My friend Sern told me that Suan Sampran had completed renovation and they have open market today and he would like to experience their farm tour then I confirmed to join with him as today is my day off and another friend John also join us today.

Suan Sampran is just around 1.20hours away from Bangkok by car. We left Bangkok around 8.30am and reached to the garden around 10.10am.

We start with buy the ticket to 4 activities which long time that we did not do after finished school.

I start with making garland but Sern and John want to do more challenge activity like fruit craving.

They have staff to support and teach us how to make it in the right way. My small garland contain with the green leaf which they pick from the garden with pink and white color flower.

Staff show me how to make it and she finished the sample in 3 minutes. I start making and concentrate how to make it as nice as I can.

15 minutes passed I finished the garland. It is not beautiful like sample but not too bad (say myself).

I show it to Sern and John while John show pumpkin craving to me. Not bad.

There are another sala for acitivities which we have to walk pass the rose garden.

Smell of rose is so good.

And amazing that they plant organic roses.

We walked to other activities but seem that they are beyond our skill so we walked to another area and found that there are class to make body scrub and oil. I chose body scrub while Sern and John chose oil.

Staff teach me how to make body scrub with the organic ingredients.

She put 3 spoons of organic rice powder.

3 spoons of salt

5 drops of coconut oil

5 drops of the rose water

5 drops of peppermint oil

1 spoon of turmeric powder

And I mix all together.

And this is what I got.

Put them in to small glass bottle and I can bring it home.

Meanwhile, Sern and John finished his oil as well.

The ingredient to make oil is interesting. All are good for health but we have to know how to use them.

Staff suggest us move to another work shop to try making Thai dessert and John wants to try it.

He did it well. A grilled banana pudding.

It is lunch time and they serve with international buffet (we paid for lunch separately from the ticket for activity)

Almost menu are organic food which cooked by organic vegetable, meat and other ingredients.

Thai dessert made by banana, coconut, jelly is my favorite

And here they make it good.

After lunch we still have time and Sern need some coffee so we move to “Patom café”

They have Thai dessert and coffee (all are organic)

We enjoy eating dessert and coffee as we have pick up time to try another activity “Farm Tour”. John fell not well so he did not join this activity and wait for us at the hotel's lobby.

We were ready at the pier to take the boat across the river to another side.

There I big land and full with organic vegetable, fruits, rice field etc.,

A guide introduced himself to us and then walked us deep in to the farm.

Before we start the tour the guide gave us souvenir.

Small bag with the small bowl inside which we can use it for drink water on the way (they prepare water in the cooler).

There are other visitors join the same group so it become great farm tour.

We walk around and listen to the tour guide about how to do organic farm. It is not easy but the way he explains sound it simple.

Lucky them staying in the good environment, big green garden and eat organic food.

We spent around 1.30hrs in the farm and finished with the big fresh coconut juice and organic fruit.

I got some souvenir for my friend and then we left the farm and take the boat heading back to the garden side.

It is 4pm already and it is time to go back. I like this big garden and thinking to stay overnight when visit them next time with my dad. Walking in the big green garden and take a deep breath to get pure oxygen can make us feel fresh.

They have resort inside the garden and the resort is located next to the river so the weather is so good and the view is amazing.

If you are looking for the place to spend the lazy day to do some activity which can slow down yourself. Suan Sampran is a good choice.



 Friday, December 13, 2019 11:59 PM