this trip for you to read. Wait a moment. ^ ^ Zensala is located just 800 meters from the Chiang Mai highway. Some people may like it because it is convenient to travel to the city. But the point I came this time is because I want to be close to

Will nature be the answer for me here...

As we walked past the Check-in Counter, we couldn't help but be surprised. As soon as we crossed the fence into the resort, all the sounds of cars passing by in front of us disappeared, incredibly.

And what's amazing is that the resort is right on the banks of the Ping River, almost as if it's floating on the water's edge.

The cascading box design of this Loft Resort is truly impressive and stylish.

This is the Lobby looking back from the back.

From the inside of the resort, you can see all the rooms. And as you can see, there are bicycles too...

Customers can rent bicycles to ride around the area.

In front of the lobby, there is a resort restaurant with a seating area for guests.

The restaurant is open to the public and guests until the evening.

This resort doesn't have many rooms, only 14, making it a small to medium-sized resort. However, this limited number of rooms allows each one to be uniquely charming. No two rooms are alike in their design and decor.

The view directly from the front of the room shows that the room is built in a Loft style box. The angularity of the room plus the bare concrete walls make the room even more charming, making you want to stay in almost every room. The room with the lights on is the room we are staying in tonight. ^ ^

The room I stayed in was a Pool Access Deluxe, with a swimming pool right in front of the room. Let's take a look inside the room.

The room size is not very big, depending on the room. They range from 28-41 sqm. I can't remember the size of the room I stayed in, but the view from the room was extraordinary.

Looking inside the room, you will find everything you need. It's not big, but it's not cramped either, as all the necessary equipment is provided.

Another angle from inside the room looking out to the front, you can see the atmosphere by the river.

Ah, what I like is the bedside lamp like in the picture. Nowadays, I see new resorts like to install it in the room for guests, which is really good when you want to read a book or play games on your mobile phone. ^_^

The bathroom is also well-equipped. What I really like is that there is a bidet spray. I still feel that every hotel and resort in our country should have one. Or is there anyone who doesn't like it? >_<

Just 3 steps from your room and you can jump into the pool.

The pool is also fun to swim in, as I mentioned, because it's a long pool in front of all the rooms on the lower floor. This way, we can swim and greet each other. ^___^

I woke up early in the morning because I had already inquired that here you can see the sunrise right in front of your room, and it really was. The morning air was very refreshing, even though it wasn't yet fully cold in the month I went.

It could be a coincidence, but I chose to stay at Zensala Resort from the Thai Travel Fair last year because I was looking for a budget car rental deal to use for this trip.

I walked around until I stumbled upon this place, and finally managed to check myself in. "The picture shows the early morning, the atmosphere is wonderful. The morning atmosphere here is very beautiful. You can see the sun rising in front of the room."

On any morning when I see the sun round and big like this, I consider that day to be a day of pure travel happiness. This is just my belief, but I wouldn't mind if anyone else agreed with me.

Let's take a look at the restaurant. The restaurant here is not very big, it's small and cute like the resort itself.

The atmosphere in the restaurant.

A complete set of equipment on the table is ready to use.

Breakfast here is served Alacart style, you can order from the set menu. Most of the dishes are standard breakfast items found in hotels and resorts, but the taste is delicious because they make almost everything themselves. For example, this salad has very fresh vegetables and the dressing is homemade.

Or like this AFB, the person next to me ordered it. It looks good, and I think the taste is good too. I think it's up to the standard of 5 stars.

This morning, I had a strong craving for omelets, so I decided to order one. It wasn't your average omelet, though. It was absolutely delicious!

You can ask Punpun, the water pressure here is good, you can adjust it yourself, and there is normal service like any other hotel.

Are you full yet? If you are, I'll take you on a tour around the area. There are other rooms that are not in the same building. They are called Zensala Mini Villa, but I didn't take any pictures of the inside to show you. There are 2 single rooms with a jacuzzi in front of them for you to soak in.

After breakfast, we continued on a Ping River cruise. This is a boat service that the hotel can arrange for you.

The boat that we are using to travel is called a "scorpion tail boat". This boat has a very long history. It has been with the people of Chiang Mai since the city was founded.

Let's take a look at its history. I think it's a pretty amazing ship.

The origin of the scorpion boat

The invaluable gift that has been with the Ping River since ancient times is the scorpion-tailed boat, which must be preserved alongside this river. It is not a long-tailed boat, nor is it a rowing boat that is too large for one person to row. Moreover, looking at the shape of the boat, it resembles the coconut shell that children used to float on water in the past. Not only people from other regions, but even many Chiang Mai residents are unfamiliar with the scorpion-tailed boat. This is not difficult to explain, as the scorpion-tailed boat has disappeared from the Ping River to the point of extinction. It can be said that the scorpion-tailed boat played a part in helping to build the cities of Lamphun and Chiang Mai to flourish together. In the early days, it was a boat used by the northern rulers, and in the later days, it served to transport goods from the north down the river to the south as far as Bangkok, taking about 6 months. The journey upstream from Bangkok to the north took about 7-8 months, using 12-18 oarsmen. It can be said that only the scorpion-tailed boat was used to travel up and down the Ping River, as the river was full of islands, sandbars, and rapids, making the journey quite difficult and long.

In the ancient design of boats, large whole teak trees with a diameter of approximately 4-8 meters, about 20 people embracing, were used to carve into scorpion-tailed boats. With the wisdom of the ancient Lanna people, teak wood, which is highly valued in the north, was used because it is lightweight and has the special property of floating better than other types of wood. It also does not warp or bend, making it popular for boat building in that era. Even other types of boats were made from teak wood. Later, the construction of scorpion-tailed boats was discontinued because large teak trees became increasingly scarce. Additionally, when scorpion-tailed boats were damaged, they could not be repaired due to their large size. They could carry up to 3 tons, unlike other types of boats that were made by joining wooden planks together. At that time, joining wooden planks to make boats was not preferred because the boats were heavy and cumbersome, making it difficult to navigate through islands and rapids. They were also not as strong as boats carved from whole logs.

To preserve the knowledge for future generations, the newly built Mae Phong tail boat has become a source of pride for the people of Chiang Mai. The Mae Phong tail boat must also keep the Ping River, the heart of Chiang Mai, clean and free from pollution, and it must not create noise problems. This is because the Mae Phong tail boat's engine uses gasoline, which has very little pollution to the river and is quiet, so it does not disturb the people on both sides of the Ping River. Ordinary boats bring up the coolness of the water to cool the engine, but the Mae Phong tail boat uses a radiator like a car, so there is no pollution to the river at all. There is almost no oil that leaks or seeps from the engine into the river.

For inquiries or to book a boat, please visit

The atmosphere is really good, look at Mom and Punpun, they are ready to have fun.

Even though this picture looks like a sweet little girl, it's actually my son. ^ ^ Hehe 555 How can they be so similar, right?

If you have some free time and are not in a hurry, you should give it a try. It only takes about an hour.

Cruising along the riverbank together, the atmosphere was so much fun. The weather might have been hot, but the boat kept us cool with the breeze all the way. It was refreshing! ^ ^

The houses on both sides of the road have a beautiful northern style.

I found that letting go of my mind and floating with the current allowed me to experience the serenity in my heart, along with the surrounding nature.

And even more so when we are with the people we love and who love us, happiness comes to us ^_______^

The mother and child are having a lot of fun, really going overboard.

Not long after sailing, we reached our destination. "Baan Chaona Garden" is a stopover point for tourists to visit the garden and watch the show. When we went, we chose to sail only on the way back, we made an appointment to return with the resort's car.

The interior will have a show area and also be a restaurant.

We didn't stay long before we headed back, because today we were traveling to another destination that we had been looking forward to: "Mae Chaem".



I found it to be a Boutique Resort that is new and has its own distinct personality, in the style of a Loft Hotel (simply put, it's decorated in a boxy style, with rooms connected to each other). Although there are only 14 rooms, I think the number, service, and area are just right - not too small and not too big that it lacks warmth. The good thing about the room we stayed in was that it had a swimming pool right in front of it, so we could walk 3 steps and jump in. However, if you want more privacy, the Pool Access type might not be the best choice for you. You might want to choose a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor instead. The rooms are clean and tidy, and they have everything you need. Although the room we stayed in was a bit small, if you have a choice, you might want to choose a larger room. You can request this from the resort and they will be happy to help you.


The service and care, starting from the owner, prioritize customer privacy. The staff are friendly and responsive. Any requests are promptly addressed, with quick responses.

Restaurant and breakfast

We had the chance to dine at both dinner and breakfast. The food was delicious, with good flavors and generous portions, especially the single-dish options. While the prices weren't cheap, they weren't so expensive that we couldn't afford to order. The menu offered a good variety of dishes. For breakfast, the food was served à la carte and was also tasty. Although there weren't many options to choose from and the portions might seem a bit small, the chef was happy to accommodate any special requests we had.

In summary, everything about staying here allows you to relax and unwind comfortably. Although it is not large enough to spend the whole day walking around, it has a cool vibe and you can feel the attention to detail in the decoration, as well as the good service. If you are looking for a convenient room not far from Chiang Mai city center, then Zensala Resort is another interesting place. There are corners for taking pictures, and you can sit and watch the sunrise in the morning from your room. If I have the chance, I would like to go back and stay in other types of rooms as well.

This review is not yet finished. There will be a sequel to take you to the rice terraces as planned before coming. How will it be? Please stay tuned. This time, I would like to say goodbye with a smile from the family. Everyone is happy until we meet again, which shouldn't be long. ^ ________^

*** If you are interested, you can contact us directly here Contact number Tel: (66) 53 225 888.

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